Can hurricane conditions produce tsunami-like waves?

THIS IS A SIMULATION OF WHAT OAHU WOULD GO THROUGH IF IT WERE HIT BY A CATEGORY FOUR HURRICANE. Dr. Cheung has studied the effects of hurricane waves at the University of Hawaii for 15 years. A new study by one of his former students has sparked a debate. Can Hurricane conditions produce Tsunami-like waves? We saw something resembling that during Haiyan in the Philippines? nats of Haiyan wave on tape #4688 7:11 A SURGE WOULD COME IN BUT BEFORE ALL THE WATER WOULD GO OUT, ANOTHER SURGE WOULD COME IN SO THEY PROPEGATE ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. THAT WOULD INCREASE THE WATER LEVEL AT THE COAST. cover with pics of wave model at 15:54 Cheung says these tsunami-like waves travel WITH the hurricane. Typical waves dissipate against reefs like those outside of Kewalo Basin and Waikiki. But strong surges push through the barrier… Making landfall for minutes on end. 9:25 IT’S NOT LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE, THE TOPOGRAPHY PLAYS A LARGE ROLL IN HAVING A TSUNAMI LIKE WAVE? YES, THAT’S CORRECT. WE HAVE THIS FORCING FROM THE OCEAN ALL THE TIME. butt with 9:43 – cover with 16:39 BUT ONLY WHEN THE CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT THEN YOU WOULD HAVE THE TSUNAMI LIKE WAVES. It may seem unlikely but a tsunami-like wave on the heels of a hurricane is not unheard of in Hawaii. nats of Iniki wave surging through hotel 20:25 PROBABLY THE CLOSEST WE WOULD HAVE SEEN FROM A STORM SURGE LIKE THAT IS FROM HURRICANE INIKI. That wave washed debris more than 100-yards past Kauai shores. Unfortunately, despite all the data used by the NOAA… Bob Ballard says predicting when a powerful surge could hit remains an imperfect science. Paying attention to warnings is the publics best option. 21:57 WHAT WE TYPICALLY DO IS WE GIVE A WORSE CASE SCENARIO AND WE SAY IF A CENTER TRACKS A CERTAIN AREA, THIS IS WHERE WE EXPECT THE WORST SURGE TO BE. New information

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