Can You Beat Doom (2016) Without Taking Damage?

doom 2016 is undeniable proof that there
is no excuse for not being a Chad the story brings you on a journey that not
only houses religious intolerance but also houses hordes of demons that only
know violence fortunately you play as twenty twenty
waifu of the year the doom slayer and his response to their overwhelming
violence is more violence doom eternal is coming out next week and before I
have my panties perpetually submerged in water
I thought we may as well attempt one last challenge for this game can you
beat doom 2016 without taking damage if you’ve
ever played doom before then he should have quickly realized how delusional and
ludicrous I am in doom you face the impending inevitability that is your ass
beam karate clap but this channel is for true gamers and those that have
challenged fetishes so get ready for this fetish tsunami before we dive into
the run though let’s discuss the rules rule 1 if I even get hit once I must
reload a previous checkpoint rule 2 any weapon or upgrade can be used but no
runes such as the rich gets richer room or the BFG infinite damage cheese rule 3
– keep being spicy and because I’m a masochist we will do something I feel is
only suitable for this run since we’re playing as a doom Slayer and he only
knows perfection I thought what a great idea it would be to get punished for
every time that I mess up starting from the beginning of the run every 100
checkpoint reloads will result in one paint ball to the chest forcing me to
actually think and focus on how I execute certain areas before we embark
on our erotic fan fiction go ahead and grab yourself a Trix yogurt something to
drink and a BD medication maybe even if you’re feeling a little manly and you’ll
slap that like button to support me and these Crusades will I finally be able to
achieve that secret romance option with Olivia well my powers as an omnipotent
being be enough to carry me through this game let’s find out right out of my
sarcophagus I am hit with one of my many primal instincts although it is more of
a curse than it is a blessing the possessed didn’t see it coming
literally you will notice throughout this run that I almost exclusively
practice the art of systematic heretic extermination I actually find this term
to be an offensive way to describe non-consensual ass pounding either way
many will perish and I hope you enjoy the ride on this episode of space
the chadley type we are introduced to the doom Slayer also known as my channel
member daffy Dave 0-1 Dave here enjoys nice long talks about Taco Bell poopy
butthole blowouts and on his free time even likes to delve into international
diplomatic affairs now ladies please keep those chastity belt panties on
because doom guy here knows not of moral authority only of obtaining that bread
you would think that the rest of this mission should be a breeze without
getting hit but this is doom and you are a big dumb idiot for thinking that just
a tutorial level alone brought me great many sad with 14 resets in just the
first area the realisation that this run was going to be straight gerbil dick was
already starting to creep on me but I was in a little bitch after taking on
the imps or should I say simps that were coming for my DMS it was time to bring
my crusade of damage list to saucer own to the surface and continue the fight on
the surface of Mars surprisingly this all turned out to be a better and more
enjoyable experience only because now I could take the demonic turbo digging
under the Crimson Martian sky I was really out here thinking that this
challenge would be easy where at least the first half of it but god damn I was
wrong what the fuck every time the possessed soldier was introduced to me
here and that basically meant that I now had to deal with the fireballs being
thrown at me and these fucks trying to pound me in also but with a bit of
perseverance and luck I was able to maneuver the arena and break their
ankles with all my juking even with grenades finally in my possession this
level was still a giant fissure in my sphincter no matter my actions I would
be hit by some sort of M fireball or random bullet I was quickly discovering
that my mentality of living fast and eating ass was just not plausible this
run I had to take things down a notch and methodically plan out my every
action it was time to discover the cause of the current spread of hideous
deformed the mouth-breathers with a bit of careless parkour and meeting with the
possessed jihad exploders I was on to the next room aka checkpoint loading
simulator after reloading the checkpoint so many times you eventually develop a
tactic and that tactic is not being bad it is common public knowledge that imps
were put into this world to give you a few extra inches on your penis just a
pebble to the forehead and they are basically dead but this run
they will be our Bane their long-range fireball attacks are 80% of the reason
why I need to reload these checkpoints for succeeding and surviving the Russian
