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Okay, let’s get started. I literally need a man. I need a man, help! Alright, I’ll get pliers: the lesbian solution. Okay, let’s get started. I love my king. This is not really the most feminine moment for me, not really my 2020 vibe, but it does proportionize my giant man hands. Right, no one thinks I’m cute. Let’s get started. Okay, look. This video is about canceling, also known as cancel culture, formerly known as called out culture. And I know you kids know all about this. But before we dive in, I have to explain the basics to my fellow boomers. So listen up oldies: In the lingo of these young, avocado-guzzling, smartphone addicts who killed Applebee’s, ‘canceling’ is online shaming, vilifying and ostracizing prominent members of a community by other members of that community. Like so much internet slang, this use of the word ‘canceling’ started out on black twitter, where a few years ago, people – well, mostly women – would tweet ‘cancel R. Kelly’ and things like that. You know, it started out as a vigilante strategy for bringing justice and accountability to powerful people who previously had been immune to any consequences for their actions. For example, the #MeToo movement promised to use social media shaming to topple sexually abusive men in power who couldn’t be held accountable any other way. The promise of canceling was that it was going to give power back to people who had none and bring justice to prominent abusers. It’s in a way the 21st century version of the guillotine, the bringer of Justice, the people’s avenger. But also like the guillotine, it can become a sadistic entertainment spectacle, and I want to make the case that we do have, well, a teensy bit of a reign of terror situation on our hands, gorge. Now, there’s a version of this conversation that’s already been had to death and it goes like this: On the one side are a bunch of male comedians who constantly bitch about how ‘cancel culture is out of control!’ ‘You can’t joke about anything anymore without these millennial jackals trying to get you in trouble!’ And the other side is mostly progressive, think piece authors who argue that there’s no such thing as cancel culture. It’s just that powerful people are finally being held accountable for their actions and they can’t fucking handle it, so they go around bitching about cancel culture. Now, unfortunately neither of those viewpoints is quite as correct as some people might hope. So it’s a good thing I’m here to deliver the truth. *whispered* You didn’t know I was transgender. Story time, emotional, not clickbait! Let’s start with an example. The most high profile YouTube canceling of 2019 was the canceling of James Charles. And again, I know you kids remember this, but… I have to reheat ancient YouTube tea for the elders. Put the kettle on Karen! So James Charles is a twenty year old beauty guru, which means, um… Boomers. Look: There’s these people who make youtube videos teaching you how to do makeup. It’s worth checking out if you can figure out how to start up Internet Explorer. I certainly can’t. It’s pretty bomb. It’s lit. It’s uh, it’s groovy. It’s fab. It’s far out man, it’s a gas, I fully dig it, free love, give peace a chance, Nixon’s a fascist. So back in May of this year, James’s colleague and mother figure? fellow YouTube beauty guru Tati Westbrook, uploaded a 40 minute video accusing James of endorsing a different brand of hair vitamins than the brand that she, wait, that was a competitor of her brand of hair vitamins. An enthralling plotline, I know. And this was huge. This was covered in the New York Times. And while Tati was added, almost as an afterthought to the hair vitamin dispute, she also accused James of being ‘A sexual predator.’ Now I actually went back and checked Tati’s original deleted video and she actually never uses the phrase sexual predator. It’s funny, I remember her calling him that because that became the story on Twitter, but what she actually said was: James had ‘tried to trick straight men into thinking they’re gay.’ ‘Oh my god you tried to trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay, yet again.’ Which is pretty different from calling him a sexual predator. But see, this is what cancel culture does, it takes one story and transforms it into a significantly different story. You know, the headline I would write about the James and Tati story might read: ‘Tati Westbrook accuses James Charles of “trying to trick straight men into thinking they’re gay.'” But cancel culture transforms that story into the headline “James Charles is A sexual predator” Interesting. Now, I wanna make it clear that my intention here is really not to defend James Charles. I’m not a James Charles stan. I am a biological female in my 30s. Close to death, I know. Please leave a comment before I die. That said, I do think this statement “James Charles is a sexual predator” is a stretch, to say the least. At least based on the information I have in December 2019. So let’s analyze how this kind of truth-stretching happens. Cancel culture trope 1. And you should be writing this down, class because this will be on the test. Cancel culture trope one: Presumption of guilt. There’s a traditional understanding of justice according to which, before you condemn or punish a person you hear the accuser’s side of the story AND the accused’s side of the story. You allow both sides to present evidence, and only after everyone involved has had a chance to make their case, do you pass sentence and punish the convict. Oh, punish me, King. Drinking this is punishment enough. Am I uncancelled yet, please? Now in the United States of *moan* We legally have the presumption of innocence but canceling does not abide by the law. Canceling is a form of vigilante mob justice and a lot of times an accusation is proof enough. Now, that’s basically the point of the progressive slogan “Believe victims”. It’s a norm that was put into place in progressive spaces because out in the world at large, people generally don’t believe victims. But I think it’s pretty obvious, how “believe victims” is a norm that’s easy to abuse. Was Tati really James’s victim? No, she’s not some powerless woman, abused by a prominent man in her industry. She’s on top of the industry and she wasn’t victimized by James at all! I see this case more as, she weaponized cancel culture against a business rival. Anyway, before James had even had a chance to respond to Tati’s accusation, the story had already gone from ‘Tati Westbrook accuses James Charles of “trying to trick straight men”‘ to “James Charles tried to trick straight men” and from there, It was generalized into “James Charles is toxic and manipulative.” Which brings us to cancel culture trope two, Abstraction. Abstraction replaces the specific, concrete details of a claim with a more generic statement. In the transition from “Tati Westbrook accused James Charles of trying to trick straight men” to “James Charles is toxic and manipulative.” We’ve lost not only the sense of this being an unverified accusation, but we’ve also lost all the specific details. “James Charles is toxic and manipulative” is an incredibly vague statement, and may as well be “James Charles is bad”. But even without the presumption of guilt, if someone tells me: “James Charles is a accused of toxic and manipulative behavior” I’m gonna think: “Oh, that sounds pretty bad.” And I’m gonna start speculating about the specifics and whatever my imagination comes up with, is likely going to be worse than whatever he’s actually accused of. Also, the specific accusation that he “tried to trick straight men into thinking they’re gay” is self-evidently kind of questionable. How do you trick straight men into think they’re gay? If you find out let me know. It’s bad. I’m bad. I’m super bad. This is not a problem that straight men usually seem to have. At the very least, it requires further explanation. It’s the kind of story that sounds like it has more than one side. So I’m immediately gonna feel a little bit skeptical of the accusation. And I’m also gonna side-eye Tati Westbrook, because this accusation is setting off my homophobia detection alarm. Leave the gays alone! But, I’m not gonna have an opportunity to pick up on the potential homophobia and be skeptical of it if all I’ve heard about the situation is “James Charles’s toxic and manipulative”. And I also want to point out a linguistic shift that’s happening here. When the claim was “James Charles tried to trick straight men”, the verbs in the sentence were “try” and “trick”. So what we’re criticizing here is James’s behavior. We’re criticizing things he did- allegedly-. “Trying to trick straight man.” But once the claim morphs into “James Charles is toxic and manipulative”, the verb in the sentence is “is”, “to be”. So these adjectives are characteristics of James and it’s now not his actions we’re