Can LED lights kill radio?

Poorly designed LED light systems can cause a lot of noise interference. The interference can hamper terrestrial services in the VHF band. We can see this very clearly with Digital Radio in band III. To measure it, we can use this type of equipment. It consists of a calibrated antenna… ..and a portable spectrum analyzer to measure the signal. Let’s go and measure! [noisy music] Ok, I can see some noise problems here. Let me check where it comes from. Aha, here! It seems your LED lights are creating noise interference. What can I do about it? You need to change your LED light installation. You should get a better power supply. Otherwise you would need to choose between turning on the lights or the radio. [noisy music] Hello. Hi, take a seat! Do you have a problem with your radio? Yes, look. When I switch on my light, the radio turns off! I can see a lot of interference when you switch it on. Let me check. [radio sound comes back again] Ah, it is a CE mark. Normally this means your power supply is compliant. But in this case it is not! It creates a lot of interference. So every time you turn on the light, it jams the radio stations you want to listen to. [noisy music] We are now outside, in the Rue de Lausanne, in Geneva. This is to show that the noise interference problem is not just an indoor issue. Here we measure something up to 80 dBmV/m of noise interference. This is in channel 11B. This means that DAB reception probably is very difficult here. It probably comes from this shop that uses a lot of LED lights. Then it spreads outside. I actually experienced this problem when driving through this street. When you drive in this area… cannot get any DAB signals anymore. This problem is not limited to band III only. It is spread over VHF. It sometimes even goes up to the UHF band. The question is now: Who should solve it? [noisy music]

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  1. Yes. LED Lights can kill the radio. I've got 4 Lohas 3 watt bulbs outside that place a 3/4 power signal (S9) on the S-Meter of my High Frequency Amateur Radio. I'm going to replace them with some 5 Watt incandescent bulbs tomorrow.

  2. Actually, two way radios can kill led lights.
    If you hold a childs walkie talkie near a led bulb and transmit,
    it will cause most leds to go out and some to burn out

  3. i bought a 50W LED and the radio gets noisy when turned on, is it even possible to have such a strong LED without any interfering of the radio or is possible just with better product?

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