gulag of enemies I was gifted the chainsaw this weapon allows for a
one-shot kill on most demons but the downside is you
have to be a pube hair away from them being that close to an enemy is
basically a death wish and will only probably work like 20% out of 5% of the
time this run was starting to turn into evidence for a domestic abuse case but
even though she beats me over and over I couldn’t seem to let doom go back out on
Mars I was given an assault rifle and this made things a lot easier with my
range I was able to give vasectomies to these demons for free and with ease from
a distance these vile degenerate creatures have overrun my holy dojo and
I wasn’t going to let these heathen do such a thing with a bit of epic gamer
skill and terrible aim I rendezvous with the Robo XI him/her
after speaking of the horrors that took place on Mars and giving me the rundown
on the tactical nuke that was inbound he kindly loosened the straps on my helmet
like any caretaker would and I was ready for the next level before we continued
though let’s sew together a quick plan this run operation my little brother
deleted my hentai collection so I deleted his spine is now in full effect
our main goal this run is to stop these demons from stealing our shekels and
taking our Mars these blasphemers and degenerates are not allowed to do such a
thing when I am currently on the surface of this planet to even begin though you
need to make sure you have your hotdog crucifix and phallic object next to your
computer the demons are afraid of getting dick down so just a phallic
object being near you should be enough keeping a distance using long-range
weapons and taking it slow as a must our holy grail this run will be decoy
grenades and The BFG the thick boy replicas keep the Sims distracted as you
proceed to abort their lives into the nearest tomb with a single shot from the
Big Foot gun what’s that dildo for now thank you for
listening to my TED talk and let’s get back to the run with blood pressure on
the rise it was time to meet the creatures that will surely tear me a new
asshole actually spoiler alert they will definitely tear
you asshole the beginning of the level was a breeze I found a little scope for
my assault rifle met a gentleman that was kind enough to give me a hand and
removed the batteries out of a couple of demonic game boys life was pretty good
until I remembered my strange obsession oh shit god damn it give me a second
fuck okay all right that’s perfect perfect perfect the roid rage demon
wasn’t actually the problem the problem was all around me how foolish and
imprudent I am to think that these dudes alone would be my only nuisance this run
I was a product of experimentation for these demons slapping me around like the
high school whore but god damn I was obsessed I loved it I absolutely loved
having to restart every confrontation whoa I loved it baby yeah every
confrontation with the roid boys actually went well I smacked them up and
then experience the therapeutic experience that is getting damaged by
the stupidest thing in the goddamn world though believe it or not I actually have
exceptional immunity to perpetual sodomy and misery so after failing what must
have been 33 times eventually I was able to make it out thanks to my overwhelming
authority over these demons this area was not only making my dick dry heaves
but giving me a massive migraine but after formulating a plan and a bit of
luck I was able to make it through and get to the final encounter of the level
with my sphincter clenched as tight as a pants on an overweight human I actually
made it through the final encounter without taking any damage I know that my
elite gamer skills and extraordinarily good looks are a little too much but
don’t let that distract you from the fact that Olivia looks like the kid who
invented the fortnight flossing dance our next task was to enter the Argent
facility and destroy the Argent Tide Pods a little bit of delving into
Mario’s wet dreams with all this platforming and obtaining a free rocket
launcher left behind by the doom gods I was ready for my first group of enemies
on this level for some reason this took the longest out of every encounter thus
far try after try I threw myself at these bad boys like a simp trying to get
into their favorite streamers DMS 3-hole infinity wars later and some
depressive babyrage oh my god please please actually I was able to make it
out and onto some more painstaking gameplay the next area house another
demonic portal and which demons congregated around little did they know
that utter and complete ass annihilation due to perpetual sodomy by the likes of
my weapons was going to be on their schedule today
I was very fortunate to actually complete this part and only one try but
foolish me should have known that damaging the sacred engineer would curse
me in the eyes of Allah leading me to countless pointless deaths and raising
that checkpoint number after destroying two Argent Tide Pods and dealing with
