Building A Home Above The Flood Water’s 1 of 3

it was 2016 April the 15th when the
flood came and flooded the South there were only three houses on this block as
you can see and the first house actually this house right here that’s the house
and I actually lived in right there for the seven or six years that I’ve been
there and right here I don’t know if you noticed I no longer live in that area
anymore but um after the floods came and washed a lot of the homes away so to say
it’s kind of flooded it out these three homes were rebuilt basically brand-new
new bricks new interior everything brand new I’m
Taylor and you are watching the how to the plumbing channel to all my
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thank you homes and unless oh I guess less than a year or two the floods came
again so now this time these homes are going to be add they’re going to be
rebuild again they’re gonna be will rebuild again but this time they’re
gonna be raised at least twelve feet off the ground so that if there is any flood
coming back into the near future these homes will be uh it’ll be safe and it
won’t flood the homeowners out and like I said at the time I was living there so
first flood that I have been to the it’s a it’s a strange feeling going through
something like that but all in all I did survive it was a home that I was renting
so I lost a lot of materialistic things and the good thing is that I’m not very
materialistic person and I was renting so the people that
really got it hard were were the people that actually owned their homes and had
big families and nowhere really to go so and coming back to rebuild was very
difficult and some didn’t even what Niva able to do such so what I’m doing here
now is the lady that I used to rent from this house from she wants me to do some
of the plumbing so I took it upon myself yes I’m through the plumbing but I also
I’m going to I wanted to videotape these homes as they’re being built from
basically the ground up brand-new homes again but this time twelve feet in the
air you can see some of the old plumbing that I’ve put in here already before
before the floods came it was I mean after the floods actually when it was
brand new I did to be plumbing then replaced all the water lines but this
time everything is going to be replaced and those are the other two homes that
were next to me and what I’m doing here is I’m just giving you guys an idea what
you can expect if you’re gonna have your home lifted twelve feet from the ground
actually I wouldn’t say lift it you’re gonna actually have a new home built on
top of the frame that was on the first floor and these are the the piers that
were poured for the peering beams so there’s going to be a number of
twenty-four peering beams to stabilize the home once it’s built up on top I don’t know if you’ve ever seen in my
other videos but if you have you’ll see these are the lines that I put in a few
years back or some new water lines from the street to the house okay now you see
it’s all been gutted out the top has been taken off and they’re gonna do the
same thing to this house as they’re doing to the other one they’re going to
jackhammer the floors up in various locations to pour cement piers and put
these steel beams up in place so these homes are going to look they’re going to
actually look totally different and when I move there you know the story was that
the area was it was on a 400 year flood plain ya know 400 years ago back quick
but anyway I would say that the floods now or do more to the build-up of the
area and how fast is growing and new communities are being built so I
wouldn’t okay right there you see the old plumbing that’s the old ABS plastic
pipe I am NOT going to tie back into that because all of them the main line
that’s in the floor that you can’t see it’s in line with the appearing beams
and we’re so we’re not going to tie into it so we’re going to actually go tie to
it but only on the outside of the building so that inside plumbing that’s
in the ground right there it will be discontinued so we’re not concerned
about that we’re going to do totally new waste pipes and of course water this is a this little spot here is one
of the bathrooms that were actually worked on and if you look at some of my
older videos you’ll see some of these some of this in the older videos that I
worked on them the first time they they were flooded out and I read the place
actually because I mean listen to the area it’s nice it’s quiet
we probably seen two three cars at the most go by in a day and at the same time
there was still a lot of stuff going on around outside they had a lot of
activity that was good so we had it’s actually the thing it’s a pretty nice
place and here’s another bathroom that was
there well anyway in the Arians so I was able to enjoy a lot of the amenities
that the area but I didn’t actually live in the area lose that you would consider
of very prosperity it’s I was an area that it was median household incomes and
you know everybody’s just going to working just surviving and that was the kitchen and the rent was very reasonable that
was another easy easy decision for me to make although I did know that I was on a
floodplain but like I said it was told that we were on a four hundred year
flood plane and I figured I had at least three hundred years but anyway time flew
and this is what happened so it’s it’s okay everything’s okay like I said I’m
not materialistic and a lot of that stuff I have regained back and again
some of the people that had families and they own at home really never had a
chance to come back and build whether they didn’t have the they wasn’t covered
in insurance so they didn’t have any insurance but for me it was a it was it
was a lot easy for me to just walk away and just kind of start over
so eventually time Kent went on and I moved up a little further up north of
Houston on the outside of Houston and hopefully in a non flooded area from
what I understand it doesn’t flood but man I have to go through something like
this you never know those galvanized pipes you see right there in the front
yard those come come from the other two houses that still have the old
galvanized but the house I stayed in actually all those water lines were
completely redone with PEX and I have a video on that on here and some of these lines you see are also
the old gas lines that were in there also okay this is the house next door the
there started to break the cement and for the piers they’re gonna for the
piers later but first they’re gonna dig the holes out and this is some of the
old plumbing that was in there before that was a tallit and that was to waste
I mean a vent for the toilet and that bathroom and this was a tub at one time
and right next to it was a vanity sink and here we had a pea trap to catch the
condensation coming from the furnace the AC unit and you can see that was an old bathroom
window key with the event coming from a the other toilet that we had they had in
there and then like I said all this is being discontinued and I am going to tie
