“Camp Laurence” – The March Family Letters – Ep. 36

In this gripping episode of The
March Family Letters, disaster has struck! The March household has been – flooded! The horror! So I, Theodore Laurence, have created Camp Laurence for these currently homeless damsels. Damsels? Giving you the camera was
a mistake, wasn’t it? [Theme Music] So I wrestled the camera back from
Teddy, and check it out! We raided his cupboards and struck gold. Muahaha! So Joan… what do you think about our snack selection? Thoughts? Comments? General musings? I personally think there is a sore lack of my girl Meg’s favourite thing in the whole world… Joan! You shouldn’t have It’s no big deal. I saw them I was out and I remember when we ate that whole box on Valentines Day so… Um, thank you… I’ll be right back [Laughing] Thank you very much. Hello, Internet! Your Amy March has
returned to you at last. With everyone gathered together, it seems like it’s time to reawaken my dramatic spirit from its lengthy slumber. It has been forever since I
have performed in a Witch’s Curse video, and I think this is the best opportunity to
provide you with some new dramatic Amy March dramatic material. [Clears throat] Once upon a time, there was a
goosegirl who kept a hundred fat geese on her farm. But the girl felt sorry for the geese and so she asked an old woman ‘what can I do to help them?’ and the old woman said… Joe it’s your turn! For what? Remember that story-building game
we used to play? Right! Let me see… yes. So then the old lady
replied with “Why, just use a snuffbox, dearie.” “Thank you” said the goosegirl, and
she took a pinch and sneezed seven times so violently that her hundred fat geese fled in all directions, just terrified. Meg? Oh! Um. the girl worked long and hard, going from village to village to collect each and every one of her geese. For they were her livelihood, and without them, although she might be happy, she would be destitute. The girl realized that there was a balance to be had. But then she encountered a wandering knight, who had nothing but the clothes on his back and a kind heart. She didn’t think much of the knight at first, but… he was certain she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He resolved to talk to her but then… He made his move and they fell in
love and lived happily ever after, the goosegirl never taking a step near a snuffbox again and the knight defending their livelihood of geese. [Laughing] Um…The End Hurrah! Yaaay! Snack Time! [Guitar Strumming] Jo! Stop it! So here it is! What do you think? Holy S*** Amy! That’s amazing! We need to frame that! So it turns out that flood
insurance doesn’t actually cost too much, but there is a 30-day waiting period before the policy takes effect. [Laughing over Meg talking] Joan! I can get an HVAC system – Comeon! We are so photobombing the next one! [Cheering] Oh my god! Look at that bootay! Yeah! Ow Ow!!! [Cheering] Hey Meg! Meg! Truth or truth? Truth. Who are your heroes? Easy – Edith Clarke and Cecilia
Tessieri. [Laughing] What’s your greatest fault Joan? I have no faults, I am perfection
itself. [Laughing] Beth, what do you most wish for in
this world? For things to stay just as they are
right now. Everything’s perfect, especially Joan. Jo, what’s your biggest fault? Why do I get that question? [Amy clears her throat] I suppose it’s my quick temper perhaps? [Laughing] Hey! Theodore…which lady here do you think is
the prettiest? That is a dangerous question to
answer, and you know that. Fine. Who here do you like best? I mean. [Jo laughs in background] Jo isn’t too bad. See you in the morning. [End Theme]

95 thoughts on ““Camp Laurence” – The March Family Letters – Ep. 36

  1. Ahhh that was adorable… Joan and Meg though omg. Perfection itself.

  2. That was SUCH a fun video! Practically the whole cast, merriment and games, tension. And that last shot of Meg and Joan is so cute!

  3. This was so perfect! It is easily my 2nd favorite episode (the first are the ones were Beth sings😊) lovely, lovely episode and the camera moving all around was cool also. Love was sooo in the air… Little things are the ones that count and this was full of little lovely things. 😍

  4. T.T JOAN AND MEG ARE SO CUUUUUUTE!!! they wouldn't stop looking at each other really so so so so so lovely!!

  5. When Amy said thanks to Meg and fed her the chip….so cute 🙂

  6. I loved this ep. It was great to see everyone interacting with each other. And of course my shipper heart was going nuts over Meg and Joan! <3

  7. Loved this episode. Glad to see Joan and Meg are okay. I don't know about the Beth foreshadowing though, makes me worried for the bad times to come.

  8. Arghhh the lesbian tension between Joan and Meg in this episode was perfect!! But what is their ship name??? Megoan??

  9. Love this episode so much. Everything about it is perfection. One of my faves

  10. This has to be my favorite MFL episode to date. It felt so spontaneous and subtle and fun. And it is lovely to see the Jo/Laurie relationship building in an understated way. And ditto for thr Joan/Meg relationship! This ep just felt like people who care about each other having a "perfect" night, and that atmosphere is infectious!