another demon uterus I found the super shotgun you know what they say one man’s
trash is another man’s treasure which is actually what my father told me when he
let me know that I was adopted but I can’t front with you guys I lied to you
this thing was about as useful as a soggy cheese doodle and even if soggy
cheese doodle would intrinsically be more useful to me in the long run
although the next area led to many reloads that was able to blow through
the hordes and the Summoner and this all led to the destruction of the last tide
pod my work here was done and I was ready to head to the origin Tower on the
way to your destination keeping your distance from team rocket and blasting
them down is quite easy especially with an assault rifle scope in the sure event
that you potentially get hit during this part remember you should feel bad about
yourself and you will never be one tenth of the gamer that I am copying a fresh
new look was important for my potential date with Olivia so quick shout out to
LeBron James who traveled to Mars long before the attack so that he could hook
me up with off-white Nike Air Force Ones with my new shoes on I trekked across a
war zone and embraced many loading screens but I guess it just wasn’t
enough it looks like we failed our objective
Olivia waddled off with her Argent accumulator and it was clear that she
wanted to die listen guys the lesson of the story is love is like frying food
shirtless you really never know when it’ll hurt I needed to hunt down Olivia
I wasn’t going to let her get away with this the doom Slayer is renowned for his
revelry and non belligerent actions so this threat was all going to be settled
as peacefully as possible with recently acquired lock-on mod for my rocky
launcher I was able to bring death to the
without much of a problem though this was a big w in my books there was no
time to celebrate the thick boy extravaganza Royale had started and this
Battle Royale wasn’t your typical I was now at 208 reloads and every single time
I had to reload a checkpoint I died a little on the inside these thick boys
didn’t dodge so well and no nor did I with difficulty rising and more enemies
being added to the equation this wasn’t no paw patrol on a roll gameplay
learning how to move effectively and keeping your distance without getting
hit is the difference between eternal suffering and decisive victory throwing
myself at this again and again was not fun and the thick boy extravaganza
cutscene was starting to eat into my autism 53 reloads in a couple of rages
later I began scaling the Argent tower the hordes of enemies thankfully weren’t
bad along the way I just had to deal with some egregious platforming but
eventually I was at the top and ready to reunite with the living the decrepit
being that probably sexually identifies herself as a Tsar burse was ready to end
it all thinking I wasn’t wearing protection she hid her 25 kill streak
and was ready to bring me down with her I will admit I was a little worried this
part would soil the run the ending sequence of this mission has a portal to
Hell ripped open and things go bad faster than a priest getting caught
peeping into the children’s restroom if I get hit from mistake right before the
portal opens the whole level will need to be restarted with ubiquitous danger
seething around me and odds not even close to being in my favor your favorite
Olympic eSports athlete did it and it was time to bring this crusade to the
depths of hell I was now on demonic turf and these demons were going to need life
alert after I was done with them with the gospel in my possession my
courageousness now rivaled that of the love that is baked into thinman Girl
Scout cookies I felt unstoppable just a bit of
shooting from a distance and playing safer than normal meant victory for the
doom Slayer I mean don’t get me wrong I am ashamed of having to play like a
festering septic tank but even though I’m a ship player I got the job done I
was sitting at 248 resets so far my goal was to try to beat the game with only
400 even though that was a bit far-fetched you can bet your sweet
nipples that I was still going to try kaká demons arrived to attempt to ruin
my day but I quickly reminded them that they were forced to pay me their
Evelynn leader a one-time payment of their lives and that is exactly what
they did a tactic would probably be smart for this run but honestly I was
just winging it and hoping I would make it out on top that mindset was kind of
working and everything was going neato mosquito until I remembered that the
Barrens of Hell were on this level my first encounter with them led to me
resetting my game 32 times literally almost 30 minutes of just me getting
Wendy’s 4 4 forward buy these parents not even my only fanspage had this much
after constantly getting rammed and struggling to maintain sobriety I had a
quick burst of luck and was able to make it through this luck was kind enough to
actually carry over into the final fight of the level if for some goddamn reason
