Boyfriend Tries My Skincare Routine

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our channel please consider subscribing so we’re talking about this video for a
little while and Tia as our cat climbs on my chair would like me to try for her
complete one week beauty routine and I’m gonna do it today for you guys on video
and I have no idea what I’m getting myself into but it sounds like fun so
I’m looking forward to it so basically what I do from the entire week in the
evening so some of them are broken up over days some of them I do every day
but he’s about to find out just all of it that is that’s right we’re taking the
whole week and making it into one video and she guarantees me that by the time
we reached the end I will have a greater appreciation for how beautiful she looks
all the time let’s get started let’s get it let’s do it how bad can it be
yes I will close my eyes so apparently I have no idea what is going on
I always comment that she always buys a lot of products at the drugstores
Walgreens CVS things like that she always needs some other beauty product
and I always tell her you look beautiful just the way you are but she is about to
show me why she buys all these things so here we go oh that’s some almost afraid if you want
to pivot our facial cleansing brush okay yes okay and if these are like cosmetic
squares that you use to wipe off your makeup with with this guy this is free
that’s oil-free makeup remover okay and then lips and everything facial masks
sexually hair masks and lotions this where do we begin by the way my mirror
lights up yes let me get that out the super-fancy
okay so my mirror slits I’m ready I think what we’ll do is this
order okay makeup remover and he’s so happy well you don’t have any makeup on I
don’t so you don’t have any makeup to remove okay I’m here this shishun when
you go through whatever you want go grab to make fantastic mm-hmm so I’ll
just do some eye shadow okay awesome pick who you want the bright pink one
sure yes yes I do now we’ll be taking my Neutrogena I makeup remover okay and you
want to just got a puppy yeah I just take a little bit of that go like that
I’m gonna use too much get it in your eye very well it’s nice you guys do this
every day huh and every day so next we’re gonna use these little brushes yes
my cleanser for it you’re gonna want to put it on your face you just want to do
those circular motions oh oh that’s nice oh and I just kind of go around my whole
face with it okay all right well I feel refreshed we’ve watched this before I
start bleeding out of my eyes now that’s out of my eyes night what’s next next
one I also use several times a week this is the st. Ives apricot scrub I’ve been
using this one for years and it helps keep your black pants down
and your skin clear okay sounds off sync it is grainy so you’re gonna want your
face to be damp a little bit okay oh my god it’s wet okay so just gonna take a
little bit like that okay like that okay rub between your fingers oh I see what
you mean breathing so it cleans up those pores okay and then don’t get in your
eyes again all right just rub it all over your face
oh it’s like sandpaper oh is it I feel like the first two
layers of my skin just rubbing oh oh oh wow if you do this you do this every day
every day yeah well I’m surprised you’re not like just a skeleton running around
surprised you have any dermis left at all this is proof I’m pretty
sure this is a medieval type torture device let’s go rinse it off her face
that’s Wow oh dear oh wow I look like I have scabies oh all right
what’s next next one I use these only once a week
one on your nose all right so now the allotted time asked so what do we whip
it off okay Wow Wow
if innit you had a fun time rinsing that off I told him when you rinse and you
think you’re done rinse again you don’t want that in your eyes and I’m gonna
tell you right now when they tell you don’t put it in your eyes don’t get it
in your eyes so I see three more products on the table so what’s next all
three of these are just hydration stuff at the end okay so this is the beyond
belief night moisturizer just put on your face couple fingers of it it’s
probably the lightest thing I put on my face this entire video it actually feels
nice all right well especially after everything that you just did your skin
you dry it out a little bit I’m using all this different products so I’m sure
you felt your skin really tight there Cheers
yes so this kind of helps rehydrate your skin plus they don’t really don’t use
them all at the same time like that so that was a good one I like that one now
let’s get the next one this is really gooey it’s melon goat’s mojito lip balm
Oh eat oh that’s the drink of my people this guy goes on pretty thick you only
want to grab just a little tiny bit yeah but you apply like chapstick yeah you
just rub it on your lips and this one I usually only use when my
hair is wet so my hair’s very wet so I think we’re safe and this stuff smells
amazing okay yeah just a little bit there
okay now grab a little bit oh that does smell good doesn’t it smell nice now
that’s nice that’s nice and what is that this is frizz fix straightening balm and
keratin by Cebu or Tebow cebu cebu and you just wanna rub it into your hands
real good I just take it from you run it through the ends of my hair you don’t
want to rub it like in your scalp it’s nice and hydrating gorgeous yeah
for what hair I have left it looks great and that is my weekly everything Wow
that is absolutely crazy and insane no wonder you look beautiful all the time I
see what you did yeah Wow well I mean thank you for showing me
that that was uh that was a lot now you definitely go through a lot do you see
it have you used any today that you think you might use again I really like
that apricot scrub actually I know it feels like you’re being sandblasted when
you’re using it but afterwards I did feel like my skin was a lot smoother so
I I’m gonna start using that which mass do you think you would use in the future
MITM ask are you gonna use a month a baby I think I’m gonna switch it up
the mint mask was very tingly and made me feel like the Joker I could no longer
feel math my eyebrows or my cheekbone does it tightens up your whole hates it
for the next time company use is the other mask
maybe the mint one once a month for me thanks for doing my routine with me
today well thanks for showing me I had a great time and thank you and I feel a
lot more beautiful I remember and dishes and stitches for putting the confidence
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