Bradford White Water Heater Will Not Light!

okay to be to be the name yeah what he what are you accept so many of these yeah I knew that just before I did go to procedures to make sure that
the thermal cup thing troll so happens to be in control it’s defective device operates this
water heater so basically anything electronics so I way tag every time if you sometimes
make this dead on the tag and scanned warranty and everything that it takes to call
Brandon diagnose and troubleshoot what you see
me doing here now i am starting to break it down place all the components here this is the thermal coupling take a loose off here already
disconnected some of the lead wires here disconnect the two feet labor itself you see give them the serial number yeah the original there is a defect is the
water water here and they will send all the components out to you you can either call Dwight themselves maybe they have to take them let me see you do have a plumber they
chose to repair make sure you do research first white because someone was
like I said they don’t even know the operations 42 we’ve disconnected the two disconnected here is a because 46 – each side different size and you have
no side Phillips to have a small big Phillips
and then we’ll remove its which is what I’m standard this to you that’s good cover to the scriptures below with the information to
the right number Mason this is also going to be in the
description is explained stand texas other parts of Houston Houston Texas gets very hot it right now valley 200 degrees and it
can’t get much higher than this lot of manufacturers manufacturers they
actually don’t recommend anyone the reason being is because they have a
safety shuttles is the water heaters temperature gets
too for your safety automatic explosion too much heat door yeah yeah yeah place part of the bone simply is these parts but you can’t get it but from a bright light on break tickle parts carries cereal make it yeah gift in the tent they just gave me a three place me in two places most people that
deal with their familiar with this we simply cutting the water to the water heater the way i do this and actually do that rain water heater may be an experience
that would probably recommend draining your water heater what I actually do is cut the water to
the water heater off and then flip the relief to the top to relieve some
pressure water heater itself so that when I do removes the control valve on the side
here the work doesn’t come russian Ali just
kind of bleep out a little bit because there’s no air in the time to allow it
to just flow freaking out its phases it could this is something I do it
pretty quick so you see this yes the first thing we’re going to do now
that we simply disconnect you gasps areas of our country but not here that’s the gas line see this flex is
here it’s not code approved here it is which makes it a little
easier it took me some time to get used to so used to like required solid ok what I’m going to do here is a no go
ahead with this adapter back this flare pipe wrench – hm just wait it’s just it’s yeah ok these workers have been doing quite well
together but if you’re someone that’s to win this prize just take pictures of it before you take
it apart you can always look at the phone just
put it back just the way it was this is the new control valve or CC
right here doing with that is preparing it so that i can quickly put it back in
place of the old one as soon as a mouse true story so right here that’s good this gas use this rich a twist off the
castro well we’re going to do is just gonna loosen it up and pull the gasps tubing off wipe off they’re actually i would tell be able to
pair it with my hand she did this is what I was talking about
relieving the pressure from the water heater still fill water but long as
there’s no water in the tank it’s not going to rush out you know yeah speaking of whitewater here’s the thing like I guess most about the branford
water heaters is it actually tells you what’s wrong with it there’s a light on a few signals just
decode the signal from the information inside that tells you what’s wrong with
water heater here’s the box this is the new gas
control see that they send all the necessary
components to need to completely actually just gee this is this controls the
temperature of the water heater controls everything so water heater tends to
overheat this will automatically cut it off yeah I missed you components that will be connecting to
the early this part here that would worry about it
i used to use that part to try to diagnose o water heater problems because
if you can make links together keep the power actually just for testing taking your loss see small yeah yeah ok she’s yeah picked did you see extra can we call that the
dirt terminologies the purpose of that is to
catch any debris or humidity and that may be because of the weight just go straight down to the relative issues yeah – I’m going to the water heater back
this way I can make sure that there’s no leaks as I’m working rebuilding the rest of the ok yeah yeah this yeah it’s is it sorry yes Lee sayings from the burning into causes just small electricity is everything this is it can you do go to you this is a minute to start generating small interesting just taking this set up a striker see commenting on this looks different eat keep it yes yeah first I really wouldn’t recommend it the
second i don’t think the will give you the parts and trying to changeup possible standard hardware
store those days is going back there yeah ok the end of this year they’re right there
goes into a small slide back what he sees yeah this is this the end of that simply
slide right in there let’s keep it nice and steady in place ok ok yeah yeah it’s just good to see you trying to the burner tube that feeds the
gas to the furnace right here it was it’s good to see you gonna win it – this this is this is one of the few just
going to set this right sometimes the issue is that the new
gasket rebound it’s exactly like that could you just that awesome tubing string it up just bend it to get it just right yeah let’s just say I should this is him torture yeah just show you yeah ki this simply adore like the first one to
actually two jobs in 11 video footage on the first one so what I do is put them
both together as the same process and confusion we’re still back to reassemble simply door the old days and access to the bottom and needed a
match whatever to try to like what that was very dangerous these water
heaters today safer than they started these views like
this is a 11 years ago they started doing this and make people be new to a
lot of people but they first came out yeah yeah visit actually it that make a difference besides stick
either see since that’s cool it’s going to be right there like what he related want to click them that’s a reset if you don’t like that before you go to
relate it you wanna hear me state lips and it’s a
sensor device justification or he gets a certain temperature is it ok its back yeah keep this little button here when she
push it in gas to go to the burners so that we can be like what – lets go ahead connect the this wire here he goes to
the thermal coupling if you remember the older water heaters
even some of the news today they some of the opinion brand they do you still have
the proper control quickly this is spread for it that’s why you can’t just stand up and
the reason I’m hold this button down the red button here on top is as I’m putting
this together the gas flow through to kind of clear to
line out gets on the air out of there yeah okay we’ve got the guest we’re opening the gas valve and the
control valve itself before we light it I’m getting the way our outlines nice
feature about this graphic white is you don’t have to bend over and look real
hard and through the window to make sure the water heater is a lit just pull this
down and click the clicker square red button right there that button right
there that square red one that’s the igniter that when you click it yes when you click it it will spark a
fire down on the burner and of course that fire as gas is going through with
it like to get gas once we’ve got it held long enough will
know that the pilot is completely lit and will stay on once we see the grain light flashing
right there just seen a green light flesh there it is so now we know Thea pilot is
lit and we can actually leave the button right now as I said one of the other
good things about this control valve the electronic is that the water heater
itself will tell you what’s wrong with it and on the side of the water heater
there’s a panel with information and directions on how to relate your water
heater so and how to diagnose the problem that you’re this is complete yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

12 thoughts on “Bradford White Water Heater Will Not Light!

  1. Thank You for taking the time to make this video. I hope you received extra $$$ for working in the heat!

  2. The thermocoupler its lit but no flame I have to replace the gas valve control or do I have to reset

  3. Hey thx man for the info. Caught the rheem vid as well, thx for your time.

  4. So what can we do if theirs water in the bottom tray i think that might be causing my igniter to not work, because it can't get air to get a flame. but i can't figure out how to get the water out?

  5. Great demonstration! could it had bene possible that the safety shut off mechanism malfunctioned and put out the pilot for another reason other than the system is breaking down.. Pilot went out once today after 9 years since we've owned it. It went up and running once I reignited it.

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