you feel like tapping into your inner autism and wish to join me on this
challenge I’ll tell you how I got past this encounter simply just running
through the arena and chainsawing a few roy boys will start the horde of shekel
goblins from here you need to prepare your SOI boy meters and strap on your
diapers because we are going to be doing the opposite of what a Chad should do running back and doing a little parkour
leads you to an area where you can safely kill off the Horde from a
distance after picking them off you not being in the actual arena de spawns The
Barrens that should spawn there and lets you get away with the free W it was now
time to head back to Mars and trust me I know that this is going to be hell you
guys get it I’ll give you all a moment to laugh
quickly I know that was a pretty ok I’ll stop now my first trip to Hell resulted
in an extra 102 deaths and I was now sitting at 350 resets my plan of only
getting 400 was starting to seem dire there wasn’t much that happened on this
level really an emergency minigun was left behind just in case of demonic
invasion and I began ripping and tearing through anything that was in my path
being able to pass the first group of enemies without taking damage got me
slightly jumped up but my meeting with the pinkies that shit had me feeling
euphoric just like when you get away with stealing your mom’s credit card for
more fee bucks I took them out with not even a bit of effort in my second try
with enough resets time sweat and cum pumped into this run that was starting
to adapt to my enemies I just want to remind you guys that a great soldier has
passed on this day Timmy the pinky was audacious enough to
attempt groping me this ultimately led him to his demise at least he died doing
what he loved as a usurper with international and geopolitical power I
continued on my conquest across Mars at this point not even a Baron of Hell
could stop me this level brought me only 16 resets and in no time I was ready to
continue on to my next challenge but this time I needed to find someone
special I was on the search for love this beautiful being here had been
conducting research on an inanimate object that was going to bring me many
nuts the second-best invention next to the fleshlight she was perfect than god
damn guess what she doesn’t even Photoshop her tinder pictures with my
sexual tension graciously funding my strength of push forward I destroyed
everything in my path and only had to reset four times he didn’t slap the
tether on me without notice and you know what I’m starting to think these Robo
people are kind of fishy I mean not to be racist towards the robots or anything
I really don’t want their community canceling me for this one but hear me
out first the demonic invasion and now touching me
without my consent I don’t know man kind of fishy with thick little mamas
location now appearing on my Google Maps it was time to make my way there after a
brief rodeo with a couple of checkpoint reloads and pointless deaths I was
finally able to get my hands on the actual waifu of the century The BFG
many have failed to properly wield this weapon of mass destruction but those
children clearly didn’t read the fine print that says this thing was only made
for adult hands like the doom Slayers and I guess Dwayne the rock Johnson’s a lot of damage with this weapon my
power was now overwhelming the final part of the level involves an annoying
hoard but with a bit of learning enemy spawns and using the BFG to dig down
these enemies harder than a cocks wife it was all easily doable the reason I
like Doom is because do really makes you feel like doom things were starting to
wrap up and Hayden sent me to nominate a couple of demons with the Darwin Award
it was cold down here narrow hallways and the usual shekel goblins waiting
around every corner all of this of course was ameliorated by
the fact that there was a free fortnight shield potion waiting for my taking
which by the way is literally useless to me this run my task involved finding the
huge stone so that I could end this plague once and for all I sang my lead
lullaby to these poop socks and was clearing through quite nicely morale was
up I had a group of weapons I called my best friends and I even caught an
episode of How I Met Your Mother while I was playing this was a pretty good day
until its software decided to play Chad pattycake with my face and literally
ruined me and my egomaniacal ways the next room was painful these demons were
taking upper Decker’s in my master bedroom bathroom and there was no way
that I could do anything about it even with the decoy thrown in there I was
positive this was the end almost every time I tried the enemy spawned in
sporadic places my boner for justice and constantly longing for purpose won’t
ever be silenced I knew that I could do this if I put my head to it after two
hours and literally 86 resets later I had done it and all I needed to do was
