Boy Scouts Of America Files For Bankruptcy Protection | NBC Nightly News

21 thoughts on “Boy Scouts Of America Files For Bankruptcy Protection | NBC Nightly News

  1. Well that is a christian organization for you. Sexual assault of children is a staple of it.

  2. So when catholics and christians say "think of the children" it's just coded language for their child molesters?

  3. Leave it to liberals to destroy an American institution, they destroy everything they touch. Smh

  4. Let me know when you get that time machine so I can redo my teenage years since you want your childhood back.

  5. The media needs to stop protecting sexual predators! The headline should read: "The Boy Scouts of America being sued for decades of sexual abuse" Who cares if they go bankrupt!

  6. I guess the boyscouts organization can really hear the banjo's I mean trumpets sounding…..

  7. I had an awesome time in boy scouts, I learnt a lot and never got my butthole diddled. Im one of the lucky ones!!!!!!!

  8. That's what you get when you leave the CANCER alone and let Progressives spread the disease. The BSA chose to die a slow and painful death by filing for Bankruptcy Protection, its on life-support as a cash cow for lawyers. The BSA thinks it can recover its Dignity by giving reparations, it really shows how shallow and vain it has become it really has lost its identity. Just PULL THE PLUG already.

  9. Go Woke Go Broke
    "onslaught of lawsuits alleging rampant sexual abuse" lmao so this is why they wanted little girls to join the boy scouts so the far-left can molest them since they are getting pretty tired of molesting just little boys sad!
    At least the girl scouts are still sane

  10. The liberals destroyed them…plus we legitimized sexual deviants and the NAMBLA crowd infiltrated…Thanks a lot Pete Buttplug, Ellen, etc….

  11. I got kicked out of the boy scouts in 1983 for finding a f**** metal….I knew it was something wrong then , bunch of weirdos and anytime a organization makes a woman a CEO of it and it's a all men organization and let homosexual activity run rampant… It's going to fail .. I'm just old school don't pay me any mind 😁. Men can't have s*** on our own without women wanting to put their two cents in, all these weaker soft men around our children.

  12. This hurt me so much. I'm a former Boy Scout. Being in the boy scouts was the best time of my life. I'm fortunate that this didn't happen to me.

  13. I hope Girl Scouts don't shut down for two reasons

    One: no future child will have this experience boys and girls

    Two: I need ma thin mints god dammit

  14. A few years ago homosexuals demanded That they be allowed to be Scout leaders. And liberal judges agreed with them, And the perverts took down the Boy Scouts just like they did the Catholic Church.

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