Bradford White Natural Gas Water Heater Won’t Lite

ok today making want to repair this
particular order here to be the name brand is brad white customers saying
that the water he was here itself would relight it go out back and so many of
these so i really knew that the problem was before i even gather but I did go to
the procedures to make sure was not the thermal coupling control valve would
have you so it happens to be is we have me the control valve itself it’s
defective opposed to just not working in some kind of electronic device and grace
this water heater so basically anything go wrong with the electronics so what i have done is i looked on the
bradford white tag this is what we do every time if your plumber some plumbers
may not know this data on the tag and scanned the warranty and everything that
it takes to call bradford White up and diagnose and troubleshoot what hear what
you see me to one here knows i am starting to break it down to replaced
all the components right here this is the thermal coupling that I’m take a
loose off of here I’ve already disconnected the sum of the
lead wires this spot here disconnecting is the two that feeds the pilot on the
water heater and the main burn itself as I was saying if you call the 1-800
number usually you will need to be a plumber to call this number and give
them the serial number and model of the water heater bradford White delusional
if there is a defect india valve itself there is not one they will honor the
warranty on the water heater and they will send all the components out too you can either call draft white
themselves and maybe they have a take that will come out but if you do have a
plumber that comes to repair make sure you do a little research first check
with bradford White because some plumbers like I said they don’t even
know the operations of the warranty on the water heater ok now we’ve disconnected the wires and
the splat tubing and a terrible company so control disconnected as far as chronicles i’m using here is a recall in a four-way
screengrab is actually 6 way two ends where you have flathead each side
different-sized flathead then you have no side has Phillips small phillips big
Phillips and then when you remove the pics you have a net driving which is
what i’m using now this standard that damages fits perfect to the that’s that
we’re about to pull off here to cover to the recently yeah yeah water heater and friendly and its local
want to make sure you don’t have to bite and descriptions below output the
information to perhaps white one 800-number a little more information in
my help and this is also going to be in the description i’m sorry is let me
explain right now working in an attic and this is down in Texas a part of
houston of course you know houston texas gits Goetz very hot so you can see the
Swift in the Attic right now it’s probably close to 90 200 degrees and it
can get much hotter than this a lot of manufacture water heater manufacturers
they actually don’t recommend that these water heaters anyone here is put in the
Attic reason being is because they have a safety shutoff if the water heater the
temperature gets so high for your safety and would automatically cut the water
heater off to prevent any explosion which is possible too much heat yeah yeah keep the door off see India simply out of here we’re going
to replace the control valves d control valves are the control and the part of
the burner assembly inside these are the parts that we got from right away you
can’t get anywhere but from breakfast white or any break white dealer this
particular one I call the parts supply house that carries quite take the serial
number off the heater the making money and give them the tags and they just
gave me a free replacement kit to replace it most people that deal with bragging
rights are familiar with the operations of this we remove simply doing here is cutting
the water to the water heater off I the way I do this is actually do that
rain water heater anybody that may be an experience that would probably recommend
training your water heater what I actually do is cut the water to the
water heater off and then flip the relief to top to relieve some pressure
from the water heater itself so that when i do remove the control valve on
the side here the word doesn’t come rushing out just kind of bleep out a
little bit because there’s no korean air in the tank to allow it to just flow
freaking out its phases it could and this is something I do and I do it
pretty quick so you’ll see this yeah the first thing we’re going to do now
after we get to simply out disconnect the gas now I know there’s
certain areas of the country but not here that’s the gas line like you see this
flexible gas here it’s not code approved but here it is which makes it a little easier
convenience took me some time to get used to so used to running black on other parts
of the country where required to have a solid black yeah what I’m going to do here is a no go
ahead with this adapter back on this flare that iron pipe half inch to half
each I just wanted to it’s more just make
sure it’s pretty tight yeah yeah in these worse i’ve been doing quite
well so real familiar they go back together but if you’re someone that’s
doing this project that you sure where those words would go I would just take
pictures of it before you take it apart and that way you can always look at
phone just put it back just the way it was this is the new control valve / cece
right here and what I’m doing with that is preparing it so that i can quickly
put it back in place of the the old one as soon as I pull this amounts to much
water doesn’t come out so right here that’s good person this gas because what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually use this gas line rich to turn off the twist
off the gas control valve this so what we’re going to do is just go
loosen it up and pull the gasps tubing off wipe off and then
they’re actually I would be able to turn it with my hand she did this is what I was talking about
relieving the pressure from the water heater still filled with water but long
as there’s no water in the tank it’s not going to rush out and it’s just
me yeah yeah yeah you know we’re speaking on graphic white
water heaters thing like I guess most about the brand from water heaters is it
actually tells you what’s wrong with it when you there’s a light on a few
signals just decode the signal from information to get inside and that tells
you what’s wrong with the water heater ok here’s the box this is the new gas
control mount see that they send all the necessary
components that you need to completely actually just completely rebuild key question this is this controls the
temperature of the water heater controls everything so water heater tends to