  11. Joan is even more obvious about Meg than Laurie is about Jo. At least Meg seems to notice that something is going on.

  12. I absolutely LOVED this episode. I ship Meg and Joan so hard and I can tell that Laurie does too. And when they were playing the story game… you could just tell that Joan was talking about her and Meg and that Laurie was telling her to make a move. Also, the Laurie/Jo shipping was beautiful!

  13. Oh my gay heart!
    Meg and Joan sleeping face to face?
    Yeah, this show has killed me already.

  14. I love this episode so much! it felt like watching a family having fun! 🙂

  15. Watching Laurie watch Jo is so painful. Have faith my dear Teddy, your one true love will come– And she will be a March. Just, uh. Not that one.


  16. Meg's little smile when Joan is telling her part of the story. Ah! My poor, poor shipper heart.

  17. Well this episode was so freaking cute. Joan! Meg! Everyone! I loved it!!

  18. 1. Yeah for Meg and Joan!!

    2. Feeling kind of bad/sorry for Laurie and his unrequited love.

    3. If this will keep along the lines of the book with who does eventually end up with each other, I really hope they develop the connection between Laurie and Amy more because right now it is completely one sided.

  19. Perfectly captured one of those kinds of nights we remember for the rest of our lives. This show improves with each episode.

  20. Oh my god, Meg and Joan though <3 The way they were sleeping at the end…

  21. Meg better be careful, Joan is so thirsty she's gonna drink her all up.

  22. ohmygosh I see them eating Wagon Wheels. I haven`t had those since I was a kid! I need to have a kid night where I just eat all the candies I used to eat as a kid <3

  23. Also: FAVOURITE EPISODE THUS FAR. So fun, so wonderful. So … 😀

  24. With another girl than Beth, the little teddy bear at the end when she's sleeping would seem funny to me. But with Beth, it's just sooooooooooooooooooooo cute !

  25. This episode was really cute. Although I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't meet the Vaughns.

  26. !!!!!!!! SUCH a good episode! Can we banish the tripod forever?

  27. Laurie is super cute in this episode, even more so than usual.

  28. LOL not creepy at all at the end there, Laurie. Seriously, are they going to stick to the book, the ahem deaths and marriages and everything?

  29. Wait, so Amy doesn't really need her glasses? I should have expected it, lol.
    Beth, stop breaking my heart, please.

  30. Meg's little smile when Joan said "He was certain she was the most beautiful person she'd ever seen"

  31. I never liked the fact that Jo and Laurie didn't get together in the book. Given that Alcott put Amy and Laurie together out of spite, I think this version should make things right and put Jo and Laurie together in the end.

    I know that's never going to happen, but a girl can dream… 🙁


  33. Ahhhhh this episode is so incredibly perfect (like Joan :P)!!!!!!!! <3

  34. I don't comment usually but I feel it necessary to mention that this episode was superb. I normally like the episodes anyway, but seeing how the characters interact with each other so well and seeing everybody so happy is wonderful. I smiled and happy-cried through the whole thing; I care so much about these characters and want all the best for each of them.

  35. when things get sad this will be the episode we'll look back on and say "remember when everything was sunshine and rainbows!?"

  36. when things get sad this will be the episode we'll look back on and say "remember when everything was sunshine and rainbows!?"

  37. In the book, when Teddie is asked who he thinks is the prettiest, he says Meg without hesitation. It isn't romantic it just hid candid nature. I was hoping for him to do that because it would have been real awkward for everyone involved.

  38. this is deliriously wonderful! oh wow. i love this show for its honestly, it feels so real and wonderful. this episode makes me want to be a march sister more than ever! excellent all around <3

  39. I think the story about the ducks had a lot of #symbolism  about each character involved.

    Amy's story represents a caring for what people usually care not about: Animals as property. This is representative of how Amy is often overzealous about things and cares about what other people find trivial.

    Jo's story is simply a tale that sets up for something greater. It sets up the main conflict of the story and therefore a very important part of the story. Jo creating this part represents her skills as a writer.

    Meg's story represents that the idea that while people can be happy without money, people want money and this want isn't bad. Meg's want of money is a recurring theme in this series, but she has finally realized that there should be a balance between joy and work.

    Joan's story represents the beginning of the love story between Joan and Meg with Meg not really liking Joan, but Joan certainly liking Meg.

