Buriganga River Boat Tour and Sadarghat Port in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Dhaka City Tour

Welcome to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. On the south side of Dhaka, there is the Buriganga River. It is the muddy artery of Dhaka and the very lifeblood of both this city and the nation. Sergey: After buying sea coconut, we are now in the Buriganga river side market. These are date imported from Algeria. I have not tried Algerian dates. It is not available in Malaysia. “It says here that Algerian dates are the best.” It looks oily and tasty. Oh pineapples and bananas! Mountains of bananas! Look at this man hauling bananas. These bananas just came in for sure. We are walking in the street by the Buriganga river. There, you can see it says ALGERIA. Algerian dates are unlimited here. We came to the port to experience the river trip. It might be fun for tourists but for us, our visit to Dhaka would not be complete without this experience. Sergey: I am reporting from the Buriganga riverside. Here you can see a newspaper buyers. Here, maybe you want to buy a towel. There are fruits for sale everywhere. Welcome to Bangladesh! This place is ofcourse is something! Wow! Look at that scene. Mangoes and pomegranates. This is the port, this is a different life here. This is a different Bangladesh. Everything is interesting to me. Here you can buy inexpensive smartphones. There are the phones. Here we in the Sadarghat (shod-or-ghat) launches terminal, where you can charter a many small wooden rowboats for independent tourists 4o-minutes tour along the Buriganga River. Mahadi: You can see how many people come and go. Natalia: I see no tourists except us. Mahadi: Some tourists probably were already here. Sergey: We are now at the Sadarghat port. Here you can see numerous wooden boats. This is the crystal clear busy river Buriganga! It says this is one of the dirtiest river in Bangladesh. Here, you can see how men at working so hard in this frenzied river. Let’s go! You are going with us, right? Mahadi: This is really very busy here so just go and sit on the middle of the boat. Do not hold the sides of the boat. Sergey: We embarked on the boat. Now we will start the Buriganga river cruise. This is part of our city tour in Dhaka. Buriganga river cruising. This River was previosly called as “Old Ganges.” Now we can see big launches. This big boats are for overnight journeys. Sergey: So, where are the launches going? Mahadi: Barisal City. Mahadi: Then you can also go to the floating market. Full day trip. Well in our case, this wooden boat is very small. It is not scary in here. The experience here is authentic. These launches take passengers to different places. Buriganga is 18 km long. But, it is very vital to Dhaka City. This is where thousands of locals socialize ang trade. People come & go everyday for work, for business, etc. Our tour guide said this is a Rocket Paddle Steamer. Only a few of these operating in Bangladesh today. Rocket Paddle Steamer started operating since the early 20th century. It’s magnificent to see a Rocket paddle steamer. In my opinion, the boat trip along the Buriganga river is a highly recommended experience that you must try. Whoever comes to Dhaka, please try this boat trip here. This River was previosly called as “Old Ganges.” A long time ago, a course of the Ganges River used to reach the Bay of Bengal through the Dhaleswari River. When this course gradually shifted and ultimately lost its link with the main channel of the Ganges it was renamed the Buriganga River. Its average depth is 7.6 metres (25 ft) and its maximum depth is 18 metres (58 ft). We are turning around now back to the port. It is not smelly in the middle of the cruise maybe because it is a little bit windy today. Well, we cant take away the fact that the river is dirty. This is an interesting experience. Now we can see how a man is swimming in the river. And there is the man who just jumped into the river. There is like a Brownian motion that reigns on the river. Huge passenger catamarans are preparing for a night trip to the cities located along the Meghna river, Padma river ,and Brahmaputra river. Cargo barges carry tons of cargo, and many boats transport thousands of residents of Bangladesh from Dhaka to the suburbs of Kathuria and back. There are really hundreds of boaters. There is hard work and high competition. In the 20th century the water table and river became polluted. Here you can see the color of the river is black due to the presence of different types of waste in the water. The water of the Buriganga is now so polluted that all aquatic animals have died. The Buriganga River doesn’t have a voice to protest this environmental issues. We wish that the residents of Bangladesh who throw plastics or waste to the river will change their attitudes and treat Buriganga river the right way. The government and the public should help each other to clean the river. When it happens, probably more tourists will come to partake in the cultural experience in Dhaka.

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