Campus Living at Red River College

Have ever wanted to live in
one of Winnipeg’s most exciting districts where convenience,
safety, and security meets well over a century of local history? Red River College’s
residence is located right above Paterson
GlobalFoods Institute in the heart of the
Exchange District. I’m Colby Dayton, I’m
a residence assistant. The building is one
of Winnipeg’s most buzzed about new buildings. It’s located right
beside fashion boutiques, coffee shops the MTS
Centre, the concert hall. Music festivals, there’s
amazing food all around. You’re never bored. They’ve mix old architecture
with modern design. Right when you walk up to
the front of the building, you really get the historic
feel of the Exchange District. Being in an old bank, all those
stairwells look really cool, like the old marble. The rooms are
actually constructed with all the old brick. Facilities are so great. I call it a little bit
of fancy residence. The single room itself
has your fridge, desk, your bed, and every room
has a private bathroom. Then you have double
rooms where you share with one other roommate. You have a nice kitchenette,
a bigger fridge, and you also have
a private bathroom. My room is more
home than my home back home, if that makes sense. The Culinary Exchange
itself is located right underneath the actual residence. The food downstairs is amazing. I normally eat there everyday. The actual Culinary
Arts students are the ones who make your
food for you meal plan. Fries, burgers, stir fries,
pastas, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can use your meal plan
card at both campuses. It allows you to
just swipe and go. My classes are just
seven stories down. I could wake up 15 minutes
before class and not be late. Living here is just a very
convenient spot for a student. There’s lounges
on tenth, seventh, and fourth and sixth floors. Those are basically just
spaces for you to hang out. You’ve got the TV,
you’ve got the couches. You can just relax. We have every Sunday
board game night. We have Wednesday movie night. There’s always someone in
our building keeping watch. And you require a
card to get all over. It’s really great knowing
that there’s 24 hour security, because I don’t have to
worry about anything. Really, you’ve got privacy and
community in the same building. You’ve got your own
room, but you’ve also got a bunch of
other people you can go hang out with at any time. It’s a good place
to make friends, but also a very good
environment to study in. Living in residence is one
of the things you should just try at least once. I met a lot of great people in
res, a lot of great friends. We all got really close. It is like a family. I love living in the middle
of the Exchange District. I’ve gone to school downtown for
the last five years of my life, so this is like the
place I want to be.

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  1. Yeah waste of money I'm glad I got an education without Red Rivers help. I felt like they were just stealing my money and giving me empty promises. Fuck you red river college.

  2. Found another Winnipeg YouTuber! he's pretty awesome, just starting out! currently filming all sorts of stuff in WPG, please check him out and sub! 🙂

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