put some testosterone into that bad boy I was currently at 466 resets and had a
boss fight coming up here shortly if I had enough training to take him down if
I truly accepted a doom Slayer in my persona or was I going to falter like
the loser that I was I walked into his Thunderdome and that big hulking hunk of
a man known as the cyberdemon picked me up and put me in his arms I have waited
many years for a man of this caliber to touch me the way he did though not
everything lasts forever and fortunately for me there are no Geneva Conventions
for hulking thick boys that are about to get taught a lesson only two resets the
first phase and three the second but I did it I beat him in only five resets if
you actually have your arsenal this boss fight is a joke just a bit of careful
attention to his attack and there are nothing to the likes of
doom guys led lullaby the intoxicating sensation of destroying that heaping
piece of meat felt great with him dead it was time to return to hell once again
I’m locate this game’s version of the cringe twins and retrieve the crucible
our stay here in Hell is pleasant and I’m more than suggestive no coronavirus
pandemic and tax evasion is a common norm I was now at 513 resets and nearing
the end of this godforsaken run I was pumped to finally get this run over with
until this very area sent specimens of the demonic type that give me a
therapeutic experience that I had once never asked for it another 30 minutes
and 34 resets I killed the final two Barons and I was
now put on trial trial for the crimes that I had committed down here in hell
if I can make it through this one the run is basically mine this creature is
the hell guard the product of a failed abortion and a Titan standing in the
doom Slayers path only my third try in and I may as well just call myself noose
because I necked him without even trying the cringe twins took the stage next and
my only tip for this demonic threesome is to just focus some age and hit his
crit spot every single time once you trigger the stun animation switch to
your minigun and drop that fat damage on his forehead this last fight was a nice
little cocktail of simplicity and molesting my spacebar but in due time I
had done it the howl guards were killed without taking any damage the crusade
wasn’t over yet though we still had one more boss to deal with so buckle up boys
hop in the Magic School Bus and let’s go on one more field trip the plan was put
together and it was time to save the homie Vega the mad lad has helped me
through so much and I had to do this just for him the plasma weapon of mass
destruction called the VFG is an inhumane way to take these creatures
lives but hey I won’t support using it but I will recommend it the thing was a
vasectomy machine and all that had come into contact with me quickly regret
doing so the final encounter on this level did make me want to commit toaster
and bathtub especially since just getting past this
part got me to 603 resets but as the Nelson Mandela of gaming I always find a
diplomatic solution to the hardest of situations Vega was put onto a hard
drive and it was time for one last journey into the depths of hell to
finally finish this off entering this dojo of pain felt so bad but so goddamn
good at the same time I’ve spent a total of 25 hours on
this run so far and it was beyond ecstatic to finally put on that belt and
achieve my victory for times sake on this video I’ll keep the boring details
out and cut straight to the nudes this last level was quite easy with all the
power ups and hefty amount of BFG ammo I was able to blaze through every single
encounter after disabling all of the wells with the crucible it was time to
give Megamind some megadome I was at 638 reset so far and at this point I was
ready to finally wrap things up I dropped down into the arena and
instantaneously took back the romance option I potentially wanted with Olivia
I mean honestly do you blame me I don’t think any amount of rule 34 could
potentially prepare me for this final fight the mastermind wasn’t too
difficult to deal with once he spawned collected 3 BFG shots in
the arena and then proceeded to unload your ass onto Olivia it took me 7 tries
but eventually I finally did it this boss fights difficulty was sadder
than an orphan with an incest fetish and here’s to hopes that the boss fights in
doom eternal will be a lot better it was done 645 resets and I was now free you
can be doomed 2016 without taking damage I honestly wouldn’t wish this challenge
upon even the most hideous of mouth-breathers out there being an
incessant migraine I can safely say that this run was far more annoying and
tedious compared to the powerglove run thank you for coming to watch and if you
enjoy my content and what I do here go ahead and BFG that like button maybe
even if you want to have a chance of going out on the date with me you’ll
subscribe and hit that Bell notification too now I must deliver to the people of
the Internet

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