criticizing, but his personality, his toxicity, his manipulativeness. This is what I’ll call Cancel culture trope 3: Essentialism. Essentialism is when we go from criticizing a person’s actions to criticizing the person themselves. We’re not just saying they did bad things, we’re saying they’re a bad person. And that’s what takes us from “James Charles tried to trick straight man” to “James Charles is a sexual predator”. So here we’re targeting James himself, not just his actions, but the type of person he is: “A sexual predator”. And we’ve also really escalated the accusation, because I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear the phrase “sexual predator”, the image that comes to mind is a rapist or a child molester, maybe an abusive boss, not a teenage twink hung upon wanting to date straight guys. I mean not that a person like that couldn’t be a sexual predator. But I really don’t think that “he’s a sexual predator” is a fair summary of the accusation. So this seems to me like a pretty nasty and dishonest twisting of the story. And it happened instantaneously on Twitter. It totally dominated the conversation in a community of millions of people for weeks. In a few days, James had lost millions of subscribers and who knows what effect it had on his personal life. Not that anyone seems to care. In fact, most people seem to be enjoying his downfall. He was a teenage millionaire, a young beautiful superstar. Easy to envy, easy to resent, hard to relate to, hard to sympathize with. What was the point of canceling James Charles? Did we want to teach him a lesson? Did we want him to learn from his mistakes and grow as a person? Imagine- imagine Youtube wanting someone to learn. I can imagine actually caring. My hunch is that the average Beauty Tube viewer was not sincerely outraged and hurt by their sincere belief that James Charles was a sexual predator. In other words, this was not a case of triggered, SJWs. This was a controversy manufactured from the top by a handful of seemingly vindictive and envious people. I honestly think that most of the “James Charles is a sexual predator” crowd j ust wanted to bring him down a peg. Cancel culture trope 4: Pseudo moralism or pseudo intellectualism. If you look at the world we live in, would you say that people are usually motivated by a sense of moral integrity and intellectual rigor? No. Maybe not. Let’s be real America. We are a bunch of morally impotent meatbags, constantly shitting ourselves out of fear and lust. For Tati calling out James, this was really- it was about the hair vitamins, right? I think sis was super salty that this millionaire kid who she had supported and helped had betrayed her by endorsing a rival brand and accusing him of trying to trick straight man was just a twist of the knife. But moralism or intellectualism provide a phony pretext for the call-out. You can pretend you just won an apology. You can pretend you’re just a concerned citizen who wants the person to improve. You can pretend you’re simply offering criticism. When what you’re really doing is attacking a person’s career and reputation out of spite, envy, revenge- I mean, it could be any motivation. Twitter viewed James as an over-privileged, spoiled little brat, and it was fun to wipe the smile off his smug face at least for a few weeks. It’s Schadenfreude, right? This kind of petty sadism. Maybe not the internet’s proudest moment, but not the most shameful either. And that’s not to say that everyone canceling James Charles was insincere, but, there’s a world of difference between “cancel R. Kelly” and “cancel James Charles”. And I’m interested to know how these two things came to look the same. When James was being canceled, I remember being kind of transfixed by the sight of his life and career falling from the sky, full tailspin, black smoke spewing out. And a lot of my YouTube friends were like: ” Lol, did you see James Charles’s canceled? Lol, lol, lol ,lol” But I looked up at James and I said: “Oh god, that’s gonna be me someday! Stay strong sister. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Let’s switch over to White Claw. These are cute, these are fun. A little more of a feminine moment for me. They didn’t even have these last time I was an alcoholic. I’m not even wearing makeup. I don’t need make-up to serve a full biological fantasy Keep drinking people. We’re gonna make it through this together. So I was doing a little Twitter archeology when I was looking into the James Charles cancelling and I found a bunch of tweets referencing earlier James Charles scandals. “You all forgiving James Charles? He’s still a transphobe.” “Y’all are acting like just because James Charles has receipts, he’s no longer a racist transphobe like…” “James Charles: is racist ablest transphobic and a sexual predator. A white woman: you are being to a harsh on him and he’s uncanceled” So according to Twitter, James Charles is not only “a sexual predator” . He’s also a racist and a transphobe. That sounds pretty serious. Let’s investigate. We’ll start with the transphobia allegation. of the jury. Exhibit A: “So you’re not even full gay?” “I mean no, there have been girls in the past that I thought were really really beautiful. There’s also been like, trans guys in the past too that I was like, really realy into for a moment in time.” And I oop- As I say on Twitter, “yikes”. The ain’t it, chief. Friendly reminder that this isn’t a good look. Maybe don’t be transphobic… Disappointing. So James did fuck up here. The problem is he’s suggesting that being attracted to trans men makes him less gay, which implies that trans men aren’t really men, which is at odds with the way trans men understand themselves. So this does deserve criticism. No doubt. No doubt. However, what I see when I look at this clip of James is not a dyed-in-the-wool, transphobic bigot. I see a very young person who’s still working on understanding his own sexuality and is trying to figure out where his attraction to trans men fits into that. And it seems to me that the proportionate response to that situation is for someone to take James aside and explain to him: “Look here’s why what you said is hurtful to trans men and here are some tips on how to avoid saying that kind of thing in the future.” You know, ignorance is not the same thing as hatred. Not understanding someone is not the same as wanting them dead. Of course, there are committed bigots who is just a waste of time to engage with, but sometimes just talking to someone with a little patience and understanding is all it takes. But that’s not what cancel culture does. Oh, no, we have to immediately escalate every situation to the highest possible level of conflict. So by abstraction we get “James Charles made transphobic comments” and by essentialism we get “James Charles is a transphobe.” We don’t give him a chance to reflect. We don’t give him an opportunity to learn, we go straight to branding him a bigot. Nonetheless, that same week, James posted an apology to his Insta story saying: “Regardless of whatever my intentions were, that came across as me saying I’m not fully gay because I have been with a trans man, and that is absolutely, first of all, not true, like, that doesn’t make me not fully gay. But that stereotype in implication is really, really dangerous and I’m very, very sorry. If you are a trans man, you are a man. If you’re a trans girl, you are a woman you are valid in your identity” Could you ask for a better apology? Like he not only apologizes for what he said, but he also demonstrates a clear understanding of why it was wrong. So… Does that mean people stopped calling him a transphobe? Of course not. Cancel culture trope 5: No forgiveness. Cancelers will often dismiss an apology as insincere. No matter how convincingly written or delivered. And of course, an insincere apology is further proof of what a Machiavellian psychopath you really are. Now sometimes a good apology will calm things down for a while, but the next time there’s a scandal, the original accusation will be raised again as if you never apologized. And that’s what happened to James during the Tati scandal, when Twitter decided he was a transphobic, sexual predator. And let’s just say nothing of this racism I’ve been hearing about. Here are the receipts: Exhibit B. In February 2017, when James was much less famous than he is now, he tweeted: “I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today. OMG. What if we get Ebola. James, we’re fine, we could have gotten it at Chipotle last year.” Okay. Well, that’s a little insensitive maybe, but it’s not really something an influencer should tweet. In fear of disease associated with Africa- I mean I can see how it’s in the same big conceptual area as certain racist tropes. But clearly this was intended as a joke about his friend mistaking Ebola for e.coli, right? And anyway, he did apologize saying as a white cis male, I