overheat this will automatically cut off yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the rest of the components that will be
connecting to the assembly this part here I wouldn’t worry about it
i used to use that part to try to diagnose o water heater problems because
if you can make leads together keep the power actually but I wouldn’t recommend
doing them just for testing purposes ok take know what off see small amount
of water coming out and it takes just screw this in real quick yeah yeah yeah in the part you see extra part with the
cap on it we call that the trip leg the other leg everyone has their terminologies the
purpose of that is to catch any debris or humidity and that maybe in the gas
line itself because of the weight of the debris the moisture it would just go straight
down into the trip leg rather than blowing up into the tree itself would
give you some issues any debris humanity ok now what I’m going to is going to
turn the water to the water heater back home this way i can make sure that there’s no
leaks as I’m working on rebuilding the rest of the components yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and by the way this control gasps it’s it’s not battery-operated
it’s actually controlled fire the culture itself that’s the importance of the
thermocouple because when the planes from the palette itself is heated and
burning fire up against the thermocouple it causes the thermocouple to generate
just a small amount of electricity that keeps everything this is why when you do go to like water
heater is why you have to hold the button down for a minute you have to give the thermocouple chance
to start generating a small amount of electricity to keep the rest of tonics just taking this setup which is the
thermal coupling the paddle and the striker off of the assembly soon yeah yeah yeah see the thermal coupling on this looks a
lot different than the other one more up-to-date yeah ok yeah keep in mind if you are following you
try to do something like this yourself well first of all it really wouldn’t
recommend it and second I don’t think feel supply
house will give you the parts unless you represent and trying to change out the thermocouple
it’s not going to be possible because it’s not standard coupling that you
would just pick up in hardware store those days is going back to the old
thermal coupling just put it in his water heaters have changed a lot yeah ok the end of this year right there that
right there goes into a small slide back in the upon the water here you can see
it see if i can get you that this is the best way that you like this or similar
see back there that end of that simply slide right in there that’s gonna keep
it nice steady in place yeah via symbian wasn’t a problem which is
good that you’re watching this video the problem I had was trying to line up
the burner tuber the burner tube that feast the cast in the furnace right here I mean it was hot I mean it’s good to
see this video because you’re gonna run into this now it’s not always easy to go
right in this is this is one of the few problems just getting into being said is
right and sometimes the issue is that the the
new gas control valve it’s not exactly like oh and so that it could be a small
small just throws it off so we have to mess with tubing kind of straighten it
up even man just bend it to get it fit just right ki let’s just say that it took moment
should have just have issues trying to the tubing drag to torture just goes to show you the dollar easy
sometimes to go right you just okay if you were wondering why this assembly
door doesn’t look like the first one then I took off actually these are two jobs in
one-on-one video somehow lost footage on the first one so what I did is put them
both together it’s the same process so I don’t think of trying to confusion but
we’re still back to reassembling everything so putting the burner
assembly door back to one back in the old days where you had access to the
bottom and you needed a match whatever to try to like water you know that was
very dangerous now these nannies water huge today safer
than the old ones they started doing these what do you use like this they
probably about 11 or 12 years ago they started doing this it maybe he knew to a lot of people but I remember when
they first came out I was doing a lot of hot water heaters install yep it’s nice
here the is a wire hook ups actually it doesn’t that make a difference besides
to stick either wire on it all comes down to the same real close she says that’s called a sense right
there where that red wires going to right there if you look real close you
can see small red button that button anytime you go to like the water heater
or realize it you want to click that button that’s a reset but if you don’t
click that before you go to relight it your water heater may not stay lips and
it’s a sensor device you know just in case your water heater gets to a certain
temperature course i said before you cut it off yeah turn the gas back gasps back yeah yeah yeah ki this little button here once you push
it in and allow gas to go until the burners so that we can realize what but you’re going to let’s go ahead and
connect the this wire here it goes to the thermal coupling if you remember the
older water heaters even some of the news today they some of them depending
on the brand they do is still have the copper wire goes from the control valve
down thermal coupling but this is something is bradford White came this that’s why you can’t just buy a standard and the reason I’m holding this button
down the red button here on top is as I’m putting this together I’m letting the gas flow through to kind
of clear to line out get some the air out of there yeah he would get the gas on and we’re
opening the gas valve control valve itself before we light it getting the
air out lines here out the nice feature about this graphic white is you don’t
have to bend over and look real hard and through the window to make sure the
water heater is a lit you just pull this down and click the clicker square red
button right there yeah that button right there that square
red one that’s the igniter that when you click it yes when you click it it will spark a
fire down in the burner and of course that fire as gas is going through with a
night to get gas once we’ve got it hilt long enough will know that the pilot is completely
lit and will stay on once we see the grain light flashing right there you
just seen it real i flash there it is so now we know Thea pilot is lit and we
can actually leave but right now as I said 12 other good things about this
control valve the electronic is that the water heater itself will tell you what’s
wrong with it and on the side of the water heater there’s a panel with
information and directions on how to relate your water heater so and how to
diagnose the problem that you’re ok this job is complete yeah yeah yeah yeah