the new lines on the outside because we’re no longer going to use the drain
up under the pipe because it’s no the use of it is it’s been blocked with the
pier and beams and this is the old laundry that was in the garage see the
old tub that was there now again all this was done all over brand-new and
everything other than you know some of the pipes and some of the structure but
it was basically a new home when they got done with it but here we are again a
couple years later turning it down and now rebuilding it twelve feet up in the
air that was another drain pipe and that’s
the vent for the toilet here look at that that was all done over all
new towels but this was some stuff that I put in before the flood came in it’s a
new tub and again this is uh on one of my previous videos when I install the
new tub for this and the replace to your tub shower valve well as you can see
these homes are going to be a very big project we’ve got three of them that’s
gonna be done basically at the same time so it’s gonna take a while and there’s
some more of the old plumbing so the UH I’m just showing you this video to give
you an idea so in the future if any one of you out there and it’s going to build
a home or have one redone or lift your home twelve feet in the air to prevent
flooding this will give you some ideas and the plumbing you will see eventually
this is one of the videos I’m not going to show too much plumbing other than the
the demo that’s going on right here right now but eventually when we get
down the line there will be other videos coming out and slowly we’ll get into the
plumbing part but this is good to give you a lot of information that you may
need if you’re going to be your own contractor are you gonna hire our
contractor to do this stuff for you and again they’re gonna cut all this
plumbing out nothing’s connected no water everything is just gonna be cut
out and start from scratch that was the event pipe for the AC unit and the
p-trap where it would drain into and it’s setting a little closet right there and definitely on table like this you
want to run around with some you want to run around with some nice heavy steel
toe boots be careful nails and always pay close attention to
your surrounding and safety glasses always as always that was vanity there
and again if you go back and look at some of my previous videos you’ll see
the work that I’ve done on these on these homes when they were flooded the first time that in 2016 and I got to tell you the carpenter that
done most of the work on here they’ve done basically all the carpentry of
course I mean this guy was really good good and fast you see the old laundry used to sit
there now this is actually the the wanted this is the home that I ran on
the corner part and those pecs lines with some of the lines that I actually
put in there so that was all taken out again and this is the guy that killed
all the beams he actually fill them all from scratch with some square tubing
metal tubing and of course we see him here cutting but once you see the job
and he’s done but the pier is up he done like an excellent job looks really good yeah now you can see all the beams set
up and put in place 24 of them and there’s gonna be 24 in each home now this is my first time seeing
anything like this so it was a it was nice to watch this house being built and
the things was going on and the other trades of how they work and what they do see how they screw down the beans to the
appears and by the way if you have any questions
that you’d like to ask and if I can answer them I’d be more than happy to
just leave a message down in the subscription box below and I’ll get back
with you as soon as I can and I just went from one house to the
other house and showing you the house that doesn’t have the piers and the
beginning stages of that one now you can see that they’re starting to
put the floor down for the second floor up there okay now there’s going to be a
series of these videos coming out and I am hoping that you guys find a lot of a
lot of things in this video that you can use or ideas that you can get from the
video or just plain curiosity to wonder how this stuff goes on how is it being
built a home the plumbing etc electrical and I really do hope you guys find these
videos helpful and if you do give me a thumbs up let me know how well I’m doing
give me some ideas of things that I might miss things that you like to see
and we can see we could do with the future videos coming out and again we’re
looking at the subfloor here now I did turn the sound off this because at the
time they were playing some music is pretty loud now right where that Piron beam was just
seen right there that’s was right in the center of the waste pipe that was in the
foundation so and that was one reason that we couldn’t tie back into that and
actually it’s a good idea that we couldn’t touch tie back into it because
um I mean those lines have been there for years so it actually needed to be
replaced we don’t even know if those lines were partially collapsed or
anything also let me know am I on the right track are these things that you
would like to see in upcoming videos let me know put it down in the subscription
below you can see how they have the pier and beam the beams tied to the floor
joists and then the other floor uses choices are going the other way again
I’m a plumber I actually don’t know what I’m talking
about but again I said I was impressed watching these guys work these guys were
very good and it’s a new experience to me I’ve worked on job sites where we
built new homes but this is the first time that I’ve worked on one that
actually has been lifted 12 feet off the ground
or should I say using peering beams to me this is just similar as they would
build a of a beach home and look how nice that deck looks up there that’s the
economy of course the second floor which will be the main floor there’s actually
not going to be anything below this it’s just going to be a lot of open empty
space and I’m sure people are gonna use it for some type of storage or anything
like that but the idea is to put everything up much higher so if there’s
a flood in the future it won’t be as much of an issue as it was in the past and you can see this is where the your
carpet is lined out their walls and as plumbers we can come through here and we
can act take measurements off that and actually
start drilling holes and from up here on that second floor I’m just giving you a
view of the house next door from where they came to where they’re heading okay
we’re coming to the end of this video and I hope you guys got a lot out of it
and if you did please let me know as always thanks for watching good thumbs
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  1. That’s crazy what the floods did to those homes
    Thanks for the great video Claude

  2. don't feel sorry for anyone moving back in after two times !! they need metal help

  3. Looking forward to this series of videos. 👍🏼

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