recognize my privilege and would never want to take that for granted. But I fucked up. I feel awful for posting what I said I understand why what I said was offensive and ignorant. And James hasn’t made a habit of making jokes like that ever since So… Is this one tweet from two years ago that he apologized for on its own enough evidence for us to justify labeling him a *racist*? Well according to canceled culture, absolutely. Abstraction takes us from two years ago James Charles made a joke that referenced his fear of getting Ebola in Africa to… James Charles made a racist joke then essentialism takes us to James Charles is a racist. …… *sigh* Look I want to pause to say I really do believe in social justice.. at least as much as trash like me believes in anything. And believe me, I am well aware that jokes, irony, and even complaints about cancel culture are often used by bigots to cloak their real agenda. The Southern Poverty Law Center even cited my video about how far-right racists use jokes and memes and mockery of Sjw’s as a way to camouflage their hateful beliefs, and make them more palatable to a wider audience So I’m coming at this from a place of a genuine concern for anti racism and anti transphobia as well as an awareness of the fact that Cancel Culture is often just a conservative red herring used to shut down any and all complaints about racism or transphobia. But! I’ve also become very disillusioned with the way these accusations are thrown around so frivolously on social media, by the way, they’re used to escalate conflict instead of promote understanding. And by the way they’re sometimes a weaponized to destroy people who have made mistakes, but who really don’t deserve to be destroyed Now, maybe you’re thinking “Destroyed? what do you mean destroyed? James is a 20 year old millionaire on his way to owning his own makeup Empire” and you.. are completely, correct If you’re James Charles if you’re a superstar Then being cancelled.. most likely does not destroy you. The cancelers blend into the general backdrop of haters and they can set you back a few million subscribers and a lot of emotional turmoil But in the long run they can’t really touch your success. But here’s the thing What if you’re not James Charles? What if you’re a small creator? What if you can’t afford some public relations help? What if you belong to a marginalized community and you rely on that community for support? Well in that case It’s a whole different story Let’s Irish up this cawffee Shaken not stirred. Spilled it all over my pussy- Ohhn- That’s good. Booze and coffee is a good combination I’m feeling.. *amped* right now. I’m feeling *hype*. So this is the part in the video where I should admit that I’m not just a casual observer here at the time I’m making this video Sweaty, I’m super cancelled. You know I try to make videos that are both informative and entertaining So in this video the information is you get to learn about cancel culture and the entertainment is you get to watch a worm try to wriggle off a hook. *click* Let’s get started; Forgive me Father for I have sinned, hey how are you? I never wanted to be the kind of youtuber who would resort to making videos about my own drama, but Things have gotten to a point, I feel like I cannot continue this channel until I spill some tea. So. Let’s get started Okay, first a little backstory, a little Mise-en-scène. I’ve never talked about this on my channel before so this is a super fucking vulnerable moment for me But I am in fact a transgender woman, which may come as a big shock to many of you since I’m 100% real fish. I get comments all the time from like very solemn people like “Guys…. I’m pretty sure this is a dude.” Great work detective you’re cracked the case. *In midwestern mom voice*: You’re doing very good sweetie. Very, very, good. But yes, as one of YouTube’s leading B-list transgenders, I am a prime target for cancellation and I have been cancelled many, Many, times. and we’re going to talk about some of the things I’ve been canceled for and some of the things I’ve been criticized for And the difference between criticism and cancelling, because yes, there is a difference. As we go along, I will admit where I have made mistakes because despite how I look, I am NOT a literal goddess and I.. Will apologize where I believe apologies are due however Where I believe that criticism of me is excessive or unwarranted I will not apologize because here at Contra Points Industries. We are not in the business of serving bullshit so the reason for my current cancellation is In summary that in my last video opulence. I cast transsexual porn star Buck Angel in the role of John Waters And yes, it’s a much better story than the hair vitamin debacle So notify the drama channels put in a good word for me because sweetie. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to win. So basically I’m cancelled for collaborating with Buck Angel and a lot of trans people think Buck Angel is a horrible person and so my collaboration with Buck Angel is evidence that I too am a horrible person. Cancel culture trope 6 the transitive property of cancellation cancellation is infectious if you associate with a cancelled person the cancellation rubs off It’s like gonorrhea except doxycycline won’t save you this time sweetie. Look this whole incident hinges First of all on whether buck angel is in fact a horrible person So who is buck angel? Well, he’s a trans man of my parents generation he grew up in a world where there was not anything like the Visibility and access to information about transition we have today and where there was a strict medical Gatekeeping system in place for people who wanted to transition. In fact, Buck was the first female to male patient His doctor had ever treated in the 2000s he rose to prominence as an adult performer His gimmick at the time being the man with a pussy, but he also became an activist He wanted to create more positive trans representation within the porn world and from there He’d become a more general educator and advocate for trans people I first heard about him in the early 2010’s when I was doing some googling about some little gender issues I was having myself though I ended up deciding to remain a female and buck was one of the first Female-to-male people I’d ever heard about and he made an impact on me in part because You take one look at him and you think honey, that’s a man, but he was born a woman I can do that. So it’s not that he inspired me to transition or anything It’s just it was one of many moments along my whole entire gender journey, so I had positive feelings about tranpa that’s what he calls himself from back then and then a few months ago when I was feeling angry and miserable and Despised over another time. I was being canceled by trans Twitter. We’ll get to that one. Later I saw this post from Buck on Instagram dear beautiful human being I see your pain it is okay that you lash out at me you do this because I am you and You are reflecting yourself hate to me. I am strong and will be here for you forever And no matter what? This is my intention as a human being to help others. Love, Buck Angel. And the caption suffering That is why the trans community lashes out at each other I am very aware of the hate towards me by some in the community They hate on me and others because they are hurt and those were exactly the words. I needed to hear at that moment so I commented a heart and then buck to young to me and he said I love you and I was like Senpai noticed me. And so I said I love you back then when I was working on opulence I needed a voice actor to do a line from John Waters book and it was my co-director Theryn who suggested “Don’t you think buck angel sounds kind of like John Waters ?”and I said, “Well, he just messaged me on insta Let’s see if he wants to do it” and I just loved the idea of having Buck angel as John Waters in the video credits like a trans icon playing a gay icon in my head. It was just so well Iconic so he got in touch with buck about the line and he was like, yeah, I’d love to do it So here it is the 10-second voice-over clip that ruined a month of my life one must remember there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste to Understand bad taste one must have very good taste That’s it. Children. That’s why mommies cancelled. Now, I was aware at the time that trans Twitter hated buck angel But my thinking was well Trans Twitter kind of hates every trans celebrity and they certainly hate me so I wasn’t gonna let that stop me little did I know quite how vicious things were about to get. Now, so far I’ve been telling this story from my point of view, but I do want to give a fair and balanced account So I want to pause and contextualize why some trans people hate buck angels so much They’re willing to cancel anyone who even associate with him basically it all goes back to this old debate in