Bypass tunnel test at Horse Mesa Dam

(drums beating) (dramatic music) (slams) – Ready to pull it? – [Man] Ready. (clicking) (dramatic music) (water roaring) – [Narrator] It was an
extraordinary sight to see over 3,000 cubic feet per second of water being released from a tunnel
gate at Horse Mesa Dam. The January 26th test allowed operators to ensure all parts of
the bypass tunnel gate were in working order. – We’re here at Horse Mesa Dam. Last time the tunnel gate was tested with water on it was in 1993. – [Narrator] These gates
are typically only raised when water from major
storms fills the reservoirs and emergency water
releases are necessary. During the hour long test,
about 22,500 gallons of water per second were being released. That’s enough to fill about
one average sized swimming pool per second for a total of 3,600
swimming pools altogether. – Everything has worked as designed. – [Narrator] The water for this release came from Apache Lake and
was released into Canyon Lake where it will be stored for future use. – This is to ensure the reliability of the equipment and the
safety to our customers. (dramatic music)

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