19 thoughts on “Bradford White Natural Gas Water Heater Won’t Lite

  1. i only use bradford white water heaters there the best on the market in my oppion  i have found a lot of the lower screens on the sealed combustion water heater get blocked with dust or link ,and the water heater will shut down from lack of air i blow it out with my compressor and high flow air nozzle

  2. Thanks for the helpful video. Where can I get these parts locally in Houston?

  3. My Bradford White shut off today. When I try to reignite the pilot light, the status light flashes for about 20 seconds (1 flash, then three second wait) and then eventually it does a double flash, then three second wait and then turns off. Thoughts?

  4. My (approximately 2 year old) Bradford White water heater will stay lit for a few hours then go out. I relight it and the cycle continues. It has been happening for a few days now. The status light shows no problems. Any idea what the problem could be?

  5. Hi Claude, thank you for the video, It was very helpful.  I have the same or similar water heater. Model # M45036FBN.  It's no longer working.  I changed the release valve that lets out the air on the water tank and turned of the gas burner for safety.  When I tried to ignite it again I would get a blinking light (not sure if it was one flash or two quick flashes 3 seconds apart).  Now the pilot no longer comes on no green light and when releasing the pilot button the flame goes out.  Even after minutes of holding the pilot.  I have been in my house for almost 3 years.  I want to take advantage of getting the parts under the warranty.  How much do you charge to replace the kit like you did on the video?  My heater is in the garage therefor easy access.  You can email me at [email protected]

  6. Thanks for taking time to teach and post. Is there a way to diagnose if the thermo coupler is operable as to avoid unnecessarily replacing gas control?

  7. You have the patience of a saint. I think I just might go crazy working in a boiling hot attic in a Houston area home. Nicely done, Claude!!

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  9. I'm a plumber in Phoenix AZ. Great Video, my question why are these gas controllers going bad? These gas controllers are made by HONEYWELL and they all seem to fail. It's time for the bloodsucking lawyers to set up camp on their doorstep. Honeywell can build components for the space shuttle, but they can't build a bulletproof gas controller. That's pretty funny. I've been plumbing for 30 yrs and water heaters used to last about 20 years. I think all the water heater companies have calculated a very short life span past the normal 6 yr warranty.

  10. I have a feeling, that what you call "connect this wire here that goes to thermocoupling" on 29:10 is a pilot GAS TUBE. Not a "wire". Thermocouple wire is another wire. Correct me if I am wrong.

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