the trans community known today and tumblr lingo as truscum versus transtrenders so truscum are trans people who distinguish between True trans people and fake trans people who they call trenders or tucutes Usually true scum think that what it is to be trans is to have a lifelong struggle with dysphoria to pursue a medical transition involving hormones and surgery and to socially reassimilate into your target binary gender so male or female anyone who is not that According to true scum must either be a confused teenager someone just trying to get attention Someone mistaking their trauma or their fetish for being trans in a word a trender so that’s a vigil transness that usually excludes non-binary people as well as people who don’t want to medically Transition for whatever reason and for that reason this view is sometimes also called Trans medical ism true scum obviously being the derogatory term for these people So true scum are very hated by a lot of trans people Because their viewpoint is that not all trans identities are valid and buck. Angel is widely perceived to be true scum So the next question to ask is “is this true?” Is buck angel In fact, truscum. Now my honest answer to that question is I don’t know He certainly said some things that sound like things truscum say I’ll give you that the point he likes to make a lot is that he’s transsexual not transgender and the difference between those terms is sometimes defined as Transsexual imply that you want to pursue medical transition so hormones and surgery and Transgender doesn’t imply that and people associate this I’m transsexual not transgender thing with true scum because true scum often call themselves Transsexuals and say that anyone who isn’t a transsexual isn’t really trans and often those people will be very mean to people they call trenders especially certain transmeicalist youtubers like Vanessa LeBlanc and Tucute Smasher 9000 *laughs* Tucute Smasher 9000. Roast me back Kalvin, I dare you *laughs* *ding* But I think it’s important to keep in mind that the term true scum is a product of the 2014 tumbler Wars and trying to apply it to trans people of an older generation can Sometimes be misleading like when buck angel transitioned the word transsexual was just the Word for his identity and he still identifies that way so when younger trans people tell him it’s wrong to use the word transsexual He feels like these ungrateful Millennials are invalidating his identity and I do understand where he’s coming from with that But I also understand why a lot of non-binary people are skeptical about buck Like he says again and again, I’m transsexual not transgender Like don’t mix me up with those people and that eagerness to separate himself from transgender people It comes across as hostility Like I don’t think he’s ever actually said that non-binary people aren’t valid, but I personally don’t like that He seems like he wants to distance himself from them. And that’s my disagreement with Buck. it’s not that he invalidates non-binary Identities because I don’t really see him doing that and if he was doing that I would have seen it because for the last two Months a lot of people have been doing nothing but sending me problematic buck angel tweets But as someone who cares a lot about non-binary people and who loves the non-binary people in my life It does upset me when he does this Distancing thing and I hope he listens to this criticism because I think it would be cool if he got better about this Of course buck is technically right that there are different kinds of trans people and I agree It’s important that we can make those distinctions and talk about the differences when they’re relevant. But I also think that as a community Trans people benefit from unity not division Like if you have an employer who discriminates against trans people, they’re not gonna care if you’re transsexual transgender non-binary or gender non-conforming They’re gonna discriminate against you regardless So we’re all in this together and there’s a lot of disagreements among us and we often don’t get along so well But politically I think we should work together as much as possible instead of splitting into little factions Because we share most of the same interests and I think the best way to do that is to build bridges instead of burning them And that’s why I’m willing to work with people like buck Angel who I have some disagreements with it creates a connection You know and having that connection can lead to communication and build understanding Also, I need all the connections I can get Gorge. I am very lonely It’s not a joke It’s true. Now. I get that some people have views that are so harmful that giving them a platform is potentially dangerous But in any case I didn’t even give Buck a platform to share his opinions I gave him a platform to be a John Waters Impersonator a bunch of people on my subreddit were like why couldn’t she just get John Waters to do those lions? Well, first of all I don’t actually know John but I just have a feeling he would write me off as some kind of tr*nny millennial Sjw like why is buck angel cancelled? But John Waters isn’t? Well, because trans Twitter does not know who John Waters is and let’s try to keep it that way! I actually mentioned this to a friend of mine who knows John and he told me that he and John have actually watched Buck Angel’s porn together. So plot twist Okay. So trans Twitter won’t forgive me unless I condemn buck angel as truscum and apologize for ever working with him but I’m not going to do that because I don’t think it would be the right thing to do and Doing it just to get my cellphone cancelled would be cowardly I’m happy to tell you I absolutely disagree with Buck’s divisive rhetoric about transsexual versus transgender I wish he would be an ally to the whole transgender umbrella instead of trying to distance himself from the rest and I’m happy to hear at the perspective of non-binary people who don’t trust him because I totally get where they’re coming from and I think that’s valid but I also Respect the decades if good Activism buck angel has done for trans people and I am grateful to him for that and in light of that I’m willing to give Him the benefit of the doubt about where his heart is and express my criticism in a more measured way than just Attacking who he is as a person, but Twitter needs to establish that he’s a horrible person Because this is the strategy they’ve chosen to establish that I am a horrible person And if the true scum allegation isn’t strong enough to prove it Oh, they have other pieces of evidence to fall back on to hold up their conclusion for example here’s a tweet claiming Natalie’s trying so fucking hard to make it sound like the only thing buck angel ever did was write a few iffy tweets and that’s just so fucking far from the truth. Dude launched a targeted tabloid harassment campaign outing a trans woman against her will with a specific intent of causing her physical emotional and professional harm, the shorter way of saying that is that, he wanted to make her suffer and she very well could have been killed. Yikes. This ain’t it, chief. Friendly reminder that this isn’t a good look. Maybe don’t try to get trans women killed. Disappointing, it sounds pretty serious. Let’s investigate. Here’s what I’ve managed to piece together; Scene 1: The year is 2003. Los Angeles where the movie world, the porn world, and the BDSM scene come together in a tale of heartbreak, betrayal and transsexualism. La-la-land! Dramatis personae: Buck Angel Transsexual porn star: Ilsa Strix Dominatrix, then wife of buck angel, Lana Wachowski, wildly successful director of the matrix (at the time, not yet out as a transgender woman). The synopsis is that Ilsa Strix and buck angel’s marriage ended after he also had an affair with lana wachowski, Who was not yet out as trans. So buck was understandably upset about the affair and in what seems like a petty act of revenge Told a series of magazines that this celebrity director wachowski was a crossdresser who had stolen his wife Which I guess was the information he had at the time So is that outing a trans woman against her will? Well, in retrospect It seems like it though that may not be what he thought he was doing at the time but to really get to the bottom Of this we have to do some digging we have to troll through the dirty details of trans people’s personal histories Which I’ve noticed is one of the Internet’s favorite activities So I actually went on eBay and I purchased Rolling Stone issue 9 91 January 2006 and I’m finally able to reveal the Seller canceled the order god dammit, but I was finally able to track down and translate a Spanish version of The Rolling Stone article from the wayback machine and I’m Finally able to expose the truth stop freeze exactly where you are Take a look at yourself and what all of us have been doing for the last thirty Seconds Who