Busting bollards! Which outdoor solar light is the toughest?

Hey, I’m Shawn, CEO here at First Light. When it comes to lights… and in particular solar lights… People often think they’re all kind of the same. And, from a distance, maybe that’s a bit
true. But when it comes to robustness against the environment, and even against people You know there’s a lot of differences. And our attention to detail… You know, I’d like to show you how tough our lights are. Here’s our things we’re going to smash. So first, we’ve got our PLB bollard. Sometimes, we’ve seen stuff like this come up Where people think that this solar bollard is somehow the same as ours. Although maybe they look similar We’re going to show you the difference. And when people are considering solar lighting, Normally we’re comparing against what a wired light might do. This is the benchmark for how robust
our lights need to be. We’ll see how this thing does. And unfortunately for this guy We found this one online And sometimes people think this is also the same as what we do. And finally we have our WLB bollard. I don’t mind tapping this one Because I know it’s going to be okay. Just in case anybody’s thinking I’m unfair Let’s start with our WLB. That’s what we’re talking about. Like, give me a break. Hey, I feel pretty good about my ability to smash these lights But let me bring over Jason here. Because I think we’ll all agree that he can probably do a better job of it than I can. So, J, let me pass the the torch – or the bat – over to you. Oh, my god. I think most most lights can hold this
guy. Let’s see what happens. Not bad! Oops! Alright, J got through the reflector And he’s right in there. Are you kidding me? Like, a little there, and a tiny… Wow! GOLF CLUB! GOLF CLUB! GOLF CLUB! Oh, jeez! That was nothing! WLB and a golf club walk into an alley. WLB won. See which one wins! Whooooooooooo!!!! I don’t think it works anymore. I’m not entirely sure. This bolt actually came through the solar panel. That’s not safe. These louvers were kind of crap. This end looks not bad. It’s broken. I hope this shows That if you think all solar lights are the same That’s not the case.

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