no no no no the rhythm the Ruby taming
it puts the roof up push the robot you gotta say how funny I’m doing passports
for seven years nothing’s gonna know about make it box
for gonna get the angles just right make sure the tape is just big enough not too
soft not too strong not these guys on youtube I just think he’s gonna box
boards fun something you don’t know is coming sorry
give bill boss boy he’s not on water it’s not on land and
he was about a thunderstorm there’s some you can serve as an ox for my friend Matt look woman atop tsunamis bigger
scale English you tell me right now and that dog stored out there it survived a
tsunami that size I’ll give you all my mail cool but I did you that’s why you
never became boss boss okay oh yeah yes I’m right behind you we have another
serious issue this is unlike any of the other pot quarters have okay have you
seen this reply to our video this type claiming that he’s the king of Oxford
and he’s telling us that global warming is causing tsunamis Logan tsunami that’s
not with me Jake it’s okay what do you say it’s not okay Logan not okay we have
a box for Logan and we are doing our 24-hour survival challenge in the woods
now we can survive raccoons we can survive water a tornado but we can’t
survive Logan it’s a tsunami tsunami Logan there’s never been a tsunami in
Toronto and what better time than the first tsunami ever to happen in Toronto
Logan we need to put our box board through the simulations she needs to be
run Jake we’ve already done the simulations on your computer computer
simulations don’t account for pilot error there are something the computer
just can’t tell it we need to do this real scale FLOTUS we got go out there oh
we got a simulation on man hey yo what’s going on guys back with a
brand new video and today we are outside yo what’s up Logan how’s it going you
look good as I clear that video because we’re back and we actually just finished
to be 24-hour floating box for challenge in this bad boy she’s kind of thinkin it
already because we’ve been living in there for quite some time we decided
what better than to use the leftover floating box cord and that is gonna be
the tsunami challenge oh so guys we have done a couple challenges like this board
we did the thunderstorm challenge we did the tornado challenge in a box board and
you know boxwoods do okay but this I’m a little bit interested in okay we are
going to recreate a tsunami in the pool we were actually going to be using mr.
flamingo yes I didn’t get a hashtag mr. flamingo in the chat please I really
want to talk oh yes no mr. flamingo we will get you a taco after you do this
challenge I promise you that you really want to talk of guys if you guys want to
get mr. flamingo taco hit that like button down below
but guys how we’re going to do this is we’re going to use mr. flamingo to
create waves while I’m in here they’re going to be some crazy waves and then
Logan’s also going to be using the hose to spray the top of it to simulate rain
so I’m gonna get the GoPro I’m gonna get in there and let’s start the challenge
as you’re starting to get the waves going the water is already crashing over
the pool here hey guys is that we’re doing it we’re literally using mr.
flamingo to make waves we got Logan on top he’s
also gonna have oh my guys get out the hose – alright guys we’re going back
home here we go the old box for it we cleaned her out
since the challenge I think is definitely seen better days okay all
right guys we’re inside the box board now Logan’s gonna be starting tsunami
any minute guys if things get a little too hairy I do have our masks here so we
can throw the mask off keep this ready at all times just in case I also have
our paddles so we can paddle away Oh the rain is starting simulated rain is
starting Oh guys we have a tarp we have a tarp so we should be okay by the rain
the rain should not affect us unless there starts to be too much and this
thing starts to get way too heavy pull bottom for God we got food here
guys oh this is good oh no it’s getting really wavy boys oh
my god oh my god ah oh not getting so wavy guys surviving
house make sure about my bootless the wave difficulties right now get in
that’s our escape tunnel that’s right down here deserves gate planet Islam he
gets too intense right now we should be okay looks like the roofs holding we
don’t have a lot of rain also I brought literally zero repair tools so we have
nothing to repair the roof if this thing is great we are done or we’re done it’s
over good he’s falling down so what’s happening over here wait I don’t idea
like an idea we’re used to paddle leaves of help no there we go bleep we did it
we did every safe now baby all the Rays aren’t gonna hurt us now come on up ring
oh you look apple juice pouring over the sides although it’s getting really
wearing me oh it really wavy difficult water coming up to the hole here my main
concern right now guys is this falling you’ll check this out guys at least it
kind of made like a bit of a house though so I don’t think the rains going
to affect us that much there’s Logan making the way
oh no photo you will see mask we lost the match growing on red we’re doomed
guys if this thing starts to fall down oh no no no no no no no the way the roof
is caving it the Rope is caving in dude cue these waves are getting really
intense man we call this oh my god oh my god bro we’re here
so many ways oh my god hold on away oh my god Lucas here easily
oh oh oh is just a little bit Oh the laser subside a little vessel group
seems pretty intact right now oh this is a little intact you know what this is
getting really intense and I don’t know what odigo to man the way to subside it
seemed okay looks like we’re okay up there think holding but these are not
looking too well right now that’s kind of scaring me
oh no we have more rain coming in see that tarp there guys that’s our only
safety right now this torque is all that’s saving on my back some water
taking the wall waterfall we got my wife’s all right we got my major waves
are coming what rule this asylum it’s a bottle we’re gonna have to pass through
this way Jesus Jesus no no no no no no no the roofs caving guys the roof is
caving Lucas like a literally TV literally sleeping in right now this is
not good this is oh no we’re losing its structural integrity on the inside
there’s much work going down you have a corner over here this is the last corner
that’s okay the whole side it’s just falling in Oh Oh photo no no no no no
hold on hold on come on there we go okay guys this is a instance in a tent so far
we’ve had water thrown at us we’ve had waves thrown at us the Box board is
literally falling and we’re losing structural integrity I don’t know how
much more this box for can take – look at that guy
how much water’s in here this is saving it hard guys no guys guys drop Norway
what oh she’s good what about it they go David does go so well for our box for us
this is completely caved in the waters just caved in right now this is not even
working dude this isn’t even working I came to get us in the set oh geez we got
more ways we’ve got more ways oh no the rest at your office get dad no
we have to change a guys we have to rough taken the roof is literally caved
in oh no that’s too much water come on puts
the roof upper survive you gotta say honey Oh who were draining the water
oh oh man did she came over dude those are the biggest wave of ever seen in my
life oh my god guys she was actually doing so well with the
tarp though dude the rain wasn’t affecting her whatsoever the inside even
it still the last wave it was perfectly okay it wasn’t at of a big wave came and
knocked us over that’s when things got really bad look it’s still fine it still
had together yo I bet you guys check on your inside you’ll dry it’s still
joining the tarp work hashtag hashtag don’t like about day Hospital over
people guys this was crazy I mean it didn’t technically survivor filming but
I think this is better than both asunder school and the 28th Oh Jackie Oh high
five that was awesome well guys thank you so very much for checking out this
video guys if you enjoy our boxer videos you want to do some more box four
challenges leave a comment down below as to what our next challenge should be and
don’t forget to hit that subscribe button as well as hit that notification
button so you guys never miss a brand-new one apostate video you got
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