does this behavior remind you of if your answer is social justice advocates fighting for trans equality? You are incorrect if your answer is creepy stalkers who hate trans people I am very suspicious of anyone who’s online behavior prompts me to dig through articles full of dead names and sort of scandals involving trans people from almost two decades ago This is very similar to techniques used against trans people by internet fascists So I’m pretty suspicious of anyone pushing this kind of investigation How can you tell the difference between a trans anarcho socialists with an anime avatar and a Nazi? Pretending to be a trans anarcho socialist with an anime avatar. Well, you can’t Anonymous is anonymous is anonymous whether it’s on 4chan or twitter So unless buck angel Ilsa Strix or lana wachowski gets in touch with me and lets me know that for some Unimaginable reason they want me to publicly dig up their 17-year old divorce drama. This is none of my fucking business And it’s none of yours either so shut up and go back to Kiwi Farms. Where you belong Let’s Irish up this tea Doesn’t work as well with tea so Setting aside any tabloid drama that may have happened during the Bush administration I’m saying this is a cuntiest way and they deserve it. They fucking deserve the cuntiness I’m spilling whiskey tea all over my goddamn bathrobe. I’m a lady. She’s a woman The main argument against me usually references a collage of Buck Angel’s problematic tweets and this is supposed to be definitive evidence that he is a horrible person and therefore that I am a horrible person for collaborating with him well Here’s the thing though a collage of problematic tweets does not define a person and I’m very used to being defined that way myself So I know how unfair it can be before I ever collaborated with buck angel A lot of people on Twitter were already calling me true scum That’s been going on a year and a half now and any time my name comes up on Twitter a bunch of people respond to Saying Natalie as true scum Natalie’s a transmedicalist Natalie hates non-binary people and you should really think what kind of message you’re sending to your trans and non-binary followers by Platforming her and if the person defends me or argues back in any way They say I can’t believe you’re ignoring the valid concerns of marginalized people, you know They’re weaponizing their marginalised status as trans people to Isolate and attack another trans person and sometimes this stuff gets to my head too. I start asking myself. Wait am I a trans medicalist? Do I really believe all these awful things they say I believe? But the answer is no. I just don’t. These things they’re saying about me are 100% not true. You know, “believe marginalized people” is a norm that is encouraged in leftist spaces for good reason Much like believe victims or believe women and these norms were established to counterbalance the mainstream tendency Which is not to listen to marginalize people or to victims or to women But any norm can be abused and the blunt fact of the matter is sometimes Marginalized people are wrong Sometimes people calling themselves victims are obscuring a more complicated situation and it’s even happened once or twice That a woman has lied and the accusation that I’m truscum is Simply false. I mean first of all I don’t even think of my own transgenderism as a medical disorder much less everyone else’s. I have of course collaborated with doctors Spiegel et. all But I will not have my artistry reduced to mere medicine! Second, this accusation that I hate non-binary people is just No, no No, my thinking about trans identity has always been informed by non-binary people I used to identify it as non-binary myself before I medically transitioned and some of the closest people to me in my life today are non-binary trans people some of whom are also Transsexuals incidentally it’s complicated I’ve also made at least five videos on this channel arguing for the validity of non-binary gender identities going back more than three years so that’s five out of around fifty videos or ten percent of the content I’ve made on this channel is about Non-binary identity a few months ago I even made a 30-minute video called transtrenders which uses character dialogue to show what I think are the Shortcomings of trans medical ism but there’s still hundreds of people on Twitter Saying that I’m true scum who hates non-binary people and their main piece of evidence for that is a collage of my problematic tweets So let’s take a look at that Here’s the three tweets that I usually see scrapbooks together as definitive proof that I hate non-binary people This is the first one from September 2018 Notice how it’s taken out of context from the thread so you can’t even see what I’m talking about I’m sure this is not the experience of many n B’s and B means non-binary people I leave it to them to articulate what MB existence looks like in a binary world I do not and I cannot speak for them But surely Annika got I used to write like such a nerd But surely an account that begins and ends with I’m not a man because I don’t identify as one is pretty weak Okay when I wrote the Twitter thread that that tweet has been clipped out of I was defending myself from Accusations that my most recent video at the time the aesthetic was anti non-binary in that video Does a character name to Justine who defends a version of the performativity theory of gender? And basically I made this video to express some angst. I was feeling about the pressures of transitioning in the public eye This was a very one year on hormones moment for me, and I’ve already moved on in my thinking at that time I was very um My behavior must be perfectly feminine at all times or else. I’m not really a woman My self-esteem is totally based on sleeping with heterosexual men who them of my father And anyone who knows anything about trans women knows that most of us go through a stage like this at some point and some youtubers Never get out of it. But personally, I mean these days it doesn’t matter what I wear. It’s when I dream there Lilly’s dreams *laughs* Dragging the Danish girl. Well, fuck the Danish. I could never abide that sort of person We all know what I’m talking about. You can tell them the whisky is getting to me because I’m Being bigoted against the Danish these things come out, you know You get honest you get real? When you get a little bit of the Irish in your system, did I just fucking put lipstick outside the fucking lipliner? This is all Billie’s fault Lily Alba. Fuck her dreams. The point is when I was making the aesthetic I wasn’t even thinking about non-binary people and people will say that the fact that not every video I make references non-binary people is itself NB-phobic as I said about 1 in 10 of my videos is about non-binary identity, but Not all of them are and I feel entitled to make some videos that are just about trans women But still some people on Twitter were saying that the character Justine is a transmedicalist and because she …maybe wins the fictional debate in the video. I Natalie win am therefore a trans medical Asteria Chiva t theory of gender. The one that Justine defends in that video is Conceptually as far away from trans medical ism as it is possible to be trans medicalism says that trans identity is biological. It’s neurological its hormonal its diagnosable and treatable whereas Performativity says that gender is gesture. Its expression its performance. It’s a social phenomenon phenomenon phenomenon Phenomena mannan phenomenon performativity, it makes no reference to gender dysphoria or to any kind of medical concept at all So whereas trans medical ism is a kind of bio essentialism Performativity is a kind of social constructionism. So these are exact opposite theories of gender. Are you following along class? I’m not ready to drink jameson and tea until I died but some trans people felt invalidated by things justine says in that video and Trans medical ism is another thing that makes them feel invalidated So they decided that justine is a trans medical list and therefore that I am a trans medical list And this is literally just bad a media comprehension Like it’s a failure to plausibly interpret a video that some people did find genuinely emotionally difficult And so to the negative response to that video is just pure emotion I always hear I don’t care what you intended trans people were hurt by that video You hurt trans people but here’s the thing just because you were hurt by content I made doesn’t mean that the content is bad or that I’m victimizing you in some way. I’ll give an example I did a stream a couple years ago with a BDSM and kink activist We were talking about various kinks and we got to DDLG. Which is Daddy dom little girl basically when consenting adults roleplay age difference in the power dynamic that comes with that and me and this kink activists who are just Casually