Can I Buy 10 Properties In 90 Days?

Some people are terrified. And they’re
like, “Man, it’s taken me years so I get on the starting line just to buy my first
house.” And then once the mall you meet other people that are like, “Man, can I buy
like 10 homes in the next 3 months?” Today, we’re going to meet a couple who
basically have gotten this conviction that it’s time to get hauling in the
game of real estate. And that’s their question for me. Can you actually buy 10
homes in 90 days? We’re going to meet them, we’re going to explore it and we’re going to
see if we can get the answer. So, I’ve got Josh and Aubrey here with me
today. And you guys are from… Where are you from? -Connecticut. -Connecticut. Originally. But
you also just bought a house out here in Utah and the Midwest is nothing Midwest.
Is a Rocky Mountains. We kind of have an interesting history now with each other
because the house that you guys bought in here in Utah. It’s my house.I used to have. -Was
your house. -It was my house. You know, my wife and I custom-built that house 11 years ago. 12 years ago now. And
you know, we were certainly looking for someone special to buy that because it’s
in such a special area. That Canyon right there, incredible neighborhood, beautiful
people. And kind of a neighborhood of strange. Who’s I mean you probably
figured out by now. You’ve got you know, billionaires and you’ve got
movies movie stars. Just all sorts of crazy in there, right? You know, famous
athletes. But more strange is we’re just coming out of an event. All of our voices
are sounding like this. They sound like a smoker right now. No
offense. And it’s one of my beliefs. I can’t offend anybody. Even when I try. No,
we can only take it, right? So, we’ve just spent 4 days together here in this
event. What was your experience like? -Oh, it was incredible. I know that it’s not
only helped me individually really dig deep and find out who I am and who I
want to be. It’s also been a huge impact on our marriage and helped us to grow
closer together. And especially just today, I feel like I have so much more
empathy for him and understanding for him. And I know that it’s going to make a
huge difference in our marriage and our relationship. -I’ve been able to see that connection. It’s
really beautiful to see that intimacy increase in such a beautiful way. Josh,
what about for you, how was the event? -Oh, my goodness. Absolutely life-changing. And that word
has has been thrown out a lot during these last four days. Life-changing
but if there’s kind of stuck watching this that doesn’t believe that, come here,
try it out. See what they’re doing here.
Hey, I woke up the other day and sprung out of bed. -Wow. -I just sprung out of bed
and I normally just kind of like roll out of bed. And I literally sprung out of
bed and was just excited for the day. -Wow. -And the other day I woke up again and I
wanted to change, I wanted to be better. I started having this flood of limiting
beliefs and ideas that needed to be broken. -Yeah.
-And changed and improved and I rewrote what’s in my mind.
-Wow. -Completely changed my mind. -Dude, what’s up. Powerful. Dude, I love
that. You know, obviously we’re here to answer a big question today which is, “Hey,
if we want to buy 10 homes in the next 90 days, is that something we can do?” And
by the end of this video you’re going to have that answer. And you’re going to have
that answer too. But it’s been really beautiful to actually forge and create
this connection with you guys. And so, I’m excited for what our future looks like.
So, congratulations on your success so far. So, here’s this question: “How much
real estate can I buy when I really want to go fast?” It’s a question that for one
I deeply respect because when I got started I was in debt, I was poor, I
didn’t have money and yet I wanted to buy real estate. I didn’t have the money
to do it. And it took some planning. In fact, over 4 and a half years about 25
homes. What I was really starting with you know, even though I had some mentors,
I really didn’t have someone at my side showing me everything. They would help
with this deal, they would help with that deal. And I did figure out how to put it
all together. Today… Man, if I could go back in time, I could freaking slay it on
those 25 homes in a year, easy as a newbie. So, there’s some things that you
pick up along the way. Let’s tackle this question for you guys. So, first of all,
when you buy… When you want to buy homes fast, there’s rapid acquisition laws. And
there’s ways around those laws as well. So, a couple of the options that you have…
If we’re doing like a game plan right here. Option number 1,
is if we go to a bank, most banks will qualify you to buy 1, 2, 3 or 4
homes at a time. So, if one of the banks said, “No, you can buy 3 or 4 homes
at a time.” Then you can pretty much get pretty close to those 10 homes in a
90 day period of time. Just loading up and doing 3 or 4. Get them
financed 4 or 5 weeks later. Do it again. 4 or 5 weeks later and do it
again. So, that’s one option that you do have. That make sense? -Yeah. -And that would be
putting 20% down payments and doing kind of conventional financing. Another option
that you have is you can actually go… And depending on your finances. I don’t have
the details. But you can actually buy homes cash. And then there’s banks that
give you a variety of options of how you get the money out after the fact.
That are a lot easier than trying to buy a home with financing. Because now
you own the asset. They know that you’re all-in and it’s just a matter of “How do
I get my money out of it?” And they’ll do portfolio lending. As in you let’s pull
out actually a bunch of homes at a time based on the cash flow that they produce.
