Bushcraft Kit To Turn Back For!!! | Thursday’s Thought

and as always a huge thanks to joining me here on my youtube channel
the bushcraft Padawan and thank you for joining me in not only this week’s but
the first of 2020 s Thursday’s thoughts as you saw at the outset of this video I
set off to the woods and realized that I’d forgotten something on roots now I
think there’s a big difference between getting there
and realizing you’ve forgotten something and for realizing you’ve forgotten
something whilst you’re driving there because there’s always that question in
your mind isn’t and when you’re driving there should I turn round can I go back
and get it could I do without it and that’s what
this week’s Thursday’s thoughts video is about what would I turn back for and
what would I just put down to experience and carry on with I’ve been thinking
about this question then for a few days and there’s a few obvious things off the
top of my head that I thought to myself would I or wouldn’t I so I thought I’d
share them with you firstly my knife if I was part way to the woods and realize
I’d forgotten my Mora gar Berg car burned my bushcraft knife would I go
back for it and the honest answer is probably not depending on how far I’d
done of course I think this is a big question if I’m round the corner I’d go
back if I’m almost there I wouldn’t but I think you know generally thinking I
think I wouldn’t go back for it I’ve spoken before in one of my videos I’m
linking to up in the top right-hand corner I’ve spoken before about whether
I would and what I consider to be non-essential essential kit the sounds
I’ve been into the woods and my knife hasn’t even come out of my pack that I
pack it into for traveling there it hasn’t even seen the light of day
sometimes I’ve been in the world so I think there’s something of a of a
misconception in the fallacy that you need to have your knife on your belt
when you are in the woods certainly it’s a bloody good idea well to be honest if
I was already over halfway there and I realize I’d forgotten it
I probably won’t go back for it I might just have to adjust what I was expecting
to do in the woods that day so knife no depending on how far I’ve got I’d
probably carry on without it I’m thinking now about food and water if I
was going out for the day and I forgot my food I was taking out with me I just
deal with it you know we’ve all gone we’ve all skipped a meal or two and it’s
not the end of the world so it probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I was just
going out for the day I wouldn’t turn back for my food would I turn back for
my water that’s a bigger question of course is it’s a more important question
when I go back for my water again depending on how far I was to the woods
again I might I might just crack on without it I’m discounting here the fact
that I could stop on route and buy some water and buy some sandwiches or
something like that that’s you know that’s that’s quite a likelihood with
the route that I take to get to the woods but broadly speaking if I forgot
my food and watch and I was going out for a day in the woods like I normally
do I probably won’t turn back for it it may be quite an interesting experiment
to actually go there with no water to find some and to filter it through my
brown bag which I always carry with me into my mug which I always carry with me
and sterilize that over a fire so might actually be quite a force to somewhat
realistic but contrived experience to actually go out with no water but
generally speaking no I probably wouldn’t turn back for that either what
about my layers of clothing on my waterproof jacket if I was going out and
it was raining and it was raining heavily I think I probably would so be
honest I think I realize and recognize the dangers of getting wet and staying
wet for the day so I think I probably would turn back from my waterproof
jacket if there’s a risk of rain if it might rain if it was likely to rain I
think I’d probably chance my own about getting there getting a tap set up
straightaway and at least have somewhere to to do my sort of crafting and work
underneath so I think there’s a question here about if it was already raining I
probably would if it was a possibility of raining how
the high or low the likelihood then I might just crack on and use my top in
terms of warm layers again depending on the time of year I may or may not turn
back there’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve put something through the
wash forgotten to take it off the dryer and pocket and all I’ve had with me is
what I’m wearing my normal coat and a waterproof jacket so be honest I do
think a lot of the time I you know if I think back about warm layers I take out
I would say nine times out of ten they do not leave my day sack therefore I
laws of probability I probably wouldn’t need it on that day I am mindful of sods
law though and then finally we’ve come to sort of the last or potentially the
penultimate crucial item would I go out without a first-aid kit now that’s a
tricky one isn’t it because nine times out of ten it doesn’t come out of my
pack but would you want to be without it so I’ve cover you a small first aid kit
in my in my pack but I also carry a small cuts kit in my trouser pockets if
I’d forgotten both of them well what I don’t deserve to be going out
unsupervised but if I’d forgotten my my larger first-aid kit I’d probably just
crack on if I’m being really honest there might be some people out there
sort of pulling their hair out and rolling their eyes at me and sucking
their teeth say oh you don’t want to do that but to be honest I probably would
if I’ve got my cuts with me nine point nine times out of ten and I’m mindful of
sods law if I sustained an injury in the woods it’s a cut or a nick or something
like that I can dress with with a plaster that I’m carrying in my cuts
case a but forgot my first-aid kit if I realize that on rope I’d probably just
crack on final thing then and this is by no means an essential piece of bushcraft
kit or is it my phone this is a trick you honor I’ve I’ll be honest I’ve kind
of talked myself into saying I might turn back to my phone and I might turn
back to my phone not because I can take photographs or videos or look things up
or research things I’ll do any of that stuff that I’ve talked about in the past
linking to a video in the top right hand corner about the value of having a phone
when bushcrafting I think I turned back for it for the
simple cold pratik reason if I were to break down it’s a
means of getting some help if I were to become injured in the woods it’s a means
of getting some help if willow the dog were to run off in the woods it’s a
means of getting some help so yeah I’d probably turn back from my phone having
said that I have been into the woods before had my phone with me taken out
and the battery’s been flat I’ve managed to go the whole day sometimes an
overnighter and with no phone and you know what everything is okay everything
was okay I’ve also set off to the woods realized
I forgot on my phone being past the point of no return and decided not to
turn back for it you know what everything’s been fine so I guess I’m
layering this video with the with with the phrases
it depends sods law and and all of those are the sort of cliched phrases you know
we could go out with all of that kit and nothing could go wrong equally we could
go out with all of that without all of that kit and we could sustain an injury
that needs more than just a +2 or a small dressing so those are my thoughts
on what I would turn back for what I wouldn’t turn back for and why I would
or wouldn’t turn back but what about you is there a piece of kits that you would
consider to be part of your bushcraft carry kits that if you were to leave the
house and realize you didn’t have you would move heaven and earth to turn back
around and go back for if there is why why would you go back let me know if the
comments below if there isn’t let me know in the comments below but equally
you know if you like I’ve done if you want to add those those what-ifs
if they stand out or maybe I’ll probably then leave those in the comments below I
read every single comment I try and respond to every single comment as well
slips a bit over Christmas but I’m gonna catch back up on that now so rest
assured if you leave a comment below unless it’s a snarky comment unless you
know better than everybody else there’s been a few of those recently I probably
won’t answer to those but if you’re being kind open genuine and honest then
you’ll get a reply for me thanks as always for watching folks if you’ve
enjoyed the video if you think that my channel and the other videos that I put
would be of value to you in the future in your bushcrafting journey and do
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bye now

