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Christmas gift a million subscribers right now listen anyways guys remember
subscribers I know but this room Jimmy big thumbs up alright guys I really have no idea
what’s going on sirens are going off people are running everywhere
I think someone’s robbing the bank I need to find a police scanner to see
what’s happening okay guys so in the cup right there
maybe if I listen close I don’t know what’s going on we got a suspect he is
about six six foot what what oh four foot I he’s kind of goofy-looking kind
of skinny he’s wearing a Star Wars shirt yeah
yep the goofy one keep an eye out for him did he just describe me except for a
goofy-looking thing man that was rude when I ever do what in the world why
would they be looking for me I swear guys I did not do whatever I think I did
well I better get out of here okay I really gotta find out what they think I
did because I promise you I did nothing I’ll sing out on the bank about to go in
and then out of nowhere sirens went off please everywhere maybe if I get a
closer look I could find out what’s going on I don’t think he saw me yep it’s official even Jager is the
number-one suspect in the box wart robbery everyone be on the lookout for Steven
Yaeger he’s a scrawny little kid he’s pale
needs a haircut not very good a fortnight
yep you look for him he must be arrested on sight oh come on I do need a haircut out and
I’m good at for tonight I understand they’re looking for me as a suspect but
why didn’t they gotta be so mean I gotta find out why they think it’s mean who
actually robbed this so it’s a box for treasure something
like that so that that makes sense why they think it’s me but nobody other
people that do box for to who seems like a robber Robert Robert Robert
hey brah take it you’re not going at fortnight Hey Oh No I can’t shake him you can’t catch me alright don’t know lose the stopper I’m pretty sure I lost the time for
truth I’ve been expecting you are you kidding me have a seat Sonny Boy so you thought you could escape I don’t
even know why I’m running or you’re about to find out in jail
right look jail can hold me we’ll see about that
I’ll let you finish it as their first but after you going downtown I didn’t do
anything I thought they all saying well I guess I
couldn’t run forever luckily I know all the church to get out
of jail all right Steven that’s enough man soon
as I figure out how to work these things oh wow that was awesome
yeah awesome yeah I want to begin running around then right there for a
second yeah I guess he wanted to finish his
dessert before he left and I have some this is almost as good as taking you
down Steven alright I’m in a good mood today Steven got my dessert you can have
one more bite let’s go hey I never did anything a box
for prison for a box for robber I’m not about to Robert No
welcome home you’re gonna be here awhile know anyone help give me any of your
guys I’m innocent dumb guys please please if he thinks he can keep me in
here well he’s wrong step 1 accomplished oh my gosh how do you like
it in there can I go to the bathroom yeah in the corner I’m always watching
always watching life in jail isn’t okay it’s amazing how sturdy these prisons
are when they’re made out of cardboard now I’m spending my days rotting away in
a prison in this beard bed it’s locked to the
floor me why would you lock a bed to the floor what’s the point I feel like I’ve
tried every combination done to try to unlock this thing well my days are
awfully boring sitting here alone nothing to do but to try to figure out
how to bust out of this place who are you you seem awfully familiar
where have I seen you before um seriously though how long have you been
in there since I haven’t seen you or heard you for like a week well I won’t
be in here that long cuz I’ll be breaking out of this joint my god so you’re the only person that
escape this prison and your name’s professor Oh professor what did you
break out of here cuz I want out of this joint cuz I didn’t do no crimes I’m
seriously innocent though like I was about to go into the bank just just do
things I do in the bank what are you in here for
anyways I’m sorry but I’m innocent uh why’d you wink are you not innocent like
what did you do I don’t think I need your help
plus I don’t think I should help a criminal get out of jail well I guess
you don’t he’ll about when one of the gone to Guam
bust me out someone’s gonna break you out of here
tell me more well he’s gonna do a similar boom yeah why doesn’t you just open the door ah
he hasn’t make it look like a sit-up um guys does this sound too good to be true
right now couple of what you think cuz I’m a little stumped today could be a
player comes into the car this dude is crazy but I think he’s on to something
well we’re probably don’t you see that guard until dinnertime what are we gonna
do delenn oh wow you can always play um why do you have giant card in your
gels well I guess it’s better than nothing
do you have a 10 yes yes I do do you have a 10 Go Fish
here’s cards a finger guard coming prisoner get to the back of the cell put
your fans on your head you guys treat me like cats turn around here’s your dinner that’s all I get for
dinner I don’t even like these professor is
that the Garth I was gonna give us clues you what are you a tiny plate of peas there’s only like four six six thirty
thirty Pisa that’s not even enough for dinner professor the only thing I see
use numbers is your shirt in the locks that keeps my bed on the ground which
isn’t helpful at all do you mean wonder I’m pretty sure use a number again not
wonder oh sonny boy you might be well this is the weirdest less cape I’ve ever
made from a jail well I need three numbers to open this lock it’s almost
bedtime I need out of here well if I’m gonna get out of here I need
to do some exercise before I go to bed and that’s night you get yourself tired
the best chibok shirt prison I really wish they would turn off the
lights in this place like we can’t sleep with the lights on
I guess they have to know when someone’s about to escape good night professor wake up president put your hands on your
head come on on the same side what time is anyways it’s 12 o’clock now
get the bed what are you doing awake oh my gosh I’d rather sleep then get
another clue I know I said that I wouldn’t want to in the morning but I
changed my mind what what’s up with total clock so 30 and 12 might be
numbers in a combination pending against mutter you might not need them professor
this professors are Looney tune but helping me get out of jail you have another clue yeah well I’m
gonna crash – oh hey fessor professor yes sir did she go in last food victory
oh no no no no please no but last time dawn did she get her own clue like what
is this you scared the bejeebers out of me what