discussing what DD LG is what it isn’t When I noticed someone in the chat was starting to totally freak out they were typing in all caps Like my abuser used DD LG to justify raping me. Why are you defending my abuser? I can’t believe you’d betray me like this, please. Stop taking my abusers side, please stop I’m begging you This was actually really fucking upsetting to me because this person was clearly in a lot of pain They were having a panic attack because they were having a trauma trigger reaction to this conversation And I kept telling them to leave the stream and take care of themselves, but they wouldn’t do it So I had to block and then later get in touch and make sure they were okay now Was their pain very real? Yes. Was it triggered by the content? I was streaming Yes, but does that mean I did anything wrong? No, is it wrong to talk about kink and contacts where it’s clear? You’re going to be talking about kink No, but when you produce content online that’s going to be viewed by thousands or millions of people There’s always some people out there who are going to be hurt by it So if you want to argue that a tweet or a video I made is somehow immoral. I Think you need more of an argument than just people were hurt All right back to the tweet To this day people quote tweet the sentence but surely an account that begins and ends with I’m not a man because I don’t identify as one is pretty weak and they claimed this as evidence that I’m true scum or that I think people have to prove their identities somehow which is not at all what I was saying in that thread when I was saying is if you’re trying to persuade a Skeptic that trans identity is valid simply saying I’m not a man because I don’t identify as one isn’t a very good argument which it isn’t I mean no one has ever been persuaded by that so far as I’m aware that said I do now disagree with the Mindset I had when I tweeted this back fan I still delusionally believed that it was possible to rationally explain why trans identity is valid and I was simply looking for a more persuasive Argument then this is how I identify you have to believe me. No further questions But I no longer believe there can be any rational justification of gender identity, which is another reason I’m not a trans matica list trans medical ism tries to be a rational Theory about why trans identity is valid and I don’t think it succeeds as that I don’t think anything does my current opinion about this is that I’m not a man because I don’t identify as one is As good or rather as bad an argument as any you know Some things in life just can’t be rationally explained like love Why do you love the person you love? Well because you love them. You could write a poem about it or some gay shit like that But you can’t give any actual arguments and to why am I a woman? Because I’m a woman, that’s it. I mean I can describe my experiences and my feelings to you to help you understand better But I can’t logically prove anything and I’m super fuckin Sorry, if you can’t handle that mankind was set adrift in an absurd world. That must be super fucking hard for you Tell me all about it Next please Okay again We’re mid thread with missing context but the tweet says whereas I’ve met 20 year olds and full-on boy mode who are like hi I’m a trans woman. She her pronouns So I guess by including this tweet in the contra points is problematic collage People are implying that I don’t think it’s valid for someone who presents male to identify as a woman and requests she/her pronouns Well, that’s not true. I was surprised when I first experienced this, but I think it’s valid next Okay, mid thread no context once again But now you go into these leftist discord Facebook groups and like 20 to 30 percent identify as some flavor of trans Most of them are not conventional binary transsexuals that seems to be the future, okay Well, it’s true that many left his discord servers are like this but reading this back I don’t like the way the phrase Conventional binary transsexuals is hitting my ear. I can see how it could imply that non-binary identities are somehow Newfangled which isn’t true. There’s been non-binary people for longer than there’s been medical transsexuals. In fact So we’ll call this a bad tweet I apologize for tweeting it and I apologize to any non-binary people who felt trivialized by it Okay, this is the big one this tweet got its own article in the fucking Guardian You know, I really wish people would pay less attention to the tweets I spend 30 seconds making and a little more attention to the videos that I spend, you know hundreds of hours making Anyway, let’s look at the tweet. This is the most scrutinized paragraph I’ve ever written and it’s so mediocre This has happened to me before in hyper woke Spaces like it’s me and a bunch of sis women and we all have to go in a circle saying she her because I’m there There’s this paradox where I can go to a sports bar in North Carolina and be miss ma’am doll night No question, but in self-consciously trans inclusive spaces I have to explain my pronouns and watch woke people awkwardly correct themselves Every time they say you guys I guess it’s good for people who use they/them only and want only gender-neutral language But it comes at the minor expense of semi possible transes like me and that’s super fucking hard for us so people interpreted this tweet as me being against the practice of sharing pronouns, which I’m literally just not like I’ve actually been the person who initiates the pronoun circle many times the backstory of this tweet is basically that I once got triggered in a situation where I was with a bunch of sis women and we all had to go around saying our pronouns and like a typical triggered tr*nny I tiptoed over to Twitter to tip top type it out But here’s the thing, but the end of this thread I had already talked myself away from the initial frustration I was expressing if you know my videos in my voice then you know me saying it comes at the minor expense of semi possible trances in a super fucking hard for us is Sarcastic, it’s a minor expense. It’s not actually very hard for us gorge. It’s fine The people on Twitter don’t watch my videos and they don’t get sarcasm. So people flipped out over this I was getting dragged and it made the poor decision to try to solve the tweet problem with more tweeting which 100% of the time is like trying to put out a fire with lighter fluid So me and my dumb Brain, did another short thread trying to clarify what I was saying and defending my right to talk about my own experiences That didn’t make things any better so in a state of anger and frustration I tweeted out yet another thread and this time I said some truly stupid things including the now-infamous line I sometimes feel like the last of the old-school transsexuals I honestly don’t know what the fuck I was even trying to say. I don’t feel like the last of the old-school Transsexuals, I don’t even know what that means. I guess. I basically meant that offline I don’t have any radical aspirations, you know, I want to be inconspicuous I want to blend in and that’s what I meant by old school You know, I want people to assume my pronouns, you know It’s funny because it is very different from the way. I am online where I’m totally shameless and open I’m like sexual confession. Everybody’s sexual confession. I have abnormal urges *whispers* It’s one a.m and my neighbors can definitely hear that They know I have abnormal urges now they already knew that *laughs* but often I’m an inconspicuous pussy like a total coward, so This was a rage thread and I apologize for tweeting it Let’s go back to buck angel I’m kind of a conscientious objector to the practice of condemning someone based on a collage of their worst tweets taken out of context But I definitely do have anxiety about this like I think I’m doing the right thing by not condemning buck as true scum and evil, but I Mean I could be wrong What if I am basically sacrificing myself for the sake of a person who really is as bad as Twitter says Maybe tomorrow he’ll tweet fuck non-binary people and then I’ll have fucked up This whole thing is incredibly stressful to me But I do believe that by refusing to participate in the anti buck angel pile on I am erring on the morally safer side of things because even if he is a little true scummy excommunicating him from the trans community is still Probably not the best approach to take in my experience when people accept binary but not non-binary trans people It usually takes like a 30 minute conversation to win them over to some level of non-binary acceptance It’ll give you a couple examples the first time I was ever cancelled like Totally trashed on Twitter was back in 2017 when I had not yet medically transitioned and at the time I identified as non-binary and VidCon 2017 I met up with a youtuber named June who had made some videos where she basically mocked the