22 thoughts on “Bushcraft Kit To Turn Back For!!! | Thursday’s Thought

  1. For an overnighter I guess it changes….. I would go back for beer (/go to the shop)

  2. Happy new year! 

    I cant't point at specific gear I would turn back for. It all depends. When I realise I have forgotten something, I do a quick security risk assessment focused on the gear's use. And in addition I consider if the forgotten item will alter the time in the wood in a way I find unacceptable. Based on those two I turn back or continue.

  3. As I am a bit OCD, I check my bag about 3 times before I leave. 😂👍 Regards JB.

  4. I know I left for a weekend bushcraft and hot half way there and I had a sudden moment of panic as I had left my sleeping bag behind but as I had my underquilt and a roll mat and was hammocking knew I would get away with it but if I had been closer to home and not 1hrs 30 away from home I would have turned back

  5. I would go back for sleeping bag on an overnighter For sure because you need that warmth. Everything else I carry on my belt in my belt around my wrist In my personal EDC possibles pouch and in my wallet. By this I mean fire starting flashlight tinder water purification and storage food collection in terms of fishing kit. And cordage.

  6. I agree with the phone, I’d turn back for it as it might be that my Mrs, or family back at home needs help rather than me so I’d want to know to go to there aid! I guess this ones a two way street! Interesting video brother! Best wishes friend 👍🏽👍🏽😎

  7. I like hearing you talking through your depend! Most life threatening situations in the outdoors here seem to be the compounding of little things going wrong that build up to something big. Each little thing, while you can cope with it, does increase the overall risk. So, I operate a Rule of Three for risk reduction: if three minor things go wrong then I turn back. Minor things are inconveniences that individually I could deal with. Things like, forgotten gear, forgotten supplies, lost trail, small injury, weather being nastier than expected. Other reasons for the rule are: punishment for poor preparation and three mistakes means my head isn't in the game. It's also good practice at dealing with the disappointment of having to turn back – I can be too destination focused. I've turned back twice because of this rule, and each time I learned a valuable lesson.

  8. Craig, You remember that it wasn't all that many years ago that we didn't have cell phones and that never stopped me from hiking or camping or taking a fishing trip into the swamps, rivers and bayous. I simply told my significant other roughly where I was going and when to expect me back. Technology is a great thing, but I think we've all become much too dependent on it. I was perfectly happy with a map and compass leading my boy scouts across 10 miles of timberland or casnoeing across 20 miles of river bottom swamps. I remember one time I forgot the iginition key to my boat, I simply hot-wired the ignition and finished the fishing trip … never going back. Jim Knoch

  9. I will go back or have to buy (to replace) proper clothing for the environment I will be in. Will accept rain gear for poncho and alternatives like that but I do not want to be cold. Would probably need Bug Spray too. I have seen Folks do crazy things when gnats, biting flies and mosquitoes infest a camp or “take over a boat.