was that did you get another clue all sleeping ha ha no no I honestly think
the professor’s crazy crazy crazy like a Bob Bob stir-crazy do you mean crazy
like a fuck I cannot wait to get out of here right now you’re dragging me crazy
I shouldn’t even be in here as you’ll be at home playing games my family but I’m
in a jail cell I’m totally in this thing guys do you
believe me I really hope reckoning the professor
out isn’t a huge mistake I mean she didn’t have anywhere to get
out she’s not have any locks or anything does that mean only I can get out that
might be true cuz the professor’s been right so far
prisoners hands on your head backs against the wall two backs against the wall I’m okay
okay so how long have you been in here for anyways a week why do you have to
know that what about you professor how long have you been in here for I’d
remember that if I were you then watching you know there yeah um does
that mean seven cuz I’ve been in here a week
we tried nope professor it’s not seven maybe it’s one oh that’s not it either but you said you didn’t remember pressure what do you think
hey where doesn’t the wall over there are those for each day you’ve been here
each week each one let’s go up to see how many years that you’ve been here
before thirty four thirty twelve thirty four
thirty twelve thirty four thirty four oh my gosh I can’t believe I just unlocked
it hold please mean this is on the free but it’s just my bed off to the ground
and some weird chains step to my bed skate there you go okay I can’t believe
it I’m actually about to escape oh my
goodness this has probably been the best escape yet as you can tell I didn’t
bring the professor with me I felt it was a good idea not to bring her because
she said she is a real criminal I was just in here by mistake and she’s a
little cuckoo that’s scary oh great it looks like it turns into
some kind of tunnel well might as well start going man guys these tunnels seem to be going
on forever oh my gosh I think I finally see something huh I’ve been here for a
while oh my gosh
finally room to stand and lots of weird-looking things oh my gosh this is
safe guys God blow if I should crack this code or escape jail maybe I can
just guess it really quick and see what’s in it 80 and then 52 what 51 and
then 60 oh I thought I had it all right this is coudl but there’s a lot of
things in this room that are really random like that and I think I need to
figure these things out so I can escape let’s check this one out first this is a
hand scanner and I have to activate it again this happens every time I have to
escape something why is it every prison escape have to be an escape room well
that’s cool but let’s go check over here oh and looks good
ah shoot it needs a key is the key in the safe
I don’t know how am I gonna find a key I need Gary here before the police come oh
there’s something else over here Oh another locked door this time I don’t
need a key though this is some kind of like futuristic lock how am I supposed
to get through all these locks I need to get out of here quick maybe I took a
wrong turn somewhere I think I’m gonna go back through the
tunnel and see if there’s any other rooms or anything shoot wrong way dead-end now here again look at this a lever ah
and a monitor boom it just turned on you guess correctly where you need to be now
you need to look through the maze to find well that rhymed and also how
didn’t know who I was this security garden is good hey security guard that’s
and lunch I better find that key oh my gosh I’m never gonna find this key where
am I this thing is going forever I’m just
wandering the world or something what’s up there it’s a source of light this is new so that is a dead end
home you gonna take a break then hey guard
can I have some lunch man I really wish there’s a G it’s the gig I’m gonna get
back to the main room it’s luck man I really really really really want to take
this safe but I gotta hear that Professor won’t be quiet just a little
turn here and a pole here I’m free I think I mean there’s other locks here
but maybe that’s it for somebody else Oh another tunnel I’m getting sick of
these this is interesting oh are you kidding me
there’s literally nothing in any of these rooms except for trash wait a
minute this is a combination yeah I’m getting really lucky today I have no
more funny things that I need all right looks like it’s a directional lock so I
think I need to do left up left right wait so playing left right down right yes
now this is gonna be the way to escape all right here we go another tunnel maze
and another dead-end wait this actually looks kind of
familiar like the entire maze everything looks familiar oh wow
well back in here again man knows a little pointless backed by monitor I’m
not working monitor wait I just see this button here last time is this a new
place No do I touch it Oh No yeah no no probably
just explode the place I don’t know what I’m saying I’m just trying not to touch
the button hey sorry I couldn’t stop yes I forgot in the hand Skinner’s I better
find my way over there Wu is safe you know what
just to make sure I don’t get it it’s probably nothing just to distract me
here we go this is kind of funky doesn’t seem to be working it looks like we need
two people Oh No please don’t tell we have to get
the professor mmm I’m worried she’s actually a criminal and I don’t know how
to get the professor out of his or her self well gotta go back up to get the
professor all right professor I came back to get you I knew Sonny Boy how
couldn’t you get up down down I told you so many times um guys did you see these
switches here last time I seriously want you guys to check that out cuz it
I don’t little creeped out now professor I’m getting kind of tired of solving
Clues and the last one to get out of this place I apparently have to have you professor I don’t think I can solve any
more foes where did the cops do I was gone
there’s a trapdoor my jail cell and a tunnel what is up with this place the
guide was really busy and helping me expand all right let’s get out of here
ladies ladies first you really don’t tell me if you’re a boy
or a girl oh my gosh this again professor all
right let’s do this Sonny yeah I already saw a safe
professor and I didn’t rob the bank it’s interesting that this is right below the
bank what’s it to see with Sonny let’s just get out of here professor we might
come back for the safe later all right so my hand fits here
but I can’t like put my hand on here very well so I need another right hand we did it I finally oh thank you guys
thank you professor guys I almost forgot remember tune in
next week see if I get this abandoned safe I bet there’s a lot of money in
there don’t forget subscribe hit that notification ball and give me a big
thumbs up I’m out of here

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