idea of non-binary people and I posted a picture of the brunch I had with June and some other people but let’s keep Them out of it and people on Twitter. Totally dragged me for being a peak liberal boot licker who’s best friends with transphobic abusers Christ fucking people man So fucking frustrating and you know, I’m not gonna claim I change June’s mind because I don’t know what her thought process was But I did talk to her about non-binary Identity and she did remove her anti non-binary videos and I don’t have any regrets about that brunch *slurp* *crash then scream* Example – a couple months later. I did a livestream with a conservative trans woman youtuber named. Um What was her name? Sharon? Sharon- was it Sharon? I guess she’s just not a very memorable person anyway she had made some videos saying that non-binary identities aren’t real but I gave her a chance and she Surprised me by being super compassionate and thoughtful by the end of that stream. She was pretty much totally accepting of my identity So again, the point is not that I’m some kind of persuasive genius if I was a persuasive genius Maybe I could talk myself out of being cancelled the point. Is that sometimes? people who seem ignorant or hateful just need to be given a non-judgmental space to learn and grow and think and to just condemn them as hopeless bigots actually prevents that growth from happening and Sharon despite her, you know totally forgettable personality turned out to be an incredibly open-minded person like later on she actually made an apology video to non-binary people and I became good friends with her and We work together on most of the videos I’ve made this year, you know until she ruined my life by recommending and canceled John Waters impersonator I guess the moral is never talk to people you disagree with it will only lead to pain I do think there’s something off with my hormone dose like I’m crying three times a day. Oh, and I can’t cum unless There’s vibrators in at least three of my holes. It happens like once a month there has to be a full moon I honestly only still bother because it numbs the pain for a few moments What I’m trying to say is I really do believe in conversation which means a hearing out multiple perspectives I don’t want my audience to get all their information about trans people from me And I think it’s important to listen to criticism So I encourage my audience to go watch some non-binary youtubers who have criticized me and criticized buck angel for example Go check out non-binary youtuber look Sanders video about me and non-binary youtuber cORFO days video about buck Angel, I think YouTube as a platform is better at producing Criticism rather than canceling and I think that’s because at least in the vlog format Making a video forces you to confront the fact that you’re a human being with a face and a name Who can be held accountable for the things that you say but people on Twitter? It’s a different story and I think it’s time. We take a look at what canceling really is I’ve given you enough context now for you to understand what I’m about to show you Which is what I saw on my timeline every day for nearly a month All these tweets are from the aftermath of my uploading opulence two months ago when the buck angel Scandal first broke and so I’m gonna hold my hands now because this gets ugly Hey, if any of you still support contra planes after her bigging up in collaborating with notable TERF favorite and true scum fuck angel you’re no friend to gender nonconforming non-passing and non-binary trans people fuck her and fuck her fucking rift I am Absolutely furious right now weird how I’m 30 and trans and managed not to be a true scum Maybe I’m just some kind of anomaly or maybe contra points is a conniving rat fucking kap Oh who could do with a fully wound backhand to the mouth since I matter Twitter jail now I just want to say fuck contra points her sycophantic stans and all her bread tube chums who closed ranks to protect her after she throws the rest of the trans community under the bus for profit Natalie Wynn is a fucking grifter contra points videos are now just style of her substance So that explains why she took to TERF ideology so well ContraPoints working with truscum now Definitively proves that pretty much everyone defending contra points just hates enbies and are also true scum legit gonna start unfollowing peeps that continue to follow contra points at This point dunno my wedding of pretty much everyone I know there are some that were probably blindsided by this somehow so long as you know, that contra points is true scum You’re safe and cool eat shit Natalie for someone who used to identify as genderqueer we expected more from you But I guess when your heads this far up your own ass, it’s hard to consider others contra points more like disappoints. Oh That’s a good one. If you’re gonna drag me at least be funny fuck buck angel. fuck contra points. Fuck any real Transsexual fuck your grift Here’s what hashtags contra point stands don’t understand if Natalie refuses to accept That she has an apology to make and continues profiting from it. It will become our responsibility to work on deep platforming earth Just like every other racist sexist bigoted content creator No one has actually suggested or attempted to actually cancel her but the longer this goes on without an apology and commitment to be better The stronger the case becomes for actively working to deplatform her So, in other words, no one has suggested we should cancel her, but… we should cancel her. Great. Can everyone finally agree that ContraPoints belongs directly inside a garbage can? Here I am, sweetie. ContraPoints collaborating with Angel Buck- Angel Buck? Thanks for letting us all know that you had no idea who he even was until Twitter notified you what to be outraged about. ContraPoints collaborating with Angel Buck, a transmedicalist who once outed a trans person to try and destroy them, and supporting him because “he looks and sounds like a proper man” isn’t a small itty bitty tipsy topsy fucking mistake. This is a huge deal. ContraPoints could be literally collaborating with Hitler- [Bell rings] We have a Hitler comparison! ContraPoints could be literally collaborating with Hitler today and y’all would be like: “Oh well, she’s just a little flawed, you know.” Fuck off! Can Natalie Wynn stop being a coward and commit to being a transmed? It’s really tiring to watch this happen every week. Natalie Wynn is a spoiled brat who refuses to take accountability. Anyone who supports Natalie Wynn does not support non-binary people. Natalie Wynn is such a terrible person my G-d. Every cis and not non-binary person who thought Natalie Wynn wasn’t trans-med now owes me and every non-binary person fifty dollars. Joe Biden has a better position on the validity of non-binary genders than ContraPoints. My opinion is that Contrapoints really sucks a lot and I don’t like her. I hate contra points so G-ddamn much it’s unbelievable. ContraPoints be like: “Let’s hate some non-binary people.” It’s a very good impression of me. You’re doing very good sweetie. You’re doing very very good. Buck Angel is a TERF apologiser, boot-licker and truscum. Any association with him must be seen as hostile to the trans community as a whole, let alone denial of non-binary existence. That’s the line in the sand folks. Where do you stand? And here we fucking are dude. Buck fucking Angel on ContraPoints. Eat my entire ass. Ha! What?! This is Natalie. Natalie is a transmedicalist. This is Natalie’s friend, Lindsey. Lindsey is a LeftTuber. Natalie and Lindsey are still friends because Natalie and Lindsey [Contra giggles] are both cowards. LeftTube is a grift. Oh they made me the man. The shade. Issues that arose with [incomprehensible noise] being in Contra’s new video: Her video on TERFs make no sense now; Her video on transtrenders makes no sense now- You know, if your interpretation of why I cast Buck Angel totally contradicts the videos I spent hundreds of hours making, do you think maybe your interpretation could be wrong? (Apparently not.) Her apology is completely void; Sends a message that she hates non-binary people; She is reckless with her content. Positives that arose from Buck Angel being in Contra’s new video: She, uh, has FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars this month from Patreon- Huh! Four hundred thousand?! This number is completely made-up, like it is exponentially wrong. Four hundred thousand dollars! Four hundred thousand dollars a month! Hot Take: ContraPoints is the leftist PewDiePie. Personally, I like to characterise her as the “Blair-White-Wolf and leftist sheep’s clothing”. Reminder that ContraPoints is a piece of shit who still has not apologised for platforming truscum, and is actively taking their side. Anyway, if you still support ContraPoints get the hell away from me. Pee-pee, poo-poo I’m ContraPoints and