Campbell City Hall drying out following damaging flood waters

There’s been a big improvement at Campbell City Hall. The water has stopped running. And while that’s a big bonus, there’s still work to do. [C25]20170620 CAMPBELL UPDATENT-PK NAT SOUND DRYERS Campbell City Hall was open for business today. NAT SOUND DRYERS It was louder than normal — and breezier too. Duhumidifiers and fans were running all day to help it DRY OUT. 54:19 :04 Mayor Nick Phillips ALL THE WATER’S BEEN SUCKED UP OFF THE FLOORS, ALL THE DEBRIS’ BEEN CLEANED UP OFF THE FLOORS. The city got a lot of help from National Fire and Water Repair with this drying out process. An electrical contractor was replacing 60 breakers — so they wouldn’t corrode and short out. Water came down walls. Ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures were damaged. Even security cameras need to be replaced. 40:34 :05 Lew Jackson OUR BIGGEST HURDLE RIGHT NOW IS WHEN TESTING COMES BACK — WHAT SHAPE THE BUILDING IS IN. Some desks were still covered today with tarps for protection. The biggest change was moving court and holding those sessions in Coitsville today. The mayor believes the shape of the city is improving every minute. 55:18 :07 Mayor Phillips WE’VE GOT GREAT WORKERS IN THE CITY. WE’VE GOT A GREAT TEAM HERE THEY ALL PULLED together IN A CRISIS AND THAT’S THE WAY WE’RE SUPPOSED TO DO THINGS. They’ve bounced back enough to keep the city operating. Now they’ve just got to wait and see when everything can dry out, be fixed, and return to business as usual. 55:36 :05 Mayor Phillips HOPEFULLY SOONER THAN LATER. WEVE GOT TO GET THE CITY IN FULL SWING OVER HERE. [C26]20170620 CAMPBELL UPDATENT-TAG Campbell met late this afternoon with their insurance company to show it the damage and see what would be covered.

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