100 thoughts on “Cactus In The Valley [Acoustic] (feat. Owl City) – Lights with Lyrics [CC]

  1. this is something i was always waiting for…….Lights and Owl City, the two most spiritual singers doing a duet~~<3
    Looooooooooooooove this song…<3

  2. your acting like a know it all, and yeah, we all know that she wrote it… sorry, you kinda got me upset

  3. try listening to the music yacht club by owl city feat ligths.. it's a wonderful songs too^^ you won't get bored listening to it^^

  4. This is one of the very first songs that has ever brought tears to my eyes.

  5. guys! tnx for you likes with my comment! Im just a beginner in youtube, I'd never expect that my comment "the song is perfectly harmonized :)" would earn lot of likes! love you guys1

  6. I kinda ship Adam and Lights, but Lights has a boyfriend and they are adorable together. So, everything is good with me! =)

  7. She's married, lol I didn't know… And I am a huge Lights fan!

  8. i used to really not like this song till i really heard the rest of the song..

  9. I THINK I JUST DIED. In a good way.
    LIGHTS and Owl City. Duet. Of one of my favorite songs. Oh god. It's so beautiful. My heart is dying just to come back to life from it's ashes like a phoenix.

  10. Despite what anyone else thinks, I can't help but feel this as a spiritually charged song.

  11. I think this version of this song has completely made my world. This is so beautiful and perfect, ahhhh i love it

  12. How thew fuck is that spam. Really people? The woman puts her feelings on the table and this is what you give her? Damn.

  13. i'd go for adam either way…im completely straight but he's awesome bet he would be a awesome friend

  14. How can music make us feel like we're going through so many things all at once? When I listen to this, I cry, shiver, and stand in awe. One thing's for sure: these two are not human. For this music has come from heaven, and these are angels.

  15. I love collaborations like this but something I'd really really LOVE to see is Adam Young and Ellie Goulding. Both of their music is so whimsical and she would sound great with him. Am I the only one to think that? Okay.   

  16. this is one of those songs that makes me want to learn how to play the piano

  17. even if this song stank (which it SO does not) it would still be awesome just because it has my 2 favorite artists in the same song.

  18. What a deep meaningful song!
    I both cried and smiled at once.

  19. I love this song!! Adam Young has always been such an inspiration, and I love acoustic music! I recently posted a new acoustic Original Song, and I would love if you could check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmiPPX55Rao

  20. I remember listening to this, waiting years for it to play on the radio. I've always loved this song, brings me back go my club penguin days lmao

  21. wait.. a half naked girl, with a cuzifix, tatoos, a sponge in the theeth and a magazine in the pocket and hearing iphone with white shirt + lila hairs and short jeans ?

  22. Brings me to tears every time. Mesmerized how two adults, human beings like the rest of us, used their talents and hearts to help the weary spirits of others. Reminding us how His love and mercy flow in the sky. Up to us to reach and let it take us and guide us, so that we can help others as well.


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