Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy amid hundreds of child sex-abuse lawsuits

the Boy Scouts of America has filed for
bankruptcy amid child sexual abuse scandals USA Today estimates its
liabilities up between 500 million u.s. dollars to 1 billion the organization’s
estimated assets are between 1 billion dollars to 10 billion the filing comes
as the organization facing hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits and decreasing
membership numbers last April court testimony has revealed that more than 78
hundred of its former leaders were involved in sexually abusing more than
12,000 children over more than 70 years since the bankruptcy filing all lawsuits
brought against it are now suspended

12 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy amid hundreds of child sex-abuse lawsuits

  1. Don't forget to give the rest of the story of how President traitor Obama forced the LGBT upon them. Everyone knew it was going to happen it was a matter of time. You can blame the traitor Obama's administration for destroying a wholesome group.

  2. That's what happens when you allow homosexuality and LGBT people into your organization…

  3. Churches, sport coaching and boy scout leaderships are the best camouflage and fertile hunting grounds for young victims

  4. Can't collect judgements from a bankrupt business, we'll played. That's why they called it boy scouts.

  5. Next stop: Hospitals getting bankrupt because of 'sexual abuses' during physical examination.

  6. What a shame! This was a great organization during my childhood. Thank goodness God doesn’t sleep.

    "it's really up to you to make a difference."

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