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upon yourself people welcome to state of Jamaica channel or discuss everything
Jamaica some have some things oh my gosh II wouldn’t know what before me get into
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anything and also give me a thumbs up so people jan was stabbed boy when I know
one thing either other complex Abijah miracle on officer Martin Dona you know
because people from we are year beaucoup and a virus no queer
and we are here both tsunami why people general Starr so mushy editing would
owner aboard a car when a virus in Amsterdam of Arceus at the University
Hospital so dr. Christopher often Emma Anita and she at a person do i press
regional our conference are something like that scene and it might be nicer
boy ideas any cases occur on a virus image America and these things are
really rare seen me watch the entire video and in come to my own conclusion
me of my own opinion on the situation so Marisa but guess what mayavadis keep my
opinion as my opinion and leave you guys for watch the video and come to fool on
one conclusion himself there’s no kiss detected as yet the person with M sub y did up the coronavirus at the University
Hospital Dempsey has someone else and me remarks on questions and me Nagano and
minute Windham no really answered straightforward so many noses up on now
on the people but may have my opinion still and may Allah be careful amiable
be cautious and me at Allah Almighty was our subscribers them us or to be careful
and cautious because but she likes a boy even if you or the press conference them not really like briefly nation as
to also prevent this thing but I guess the me really War II has not allowed
people severely I decide that so hey I’d never tell movie was are my subscribers
and just be cautious llaman washing or Andy Lee and if you know Kia we are one
of them surgical masks we’re semester because in other countries conference
them say yet other countries of the virus already so including us on us not
clear when it comes to certain screening and emptiness or a so my my jumping at
uh these are Article II I saw as a no can see people as some persons this from
them job a commode another open so them just feel the earthquake so made upon me
uh media primer cord Saddam the coach let me do the videos them in a scene we
sit me on my mama did I do I’m a feel this vibration so machine
vibration may I say what I heard clear then I mean then MIDI they look a bit
Dempster I feel it more and more like and I mean more and more vibration so me
I said Norma and decide decide decide earthquake I look likes a boy he ought
to do some damage so we just go outside and I mean we go I’m a dual reeow I
stand up on the doorjamb because I’m so in earthquake if we stand up at the
doorjamb I go outside the understand some stand Okada dhwaja mother earth and
mineral ID earthquake I think it lasts maybe a minute if not bore me in a
division aboard 3040 seconds to a minute the earthquake
last another Landis earthquake me ever feel and I the most vibration me if I
feel from an earthquake and when below them said why ANOVA feel
equip same catching feel it I think Kingston insane and you feel it on some
other places see what our two article about it them say key Aman people are
Kia and feel it thought so it’s like a Caribbean teen
cutting evil Cuba feel so much and them success this our seven pine tree seven
point six seven point seven magnitude Samantha so people you know like asthma
saying I’d most vibration may have a feel from an earthquake
Makia even because I picked up all right here even like things from maybe the top
of the UH look away I like I jump off you know I mean us my local Sun green
attempting the more I jump off this uh may I say so is she a cop the horsemen
are like the Oscar Teleco ship shimmy kasnia tell us uh me feel it is like me
can’t see earth we can see place a move and I mean no I mean I really see it
still about missing to oil feel like say boy you can’t see deeply someone and I
mean so them say right no Jamaica is an a tsunami watch and through a pseudo no
tsunamis tsunamis I uh I we have from other ocean where can you know I mean
take off a piece at a run or whatever whatever and I mean come far in front
line you see so many Shara article um see because mrs. several articles from
every Diwaniyah with a very low enough so this hour himself coast of Jamaica
Cuba and the Cayman Island could fierce as are the tsunami waves following a 7.3
to 7.6 earthquake in the Caribbean Sea the international tsunami Information
Center as I sawed issue a tsunami warning for Billy’s under US and Mexico
US Geological Survey reported an earthquake in the street between Jamaica
and Cuba and she was that the earthquake had a
10-kilometer and occurred just not with of Jamaica by
one I want on July 17 kilometres the earthquake was initially reported as a
7.3 but has now been upgraded to a seven point seven yo all right so the article
aware may I read from the meet up some videos attached it what made a video
view shown around also let me get the video and put it up on my Instagram so
you know a phenomena Instagram just one go for a meal is Amin he link to me
Instagram in at the description so may I say more people Jan was tired why lacked
Illinois say yo at the Avs vibration the most fabulous and may ever feel from one
till no for my earth queer any last longer than any other earthly
of what me ever feel you see me so why me know what to say but them said the
coast line at Jamaica right now the people in finder maybe find a soul in a
Jamaica bought them said Kingston feeling I think another article seen
women did read before this one Camus MC several articles about it I think them
tell which part of Jamaica right no Keanu Cole see the tsunami and I think I
don’t wanna sort side on Jewish by me live on my mama no quiet members I mean
I would tell her no thanks I’m a member so when when miss Missy talking and I
would add if I next video may I assure that with you know more people why you
know know what to say Jamaica seems like said why I set up feel so up there I
mean hopefully you know I’m still but we just have to be were weary and I mean
I’m be careful cuz Jana was tired man anything come at any time is it so
people one article a Medici would on about Jo TC was right
say MCI international choke a company from the opposite direction and him the
international choke like the komova party inside that would Adam kinda take
the banking and when the International choppa hunting in Como Tara Jo TC was
only to find a man and I mean jappo seen why maybe the truck are the boss so
right now complex avoid a jeopardy UTC both to – I hope so and I mean because I
am I don’t want to wait then I mean lick the money if some
answer seems like there was no international chalk a pass but him some
all never see the man hunting are like him and in Jaipur you see so right now
it is confirms a boy at Abbas be busy there was no mention of the
international job another article movie just not too long ago you see me so I
think the mob appear any experience yeah then what I respond to any experience is
Amanda J you teach you that responds to any explain sir anything like that
general Starr accident still commenting to jihad I really deliberately then I
mean lichterman RT someone put up on video for my Instagram I know people
about the taxi driver where where will get conned by the officer because other
taxi drivers on people all day then I mean them tied to the street and attack
were really up got a massive why the driver hit him give the officer in
Pierre part for the vehicle and come like him Gemma so when I’m Gemma fellow
at the time Liam cunning and one man in AD video say if him under the PA past to
the arm to the office on Java member or kima you
know so Amano combi semester because the the a facade up in Pierre part
resuming of all information with him so people if you want check out that just
go to me Instagram because my up the video of the right now so tell Mona
think another comment section about everything of children like comment
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