    Laurie's story represents a simple yet happy ending. I think this shows how Laurie lives life simply yet completely. He does not make things overcomplicated, but does enough so that his life keeps moving. I don't think this has been shown much in the series but it's just a sense I get from him. An example of this is when he uplifts Jo after her hard drive was damaged by Amy in the end of Episode 28: He simply says they're going ice skating to uplift Jo's spirits. He doesn't consider that Jo doesn't want to do so at the time at all because that's too complicated and wouldn't make things better.

    Beth's story represents her quietness. Beth simply adds to the story by being there and saying "The End" because that's just what Beth does!

    Does anyone have any different takes on the story? Please reply below! I'd love to have a discussion on this.

  40. So I never read Little Women so I had no clue about anything that happens. But, last episode I started to think that there was something between Joan and Meg and I just looked up who Joan was in the book and now i'm completely freaking out! I'm so excited!

  41. Okay, I haven't read the book so I don't know if this really happens but I totally ship Meg & Joan.

  42. Ohh my. Favorite ep so far! Just hit everything perfectly. Fun format too.

  43. I had the goofiest grin on my face the whole time. This ep was one of the best yet.

  44. Aww I really adore the style of this filming, feels more natural and raw!
    Kind of feel like this is the calm before a storm though because of how sweet and charming this episode was, im scared! 😛

  45. Definitely my favorite episode so far!  And MEG AND JOAN OMG!

  46. As with in the book, I always feel bad that Beth never finds romantic love. At least in the book, she had Marmee, Hannah, Mr Laurence and the Hummels. She seems even more alone here. Plus, book-Beth was really just a sweet child. This Beth seems more mature than her sisters.

  47. Pretty dang cheeful for just having had their home flooded..

  48. Was it just me or was anybody else waiting for something bad to happen? Just seemed too happy 😛

  49. First- i loved when amy fed meg the chip, because i am always feeding my older sister e.g when she is driving.

    Second – I love laurie she is sooo cute, can he end up with me instead…my name is Amy ;P

  50. By far one of my favorite episodes! I also loved how their Instagram posts led to the video. Spot on! ❤️

  51. Adorable episode, I loved seeing the interactions they all have with one another. But Beths line about what she wants most in the world has me worried 🙁

  52. You know Marmie watched this and started crying happy tears. I wish I could have joined in though.

  53. Haha, I looked up who Meg's heroes are – Edith Clarke was an electrical engineer, and Cecilia Tessieri is a chocolatier 😀

  54. Ahahaha the shipping begins in earnest. Not like it hadn't already, but come on.

  55. The relationships between all the sisters are so cute, this is exactly how siblings act im so happy rn

  56. Anyone else's mind immediately pun-jump when they saw Beth and her bear and think of Beth Behrs from Two Broke Girls?

  57. This is the best episode so far when it comes to cast chemistry and character moments! I also love when you break away from simple vlogging and start moving the camera, it feels more like a "documentary style" show which is great! Keep up the good work!

  58. This was my FAVORITE episode. It was so nice just seeing everyone be themselves. It seemed so natural and ahh just perfect. Please make more of these!

  59. Gonna jump on the bandwagon and say that yep this was definitely one of the best episodes so far! This one and the one where jo finds amy in the forest. I like the more relaxed "handicam" eps where all the characters are more themselves rather than the usual vlogging on the couch eps. The relationships between the characters are developing so well and any and jo's characters are coming through more naturally than they were in the beginning. Big ups to the creators, this series is fantastic!

  60. When they're telling the story they all tell the part that kind of represents them as characters…and then Beth gets "The End" (╥_╥)

  61. Two days up, only 6,387 views and less than 100 comments? A long drop since TBD days, please cancel this and add something better.

  62. Oh my God I just found this new serie, I didn't know Pimberly had done something  new… I just watched all 36 of them in a go, I'm in love. And I ship Meg and Joan so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  63. I'm so glad I stuck through this series!! It was rocky at first but I live for these kinds of episodes. Brilliantly done, I was smiling through that whole thing!

  64. Spoiler alert. Don't read if you haven't read the book.

    So clearly the story building part is some major foreshadowing and gives us an insight into each of the characters. Does anyone else's heart break with Beth's single line? Subtle but clever move there. Ugh. My heart.

  65. Gosh! Laurie's evident love for Jo! It's adorable. I'm torn. Half of me is sad for Laurie because….yes. But the other half of me is excited to meet Fritz (Unless he's cut out of this version and he and Laurie are combined in this version), who is perfect for Jo.

    Awesome job, Demi Oliver, for your portrayal.

  66. Okay I know this comment’ll be pretty much irrelevant since this series has been done for years and Renegades didn’t even exist then BUT! 3:30 Laurie with glasses = Adrian a.k.a. Sketch from Renegades by Marissa Meyer! He’s pretty much the way I pictured him! Anyway. Moving on.

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