100 thoughts on “California Town Pushes Back Against Planned Coronavirus Quarantine Center | NBC Nightly News

  1. I think it's long past the worrying stage, true quarantine is 21 days, not 14. We have science now but this spreads rapidly. Carriers could have been among us for days or weeks already.

  2. Send them to sanders, bidens, clintons, comey, shifs, gates, obamas, warrens, soros, monsantos place.. they will take them in

  3. Looks like more tolerance and open door policy people showing true color.. Put them in Nancy Pelosi's neighbourhood and welcome them you Hypocrites! Wheres the love people..The streets of many cities in California are already infested with diseases and no one cares about that.

  4. The government wants to transport 30-70 infected patients from ONE location, yet we're told that the total number of cases across the country is 35. Huh.

  5. Trump admin was opposed to importing ill citizens how it was done. Imported on planes with uninfected (now likely infected) quickly. Really they should have been moved to a quarantine zone not on the mainland and treated.

    It is already pandemic at this point.

  6. Don’t forget, Gavin Newsom said everyone is welcome in California, EVERYONE. Let’s not start discriminating now.

  7. Interesting 🤔 so does This place have 5 G already in place?? It’s time to educate yourselves on 5G /60 ghz and it’s ability to activate this type of virus and many more to come, within our bodies previously put there by our vaccines. This frequency effects our oxygen (hemoglobin) and its function in us. 2.4 ghz affects water. 60ghz effects oxygen. That’s all I can say. Do your research if you are able to find anything reputable. Dana Ashlie does a wonderful job on this topic. God bless

  8. Dear "they" in charge:

    If you don't want me to believe this is population control stop moving infected people all over the country.

    ~an uneducated American

  9. Town? Costa Mesa? A town? Lol it’s one of the biggest, and busiest, cities in Orange County

  10. where are the infected now? not in a planned location that was about to be prepped? this just increases the chance of it taking hold in the country and if it does it wont matter where you live.. unless it's in the middle of nowhere.. pretty short sighted to block this.. just increasing the risks to themselves

  11. Burn them all! You already screwed up by not containing the virus sooner . All because you didn't want to cause panic

  12. Send all of the people who tested positive for coronavirus to Santa Ana. Santa Ana is the best place to be transferred to and take care of these people. Santa Ana will be good for them because of Santa Ana lots of Drug Dealers and Gangsters in that city will make Covid-19 Scared and the Virus will go away.

  13. Isn't there somewhere in Hollyweird we can send all those who are infected?! Preferably in the Kardashian neighborhood?

  14. We had some coronavirus people sent to Washington state.. we don't like it either but had no choice it seems. Sometimes it is considered pandemic and other times, we are told not to worry… I worry!

  15. Put them coronavirus infected people in Maxime Water's mansion in Los Angeles the 2sd Poop Shitopia City in Californication. And beside Adam Schiff's residence and that of all Demonic-Rats. And put them near the places where those California Federal Judges are residing if they approve of such things.

  16. 30 to 70 people? Supposedly there have only been 35 total cases in the US, and they are spread out. Where are these people coming from?

  17. Just move the patients to military bases like they did near San Antonio not in neighborhoods.

  18. These guys learned it from Ukraine, at least Californians are not throwing rocks and burning tires

  19. Now you know why they gutted hundreds of giant Walmart’s, put up secure jail like fencing. These fema camps were made years ago for exactly this type of scenario. Get ready, it’s gonna get ugly.

  20. Why not use the White House to quarantine people instead? Trump spends little time there as he's usually playing golf, and any overflow could be sent to Trump Tower. Remember how gallant Trump was in helping out at ground zero? I'm sure he would be willing to lend a hand this time around too.

  21. How about putting the sick on a bus and dropping them off in front of the Federal Courthouse?

  22. Wow I thought people out there in California wanted people like that to come here. Ironic really

  23. Quarantine is not the answer. It isn't working so far, is it. We need to keep going about our daily lives regardless . Are we willing to let a total claps of society happen. That's what we will be doing if we all hide. We must understand this is an acceptable risk and carry on. If we all quarantine we will bring far more problems to life. People will go hungry, gas won't be delivered , electric plants shut down, what about nuclear plants? Are you willing to let your fears crumble our complete way of life? Please give this some thought. It is not worth ensuring we will for sure all suffer.

  24. The entire state of commiefornia is diseased, and should be quarantined

  25. This is blatant incompetence by government. They're trying their hardest to infect everyone. I can't even say it's stupidity. Just a collective group of sick minded individuals arranging a mass infection in urban areas.

  26. wow…. looks like ground zero the America to me! the gov has flown 3 flights that we know of to Omaha Nebraska…we live in Kansas….I would not be happy about it either

  27. no.. they need to find the right place for these people. im sure the CDC has facilities trained and able to handle this kind of thing.

  28. I thought California welcomed everyone? If your a illegal immigrant it’s ok, but if it’s one of our own then no. Twisted nut jobs in California. I’m sure illegal immigrants don’t carry anything harmful to the public. Ha!

  29. I don't see what he big deal is. Doesn't California already have Hepatitis problems from all of the homeless people and heroin addicts? Don't they already actively condone and advocate the spread of HIV?


  31. how come on the cdc it say there are only 35 infected in the US right now but they were saying they are going to bring 50-70 people on Monday. Not for the 'likely event ' but they had planned to bring an actual amount of sick people and from what I read it is people who are right now at travis base in quarantine. So why not leave them there? Or are they running out of space ALREADY?? so 35 people in the US only seems to be a big lie! I am sure there is more and they running out of space and this story leaked…

  32. Guantanamo sounds great place for them. Good weather 90s and up will dry up those watery lungs.

  33. Lord Jesus…You have our attention! Let us all Repent of our Sin, let us all ask Jesus into our lives/hearts! I pray Jesus heal our bodies, and comfort those with loss! Jesus IS…Follow HIM today, and Forever! Jesus, Teach us to Forgive, Teach us to Serve all your Children, in Your Scripture, in Love! Amen!!! – Big Will … Servant of Jesus Christ

  34. This shows that if we were really hit by a pandemic wed be I'll prepared. We need a response that is easily implemented throughout all of the states.

  35. When healthcare companies realize no one can afford it they find ways to make people sick

  36. i lived in L.A. all my life and just moved to o.c !this place has alotttt moree traffic and it seems like triple the amount of people!wtf government?population control?

  37. They need to take them to an Air Force base not surrounding other people. Doesn’t make any sense to send infected people in a area that aren’t. Wow… that is going to spread

  38. This is already an global epidemic and CDC are not willing confirm the number of ineffected patients. Can you even imagine what will happen to the US stock market, street riot, stores, etc … if the real news have been broken out.

  39. Don't you lay people understand that more people are killed by drunk drivers that this virus? Unbelievable

  40. I just got back to the US from Asia, it literally feels like a totally different planet as someone who was actually there just a couple days ago, actually just made a video sharing my experience on it. In Asia, I could barely go anywhere if I didn't have my mask, without someone pointing out how much I needed one, everyone keeps to themselves, no physical contact, even during Valentines Day a week ago. Here in the US, it's like life's continuing as if nothing happened. I'm so glad to be back on the thankfully safer side of the world, in fact even safer side of the country here in the East Coast.

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