Boyan Slat touring through Asia | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

It’s been a long trip… Planes, trains, automobiles and
motorcycles. Did you mention boat?
– oh yeah boat! So for the past week, we have been travelling around in Southeast Asia. Going from Jakarta to Malaysia and Thailand to talk to the media and meet with the local stakeholders of the Interceptor project. Which includes visiting, actually the two first
Interceptors that we now have in the world. We are here on Interceptor number one in Jakarta. That’s quite satisfying. Thanks you guys, for doing this important work.
Very nice to meet you! Best of luck. We see that out of the top 1000 most polluting rivers roughly 80, 83 of them are in Indonesia. So, of course, we hope that in the coming years we can work together with the
authorities, with businesses in Indonesia to also bring the new technology to your country. It’s cool to see it! Impressive current aswell… Interceptor number two, Klang River. So definitely the coolest thing was seeing Interceptor number two in operation in Malaysia in the Klang River. Just the amount of stuff flowing through the river is really impressive and seeing the machine being able to cope with that gave me a lot of confidence in the solution, for sure. Alright let’s play with this. So you got whine, you got a chair.
– These are signs of a bad dinner party for sure… Hello Kitty, how cute. Ridiculous… That’s a teddy bear! That’s a specimen carrying bag… It’s all very real. This is the source of plastic flowing into the oceans and just see it working is incredibly satisfying. It’s important for me to be here as you know… understanding… one thing is reading the scientific papers… And now seeing it in real life. It is, again, something else. And it is really educational for me as well. And then I also met with the chief
minister of the state of Selangor who reaffirmed his commitment to the project and stressed that he was very interested in scaling up. A lot of media interviews. The Interceptor aims to stop plastic
pollution at the source before it reaches the ocean. And the person behind this
brilliant piece of engineering is here today on the show: Boyan Slat, founder and
CEO of The Ocean Cleanup Thank you for making time for this interview What we saw was a really good combination of,
on the one hand there being a real problem according to a model of the
Klang river is the fifth most polluting river in the world when it comes to plastic but on the other hand what we saw is that there was already a lot of
awareness about this issue. There were local authorities that recognized the issue and we saw that combination in Jakarta we saw the combination here
and similarly in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic Where are you going off to now?
– I think you’re joining me… we’re going to Bangkok I have to fill out my occupation on the customs form… And what is your occupation, Boyan? Garbageman Thailand has signed up to join us
in the scaleup for Interceptors Big, lots of water… challenge! That’s the boat we want! I mean, today was kind of fun where we
jumped on the random boats on the Chao Phraya cruised around a bit this is definitely a much more challenging river than a river like the Klang. You have heavy shipping much wider for four thimes as wide… I do see quite a lot of plastic on this river not exactly in the order of Klang,
but it’s up there Then we hopped on the back of a scooter
and I went to the parliament building made it to Parliament in time…
Things like that are kind of fun I’m about to meet the Minister of
Natural Resources and Environment Welcome to Thailand, welcome to the Parliament
– Thank you It’s cool to see how high on the agenda
the topic is these days it feels like a long trip, but it was actually just a week… but it was a good trip, I think… It was really good to see the Interceptors
in real environments to see real polluted rivers Absolutely ridiculously load of plastic here It’s good to be here… that’s really…insane! It was really good to meet with the
local stakeholders it gives me a much better picture of what’s happening and makes me confident
that we can actually make this scale

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  1. From chairs, to bears, to tires, this trip was full of surprises! What surprised you?

  2. Very nice guys keep doing what your doing and the world will be a better place!

  3. This is how many people support everything youโ€™re doing right now.

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  5. How is Interceptor prepared for Monsun and flooding?
    What if trees are flowing down the river? How do you prevent any destruction?

  6. There is a fair amount of vegetation that is captured as well by the interceptor. Do you see this as a problem, meaning that it increases the amount of stuff to be processed afterward ?

  7. 2:42 " this is signs of a bad dinner party" damn near spit out my tea. Well done Boyan and Ocean Clean Up. Something can be done about it.

  8. People are so impatience with Ocean Cleanup's work! They want world-changing results and they want it NOW! like a spoiled Veruca Salt. The fact that the tech is still in it's infancy but has achieved massive progress in a few years should be celebrated, not mocked.

  9. Fridays for Future should take an example from The Ocean Cleanup. Instead of dump and childish protests The Ocean Cleanup is really doing something useful to save our planet.

  10. Humans poisoning the very water needed to survive. When we're gone I don't think Mother Nature will miss us one tiny bit.

  11. Hero!
    Nobel peace prize!!!!!

    Oh wait they gave one to Arafat and Kurt Waldheim?

  12. Finally , someone and a group of someones are providing a type of solution to waste plastics and other flotsam in the worlds waterways . Can not thank you enough Boyan .Keep up the good work . I only wish you would get the same coverage in our media that has been wasted on a misguided little puppet and our idiot prime minister's scraggly beard . From a Canadian fan .

  13. Thank you and your team for your important work.๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ“ง๐Ÿ†˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  14. Truly outstanding, Boyan. How do you deal with the organic material, branches and big stuff, from the plastic getting into the interceptor?

