Bright Earth Heavy-Duty Work Lights

If you are looking to light your work truck
bed, have some extra lighting along your race trailer or gain some extra visibility when
on the trails or any other offroad application, look to the Bright Earth heavy duty LED work
light. With its combination of protection and durability,
these may just be the compact, easy to install lights that you’ve been looking for and they’ll
make looking for everything else a breeze on those dark nights. Featuring 33 light emitting diodes, putting
out an impressive 726 lumens total, Bright Earth heavy duty LED work lights only draw
.3 AMPS at 13.8 volts making them ideal for car trailers, UTVs, truck beds, golf carts,
and more. And they are built to be durable in the toughest
off-road environments too with a die-cast housing and mounting bracket as well as a
unique waffle design lense. Equipped with a waterproof pigtail connector,
stainless steel hardware and being IP67 rated, you can rest assured that dust and weather
won’t be an issue. The Bright Earth heavy duty LED work light
shown here is a flood light, meaning that its 120-degree beam pattern will illuminate
a larger amount of space than a spotlight. Using the same wattage and lumen output. At 6.6 watts, the 33 LEDs provide a bright,
6,000 K crystal white light and operates on any input voltage from ten to thirty volts
DC. Ideal for compact installations, the Bright
Earth LED work lights are only 3 and 5/8ths of an inch wide by 3 inches tall and 3/4 of
an inch deep. The black housing complements nearly anything
without becoming the focal point. With a mounting bracket located on the bottom,
placement options are nearly endless and the simple two-wire pigtail with reverse polarity
protection makes installation nearly fool-proof. For more information on Bright Earth LED products,
be sure to visit

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