28 thoughts on “Buffalo Bill Dam in Cody, Wyoming | American Road Trip

  1. Good Morning Johnson Family from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks again for letting us be a part of your holiday on your American road trip. You guys have a safe trip 🙂

  2. Dams have always intrigued me. I didn't even know this one existed, it's been added to my list of things to see. To think how tall and sturdy they built that in the early 1900s. Crazy!

  3. videonya bagus tiap hari, tapi sayang terlalu cepat untuk video vlog

  4. Aloha guys! I didn't remember if I ever visited this dam, but are you planning to go to Grand Teton?

  5. Do you think that bathroom cleanliness is the essential part how serious the government manages the facilities? Because I see you always check the bathroom in every visit.

  6. Johnson, when you will do live streaming? better if you announce it, so that many people will ready to watch it…

  7. Why did they name the dam Buffalo Bill? Something to do with the famous bison hunter and showman William "Buffalo Bill" Cody?

  8. vlog terlalu sebentar. kurang memuaskan. padahal di amerika banyak view bagus

  9. wyoming jg salah satu nama kapal perang amerika pak hehe

  10. Good education for your son pak martin, very inspiring. mybe i'll spend much time with my son like you do. keep vloging pak

  11. great video. just what I wanted as I plan my families trip out to Cody & Yellowstone.

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