    For overnighting, I would want a tent or hammock with proper bedding for warmth. Wouldn’t want to sleep in my contacts. Lastly, I ain’t going nowhere for long without food and drink! I KNOW I am not as tough as a soldier (God Bless them All).

    Phone, most tools…can stay at home. But, I always have on me my Leatherman Charge multitool, Thrunite TI4 flashlight, knife (Chris Reeves Sebenza or SOG Spec Elite II) my little knife which is a Executive Swiss Army Knife, wallet pen, wallet with cash, Thinoptics Reading Glasses (that fit into my wallet), Glock 43 (9mm), spare magazine and a Casio Pathfinder watch. Oh, and “yes” there is one place I go where the pistol and magazines have to stay behind.

    I like to fish remote lakes in Canada (no guns, ammo or automatic knives allowed) but definitely a Passport.
    I am almost always on a boat by myself all day and till after dark. I always wear/carry the above (plus an automatic inflating life jacket) as I know some day I will fall into the water, have to make it to shore and survive at least overnight. If I am prepared, hopefully it will never happen.

    You raise a great question as sometimes we just always carry or wear something that we do not realize how important it is.
    Thank you.
    Be well.

  10. bleeeeeeppp… intresting food for thought. i really could not say what i would go back for as well to be honest i have a dedicated pack for my bushcraft n camping. where A knife small axe 1 epty waterbottle and well tarp etc is backed at all times. But i have when younger done a trip without my main knife as i do carry a decent multitool at all times. But after seeing this video i do have a sorts of a challenge to ya. what about a day out without a knife, fresh water and food to basicly haveing to try to forage for foods depending on time / season ofc and then gather materials for the fire and use the brownbag for cleaning water.
    saying this im sure you would do it with semi ease but would be an intresting video! ow and decent gloves… id prob go back for

  11. Sleeping bag and firesteel if out for a few days. Great thoughtful vid as ususal, atb

  12. I have to say, at the risk of bragging i've done pretty well for about 2/3 years and not forgotten anything, save 1. The lead for the powerpack to charge my phone, which is also my only camera. Not a major problem, as i always fully charge my phone, so it usually does ok. just means you can't afford to replay what you've filmed quite so much. i forgot that 5/6 times on the trot in the space of a year.
    I always deploy the Santa clause method. Making a list, and checking it twice, i often put stuff into over sized crates as i check the list and then bag up after. The list contains everything i'm ever gonna take, and i edit accordingly depending on the trip.
    The Santa list is on a stiff bit cardboard. I also have what i call a frequent flyer dept in my gear room to save so much hunting.
    OCD!! i hear some of you say, Possibly.
    But the Santa method works.
    I know you're probably busy, But please check the 2020 Thanks for sharing 5 challenge on Bushcraft Dads channel.
    As i mentioned before, i reckon you could use it for an up coming film.
    P S never went back for power lead.

  13. Hilarious opening!
    I always thought an axe was a vital part of my kit. Until I forgot it on one trip, and barely noticed.
    I have gone back home to get something I’d forgotten after I’d set up once.. my coffee kit! A night out would be empty without it 🤣🤣

  14. I once forgot my boots. Turned the car round, drove home, got of the car to find them still on the roof 🙈
    Happy new year Craig. ATB 👍

  15. Heading out for a family day hike, realize you forgot the kids…carry on, they'll be ok. But seriously Craig, interesting thought. Since I usually evaluate and pack my backpack the day/night before, I think I'd only return home if I realized I had forgotten my backpack. Sort of an all-or-nothing situation.

  16. In the Summer months, I would turn around if I forgot bug repellent. I probably would go back if I forgot my phone. Mostly just for safety reasons. I don't want my wife to kill me when I get home.

  17. Hi Craig! Tricky question. And my answer is: It depends…! But let's say I'm on my way to my general place where I do my bushcrafting (which is just 20 minutes away by feet), I would turn back for my knife, my saw, my food, my water, my tarp, my rain jacket, my FAK and maybe for my phone. Because I am not that far from home. If I already set up my tarp and made a fire, and then I would miss anything, I probably wouldn't go back. But at that point I already used most of the stuff I need. 🙂 ATB André

  18. Ha! Grew up without cell phones and still don't use one. Though I don't travel in wilderness areas. Never considered it much of a problem when hiking in areas where nearest road is usually within 1/2 mile. I understand the concern and now since I have a knee replacement I may have to reconsider my choice.

  19. I watched this episode yesterday morning prior to a trip in the woods with my 7-year-old daughter. Our plan was simply to go for a hike, build a fire and cook some hot dogs. Halfway there, I realized I had forgotten the hot dog roasting sticks. No big deal, I could fashion those from natural resources. Then I realized I had forgotten my saw. After a couple of under-the-breath expletives, I simply realized I needed to alter my approach when gathering wood to burn. We had a nice fire regardless, and my daughter said the hot dogs were the best she'd ever eaten. I'm glad I had your video in mind to adjust my state of mind. Thanks, Craig. JC

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