Breaking News! Carnival Valor Diverted From New Orleans To Mobile Due To Forming Hurricane Barry

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling of Bruce I’ve got a breaking news story here it just came out
Carnival has just announced that the Carnival Valor cruise ship has been
redirected she will not return to New Orleans tomorrow as scheduled she’s
going to be diverted over to Mobile Alabama the reason is a storm has been
brewing in the Gulf and the worry now is apart from the flooding that’s already
hitting New Orleans this storm is going to gain strength in the next 24 to 48
hours and she may run into a hurricane now the issue here is all the passengers
from the cruise ship 3,500 of them are going to be dropped off in Mobile and
they’re gonna be bussed to New Orleans the folks coming to New Orleans to get
on the valor are going to be bussed to mobile so tomorrow Thursday is gonna be
a scrambling a for everyone concerned these are the shots here of New Orleans
it’s already flooding impair in areas the storm hasn’t even hit full force yet
there’s a real problem here this is the track for the valor she’s coming back
from Progresso in Cozumel and she’ll do her next cruise out of mobile and do the
same to ports all over again now the Carnival Glory is the next ship
that is supposed to arrive in New Orleans she’s supposed to arrive on
Sunday the 14th the problem is that day is the day the winds could be the worst
so this ship might be diverted it’s got 30 581 passengers on it and it’s out at
sea now we’ll find out what happens with that one after of that the other issue
is now with the Galveston Galveston Texas has two ships returning to it the
first ship coming back to Galveston is the Carnival dream with forty five
hundred and thirty three passengers that’s supposed to land she’s supposed
to land on Saturday July the 13th there she is right there on Sunday the 14th
the freedom carnival freedom with 3500 81 passengers is supposed to come into
Galveston and we don’t know whether the hurricane will be formed by then and be
flooding out Galveston as well Galveston has a history of flooding problems at
the best of times let alone when a tropical storm
turning into a hurricane kicks in with all the storm surge so we’re talking
here about 15,000 people have to get off of for cruise ships 15,000 people are
gonna get on for cruise ships how are they’re going to get in and out
of the cities that are being affected by these storms I don’t know the airports
may be shut down highways may be shut down
we may have cancellations and or complete diversions here by carnival
with some of these ships they may be keeping that sea for a few extra days
and not even attempting to get them back to these ports we’ll stay on top of the
story everybody hopefully we’ll know more News I want to say next 24-48 hours
and we’ll just keep you updated on what’s going on like I said 30,000
passengers are gonna be affected by this one way or another and it’s all about to
begin in the next 24 hours join me up for the natives updates and please
subscribe to my channel today hit the bell notification icon and I’ll keep you
posted on the latest developments thanks everybody bye for now

31 thoughts on “Breaking News! Carnival Valor Diverted From New Orleans To Mobile Due To Forming Hurricane Barry

  1. How when New Orleans is underwater are they even going to get them there from Mobile, So stupid. I would hate to be on a cruise and get back to New Orleans and find my car that I parked before I went on my cruise to be underwater. And the airports won't even be opened until who knows when. What a mess.

  2. Thx for the news I am going on the carnival dream in 9 days out of Galveston and I love the channel! Keep up the news!

  3. Bruce, are the ships safe at sea? Can they handle the storm if one hits them out at sea?

  4. All of New Orleans will NOT be underwater. Also, there is a parking garage at the pier. If you are parked above the first floor, everything will be fine. Now, you may not be able to get out of the garage for a few days but, the cars won't be flooded.

    Most of the Interstate highways are above the flood zone areas, even in the downtown area, just depends on how severe the flood becomes.

    Also, New Orleans has a huge inventory of hotel rooms and most everything outside of the downtown region should be open for business. Granted, it will still be major chaos just because of any change in plans from the ordinary.

  5. Carnival Fantasy is scheduled to return to Mobile on July 13 – it looks like the Valor and Glory fit between Fantasy's calls at Mobile.

  6. gonna have to keep my marine traffic up and focused to check on the whereabouts of these ships during the storms. folks can always go to to see locations of any cruise ship or to get an idea of the traffic flow.
    have to tell you, this is one reason why I never book a ship out of the Gulf during the Hurricane season, Powerful tropical storms/hurricanes can blow up in a heartbeat, and as hot as the Gulf waters are, it is like an incubator for potent storms.
    Also, these big broad behemoths don't have the sleek double-hulled profile of true cruiseliners (thinking QM2 here which can cut through 25ft seas without so much as a twitch). They can't handle either the wind, due to their height or the wave action due to their short pug-like bows with the same efficiency as the smaller sleeker, ships.
    I expect we will see plenty of diversions to safer waters.
    I also expect we will see New Orleans and Galveston to be places we will not recognize before 2025 as sea levels become more unstable and the storm remain increasingly strong.

  7. I am glad I live in Australia! Seriously, I feel for all the people who are affected. I also hope that the storm doesn’t get too bad.

  8. Yep! Talked to Carnival today… I knew there would be Changes Coming! Hoping the Best for Folks!!

  9. This is why you don't cruise between July 1 and mid October. Hurricanes cause chaos and while the ships can avoid them at sea they often have to change their itinerary on the fly.

  10. Just the hassle of cruising during hurricane season, you win most of the time but once in a while you get wet. We leave out of Galveston on the 21st, 🤠

  11. I live in New Orleans and it was only certain parts of the city that flooded and those parts was only flooded for a hour or two after the rain past bc of the pumps were only pumping out a certain amount of water at a time. Our pumping system sucks lol

  12. They need to keep the Valor at Mobile. Mobile deserves a bigger ship!

  13. We were on the Valor when it was diverted. Everything was well organized and we made it home safely !

  14. I am hoping things die down at the end of August when I cruise. Praying for those who are affected my the floods

  15. I’m going to new orelans July 27 for my July 29 cruise do you think my cruise will get diverted

  16. @travelling with Bruce what do you think will happen tomorrow, Sunday with American Airline flights into New Orleans? We are set to sail on Monday.

  17. I was on this cruise! Carnival Valor did a great job getting us back to New Orleans!!

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