  15. Keep doing what you do, Boyan! You're doing a great job of cleaning up the environment and raising awareness at the same time ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  16. People can make a difference.
    Get active in your community.
    Speak up for the environment.

  17. The one dislike is from the person that lost his new tyre in the river ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. We need more companies like this to give another chance to this planet and doing more for global warming related solutions awell. We are pretty much wasted, but maybe we can save some of us in the future thanks to some good minds and people…

  19. THank you. Good job. By the way, about the Media, I wonder why nobody talks in Europe (for example, in Spain) about the impressive work you do, I mean work not complains … It's an innocent question, of course. Congratulations !!! GO AHEAD

  20. Do you have any Chinese representative contacted you? I hope to hook you up with Chinese government or the boat supplier, really appreciate your achievement.

  21. I'd love to see a 24 hour live cam from each system ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝโšก๐ŸŒด

  22. Since I started donating a few months ago I have become so much more aware of plastic pollution. I now view plastic in my everyday life completely different than before. I'm trying to minimise my own use of plastic and trying to stay away from the non-recyclable types also I won't buy any disposable black plastic. It's hard but at least I'm trying. Thanks, guys for the wake-up call keep up the excellent work you are doing.

  23. So happy I crowd funded you guys back in 2014…best ROI ever! Boyan for Nobel Peace Price! ๐Ÿ‘Š

  24. This makes me feel so hopeful every time I see what's new. The awareness and support of local authorities is a great thing. I'm just a little bit worried that the biggest polluters might get used to the idea, that the rivers are not only a convenient way to get rid of plastic, but now also the correct one. "Let's send all this garbage to Interceptor."

  25. See that guy in this video? That's what a real hero looks like. Thank you Boyan Slat.

  26. Everytime I go for a walk near rivers & waterways, I will try to make it a habit to take a rubbish bag & gloves & pick up some rubbish along the way. (From NZ).

  27. Tank you for your good work!
    Please dont forget to educate the people that rivers are no trash disposal transport line (into the interceptors).

  28. I hope the people of these countries donโ€™t start throwing more plastic in the rivers knowing that there is an INTERCEPTOR that will pick it up. The governments, local authorities and the schools must educate the people on the problems that plastic creates when not disposed of properly . We all must do our part we only have one planet ๐ŸŒŽ….continue with your great ๐Ÿ‘ work Mr Slat.

  29. Boyan has more drive in his big toe than in the whole of my body. Been following ocean clean up for a long time.. so much respect from UK

  30. I'm certain many people have had ideas like this, but he's the one who up his into action. Good job mate.

  31. Hey you garbageman, you are my favorit man of this millennium!
    You make me believe again.

  32. While I admire this work and am hoping to see some permanent live cam footage soon, I must ask: Are these systems continuously operating at the moment? Because this video does leave the impression that it is being switched on and off for camera. Is a proper emptying service still missing?

  33. It's the biggest step in the right direction to clean theses rivers of plastic. Fantastic job your doing The Ocean Cleanup ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  34. THIS is why I hate the fact that people blame me for using a plastic straw, which I put in the garbage can by the way, which recycles most of it.
    Its countries like these that produce the shit in the ocean, not me.

  35. Yes please and congrats sir been following this since it was just a concept. I hope this will not be corrupted by just profit gaining companies.

  36. Keep after them Boyan! Great to have a view into the work youโ€™re doing and youโ€™re meeting with high officials shows people agree with the effort. We need to scale this as you said!!

  37. I am happy to see people tackling this issue. The way Boyan is sitting at 37 seconds in the video where the bottom of his foot is pointing at the audience could be considered rude in the region as feet are considered dirty.
    Please keep up the great work!

  38. I am so thankful for all that you are doing. I so wish your hard work would go viral.

  39. I like this guy. He make a interview with everyone. Not only with the ministers.

  40. Much appreciation for all you do! You give hope to those who respect the natural world.

  41. turbosplicing..lots of emotional images…
    missing rational images… i.e. videographic focus on actual garbage grab.. the real capture of garbage.. not the quick pix of conveyor s …but the actual garbage grabbed and introduced to the conveyor…or is faith more important than fact

    ditto the actual claw grab of garbage from Wilson 1/b and depositing of garbage into the fabric bags….

  42. I love the fact you care so much, you can see it on your face, Great job. very Proud of you. love from Oregon USA

  43. A being who made and is making a true difference in the world. Thank You Brother.

  44. I love how casual he is wearing jeans on meeting with the minister ๐Ÿ˜…. But oh my, klang river ๐Ÿคฆ

  45. First goal: clean up legacy plastics already in the ocean. Second goal: "close the taps" on river plastics with Interceptors. Ultimate goal: /stop making single use plastics!!!/

  46. You Boyan, and all the TheOceanCleanup team are changing the world. I sincerly thank you for it

  47. Great work! Are there also requests coming in from governments to buy a couple of interceptors? In order to deploy them on their own behalf

  48. those things suppose to be functional and they are out there for many weeks. Can you present an status of the efficiency of those revolutionary machines? or lack of those news means something bad to hide?

  49. Respect for you Mr. Boyan Slat!
    Hope the interceptor will be there in Musi River, Palembang, Indonesia..

  50. What are the steps to be followed to have this technology help us clean our beaches in the Bay Island region Honduras?

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