Californians wait out wildfires in emergency evacuation center

-The recreation center
was opened at 4:30, and people were
already lined up here to get into
the recreation center. So, what we’re doing — ‘Cause the fire
is still in flux. We don’t really have — We don’t really know
what’s going to happen next. So, what we’re doing here is, we’re creating a safe place
for people to come. They can come.
They can bring their pets. We have a room where pets
are welcome, a room where there
are no pets. They can bring their pets
with them and stay here until they know
that it’s safe to go back home. -I was told to go to
the Westwood Recreation Center as the evacuation center. So, I got here about 4:00 am,
and I’ve been here ever since, and the first flood of people
coming in from the mountains were all,
for the most part, very elderly. It’s very difficult because
you’re given a long list of things that, if you were young and healthy,
you could run to your car with, but, unfortunately, most people
can only take their walkers or their wheelchairs
with some help, or canes and whatever else they can put
in a bag, and that’s it. So, they often arrive without
all the things they need. -When you’re sound asleep
with your two dogs, and at 3:00 am,
there’s pounding on the door and the doorbell’s ringing
and then the dogs are barking, and you run down,
and it’s two policemen saying, “You need to evacuate now.” So, that’s kind of shattering. You see this kind of stuff
on the news all the time, but until it happens to you. Fortunately, the place
is still there so far, but with all these winds
coming up, we just don’t know. -I’ve never been in
an evacuation. My family’s lived there
since 1963. But I’ve been wary of it
for the last couple years, with what’s been going on. Yeah, maybe modern civilization,
in general, just isn’t that realistic,
but we do the best we can. Maybe trying to live
this sophisticated doesn’t work out
that well.

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  1. thx to the ppl. who taking care about all creatures <3. take care of yourself <3.

  2. Burn communist California to the ground and take fake news Washington Post with you

  3. LOL,…..Washington Post,…..dirty traitors of Western Culture and Values……!
    Licking islam and terrorism….. Very FAKE News.

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