Does that make sense? A third option… I have full of options today. A third option
would be use your credit. And let’s say that your credit is moving too slow, you
can buy 1 or 2 homes at a time. And so, in 90 days, you might get like 4
homes or 5 homes. Like. “Oh, I want to go faster.” One, of the things that you can do
is rent somebody else’s credit. And I call that credit partnering. And so, it’s
pretty easy. I mean, really the idea is if you know somebody that has good credit
but they’re not really using it for anything. Because there’s a lot of people
that have great credit and they’re really financially prudent and stiff and
conservative. And the idea of paying them a couple thousand dollars to actually
use their credit and hold an asset on it, to them is super appetizing. Because
they’re usually in an accounting mindset. I want accumulate wealth so that you
just let you borrow their credit. And it’s legal, it’s totally aboveboard. There’s
paperwork. There’s an appropriate way to do it. But needless to say, there’s
multiple ways for you guys to do rapid acquisition real estate. And this is I
think the more important part. You know, we might try our best and find out that
it takes 6 months to get 10 homes. Or we might find out that there’s ways of
doing it faster. The important thing to know is that real
estate is really good at saying “no”. And this is something I want you to
understand. We try away. Everyone says it’s a yes. And then it turns out to be a
no. Have you ever experienced that before in life as business owners? -Absolutely. -Right? And
where we thrive is that when other people would be discouraged or
disappointed or feel like I must be out of options. We just jump in and say,
“There’s another option.” And that’s what I’ve really been able to do so. We may
not know the way but I can tell you there are several of them. And as long as
we keep going and exhausting and going exhausting, we’re going to find the way to
do it. So, I’ll give you the news that you may want to hear you may not want to
hear. If I had to say if 90 days was like, it’s 90 days or nothing, I’d say… Based on
the way real estate can work if you’re going to involve banks, I’d say there’s
probably about a 50% chance of getting it done in 90 days. And it might take 6
months. There’s another 50% chance that you can get it all done. And part of it
depends on things we can’t quite control which is sometimes they say yes
until they say no. And we have to just be flexible with what that looks like. -So, if we can’t do that in 3 months , she’s shaving her head, right? -Yes. I like that. Her
hair’s too beautiful you can’t do that. No. And the event we certainly talk
about putting stuff on the line, right? Like, if we don’t do this then then this
is going to happen. So, make sure we really show up right. Well, very cool. So, do you
have any questions on any of that? -I guess I kind of would wonder… You know
what? You’re saying if we have the finances to go buy a house cash, in that
case, how many houses would we want to buy to make it make sense. And also like
what’s the price range of the houses that we’re going to be doing? -At this point, you’re
bringing up a really good question. Which is everyone needs to have
a custom game plan. An opportunity to sit down with someone that really is an
expert and find out what is it really going to look like. And for those of you
watching this thinking, “Well, what’s it going to look like for me?” The reality is
it’s important to be able to sit down with someone that has been there before
that can actually outline that. And if you don’t have someone that can do that
for you, there’s a link below and some member of my team’s been trained to do
what I do which is my game of life in real estate is
to put myself in someone else’s shoes even if that’s sexy high heels. And say,
“If I woke up as you, what would I do? How would I go about
building wealth?” And if my goals were your goals, how would I make that happen?
And if you want that opportunity, my team is trained to do that for you. You just
kind of click the link below. They’ll reach out and they’ll basically do a
game plan for you. For you guys to answer your question more specifically, I’m
going to take some time to dive in and dig a little bit deeper on the answer to
that question because obviously buying ten homes cash can also be a lot of
money and that might overextend the concept of the game plan. So,
understanding time frames, understanding… You know, my filter is
normally “what is the least risky?”, “What uses the least money?” ,”What will lock in
the best rates?” And then I move from one strategy to the next strategy to the
next strategy exhausting them. In your situation based on what I think I know,
we’re more than likely going to start by asking the bank’s if they’ll do 3 or
4 at a time. Because if they will, we’re going to be able to cruise and if
we get pre-qualification done over a 2 or 3 day period of time, I can have
you under contract with 4 homes with them probably about 2 weeks max. 4
or 5 weeks later closing on all of them. And then we would do the next batch.
I think it’s pretty safe to say that we can do 6 to 8 homes in that first
90 days. And at the end of the 90 days at least getting the last batch under
contract to get to 10. 4 months might be a little more realistic. Either way,
we’re pushing it. And that’s the pace that I like to go in life which is when
something’s right and the opportunity is there and pedal-to-the-metal, right? -Jump
right in. -Does that make sense? Any questions on
that? -That’s pretty straightforward. I love it. -Awesome, you guys. Great. Well,
listen. Thank you guys both for joining today. Thank you for being here. And hey,
just for just for a moment, I mean, you guys bought my house, right?
How freaking wild is that? And then these guys… I want to drop a
little bomb on you guys. Like a little bonus. I always tell people you can put
anything you want in a contract. And anything whatsoever. It’s like if
you want to buy a house, you could say, “Hey, the old owner has to mow my lawn
every week for a year.” Right? You could… In law of contract law, you can ask for
anything you want as long as the other party agrees.
So, when they were buying my house, they looked me up. That’s how they learned
about me. It wasn’t a YouTube video. And it was so funny that he came back and
actually said, “We want to be a part of your high level mentoring programs.” So,
here you are now at my event. We’re meeting for the first time and it’s just
totally hilarious but also it’ll be beautiful. I love how divine design will
you know… Have everyone cross paths when we’re listening to that inner voice of
where we need to be in where we need to go. So, I look forward to our journey
together. You guys pumped? -Oh! Absolutely. -Awesome. For anyone that’s watching this
video and is wondering whether it would make sense to come out to one
of our events, would you recommend it? -No question. Absolutely no-brainer. If you
want to change your life, if you want to be the better you, do it. Come on out. It’s
so much fun, it’s so incredible. And you will never ever regret that decision.
Thank you guys. Thank you both so much. Appreciate you. Alright. Listen up.
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