Campbellsport High School Football Field LED Lighting Project

my name is Tom Griesmer and I’m the
Associate Principal and athletic director at Campbellsport high school
you’re on Dan O’Brien field in Campbellsport –
our football field with these glorious new lights. In Campbellsport here,
the village population is about two thousand. Our school, the district at
large is seven hundred plus. Last year in our first non-conference football game, I
was fortunate enough not to be here to witness an unfortunate event where there
was a loud popping noise and the two lights on this side of the field went
out. They continued to play the game until at about the same time was getting
too dark and lightning struck and the game was was canceled at that point. Our
old system was a 1500 watt HID fixtures. The wiring for the lights here is
approximately 60 years old, I was told. And it was faulty wiring that went and
there was no way just to rewire and continue with the current system we had.
So we went back to square one and said how will you do this right. We now have a
retrofit LED fixtures and I’m just totally impressed with how that light is
now down on our field and not just canvassing throughout the area. In
looking at the bids that came in it was clear – we looked at companies nationwide and local companies and it was clear that the better deal was going with the
local business. That business was fantastic from the start. We talked face
to face, by email, on a daily basis if we had to, and they would come out on site
with our questions, and really helped us realize that this is the kind of job
where you want someone in your backyard helping you out guiding you along and it
was really a no-brainer to work with them
and for them to see what they’ve done for our community and our school is
fantastic. From the get-go we were impressed – the service they provided the
knowledge they gave us. We were using their materials to educate ourselves and our
school board and they made the process super easy for us to really communicate
how this can be done and done the right way. This is obviously the first time
I’ve been through a process like this and I thought it went pretty smooth.
There was always the worry of things getting done on time but once they
started the job and getting things going, late this summer, I was just amazed at
how fast things got done and really how easy, within a day we had four poles up,
and the next day lights going on them. It was amazing thinking when is it going to get done when is it going to get done? and here we are a week away of ready to
go. I’m in awe! I’ll be honest, I’m not gonna football player but I want
to come out on this field and be under these lights

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