I can’t stop being a transmedicalist and shitting myself in public. [Tumblr whine.] [Giggling] Valid criticisms of marginalised people… Fuck ContraPoints. Fuck truscum. ContraPoints is a truscum. ContraPoints is a truscum. ContraPoints is a truscum. ContraPoints is a truscum. ContraPoints is a tru- You know when you repeat the same fucking sentence over and over again… [Inebriated mumbling] [Coughs] You know when you repeat the same sentence over and over again- It actually doesn’t get more persuasive; In fact, it might get less persuasive because true things usually only have to be said once. [Tongue pop] If you still support ContraPoints, unfollow me immediately and never interact with me again! In conclusion, fuck Natalie Wynn and fuck everything she has to say. [Drops phone and sighs] Okay! Let’s get started. So, that was just a sample of hundreds and hundreds of tweets- and all of this, let me remind you, is over a ten-second voice-over clip in a 48 minute video about a completely unrelated topic. Like, how do you work? How do you create when a decision so trivial can become the main event for weeks of your life? And the tweets are just the beginning. After that there’s the Reddit threads, and the YouTube comments, and the Facebook discourse, and the Medium posts, and the Newsweek article. Opulence is a video me and Theryn spent hundreds of hours carefully piecing together. I think it’s my best video And to have the response to it completely overwhelmed by one minor and casting decision is Heartbreaking and infuriating to me and it’s left me with much less energy to create new things But here’s the thing people on Twitter saying mean things about me is not the worst of it, not even close like I’m a politically opinionated trans woman who publicly transitioned while making anti-fascist content on a notoriously right-wing platform Oh Sweaty, I am so used to reading mean things about myself online Most of you probably can’t even begin to imagine how used to it I am And the way you Psychologically survive in that situation is you block the people in platforms who are harassing you and you pay it no mind But there’s some things you can’t block and a big one is you can’t block people from going after your friends and colleagues and that is exactly What people did to me at the height of the buck angel incident Lindsey Ellis, Olly from philosophy tube, and Hbomber guy all got inundated with tweets demanding that they publicly disowned me, a person they’ve all been friends with for years, or else in response to demands that she apologized Lindsey released a statement where she said I was not involved in opulence My name was mentioned in it, but I did not participate in the production Therefore with regards to calls for me to apologize I have to ask Apologize for what? There is only one logical answer Apologize for being friends with Natalie and here’s a response to her statement I don’t need to consider you my fucking friend to disagree with beliefs You knowingly solicit or allow on your platform same with contra It just means you’re willing to allow awful ideas to fester for the sake of financial gain, which is fine But it makes you a piece of shit and here’s a comment on Hbomber guy I doubt that you are gonna read this But can you please just tell us your thoughts on that whole situation so we could at least know that you were on our side? We don’t want to have to cancel all of y’all and cause bread tube to go into a schism as a result of this Thank you. Nice YouTube channel you have there friend, would be a shame of someone canceled it So fucking sinister. Olly of philosophy tube released his own statement affirming his support of non-binary people but adding Sadly, I’ve also been harassed, threatened, doxxed, had my private life speculated on and my loved ones insulted; in recognizing the feelings of those who kindly raised their concerns in a polite way, I do not wish to legitimize the great many people who use their hurt as a cover for Unacceptable toxic and abusive behavior and here are some responses to oli as a non-binary fan of yours I’m disappointed in this non apology Again, what exactly is he supposed to be apologizing for, ever having associated with me? Things we are going to criticize Olly philosophy tube for: being a sniveling hypocritical piece of shit, refusing to listen to trans people, Actively openly and repeatedly mocking the trans people he refuses to listen to. thanks for the apology, now stop endorsing contra points Now keep in mind that with these Twitter people are doing is demand that cis people Publicly condemn a trans woman for loosely associating with another trans person. Does that strike anyone else is wildly inappropriate? Even Mia Mulder, a trans woman who is never publicly associated with me, got attacked because she tweeted a heart at Olly, you know after he made the post discussing being doxxed and threatened and just for that she gets put on the enemy list I’m sad to say that Mia is on the list of people that have stood by Contrapoints as she has continued to be a bigoted piece of shit to which Mia responds: stood by contra points, Jesus Christ No matter what I do people call me out and I’m not even related to the video and I don’t even know Natalie The chain of guilt by association is so long and twisted I can barely even follow it So they’re going after Mia Who tweeted a heart at Olly Who failed to condemn me for my voice-over casting of buck angel who was retweeted by a terf we’re only missing a couple of degrees of Separation before every living person on the planet Earth is cancelled over the buck angels situation and several colleagues of mine By the way, Lindsey, Harry, Olly, they all took a financial hit over this They’ve all lost some patreon support One of the Lansing’s former supporters even demanded a $38 lifetime refund saying dear Lindsey I’m sorry for being pushy but I really am going to be needing a refund I gave money to your Operation under the pretense that you wouldn’t do anything morally objectionable And supporting contra points and blaming us for taking issue with thought is, in my opinion, amoral Please respond. I hope she sent it to them in pennies So look I’m very grateful to my colleagues for sticking by me through all this but I’m also aware that I’m becoming a burden To anyone who associates with me. I have no collaborators in this video I’m working on this totally alone because I’m aware of how radioactive I am right now And I don’t want to contaminate anyone else during the height of this most recent cancelling a creator I admire dm’d me to let me know I cut the shout-out to you in my last video because I was nervous to draw the ire of your Detractors were getting genuinely scary, but I wouldn’t want you to think I was disavow you regardless of how many people are asking me to Jesus Christ the situation here. Is that any cis person who defends me or even associates with me in any way will be labeled a transphobe. any binary trans person who associates with me will be branded an NB-phobe and any Non-binary people who associate with me will be ostracized from their own community. So in the Internet, I find myself increasingly alone. I’m Isolated by the harassment. And that is ultimately the point: to exile me from my community, from any Community and it’s all because I refuse to participate in doing exactly that to buck angel My experiences have made me so disillusioned with the idea that social media call-outs can lead to any kind of justice that I’ve essentially sworn off participating amount there’s a fairly prominent figure in leftist politics who I could absolutely Hashtag me too but I’m never gonna do it because I have no faith left in the process of call out vigilante justice And I’m not saying I’m totally against me too-ing people, Because I think in some cases it totally is the brave and admirable thing to do but in my case I feel like I just know too much about the dark side of social media shaming to ever want to Participate in it again, you know, I feel like the story would end up being taken out of my control warped and twisted in all kinds of Unpredictable ways that would end up just haunting both me and the person I’d be accusing which in this case Honestly neither of us deserves, so I’m just not willing to take that risk except maybe in some very extreme situation Which this just isn’t it’s not worth it and likewise when a mob is at my doorstep Demanding I condemn buck angel to save myself from cancellation No I’m just not gonna do that. I’m a conscientious objector I’m willing to go to Twitter jail for this take me away boys If there’s one thing I can’t stand It’s bread Tube videos part 8 now the philosophy of being fucked in the ass. ugh I have done this to YouTube and I’m sorry. So look Canceling is not criticism. It is not holding someone accountable. It is an attack on a human being in this video I use the word cancelling more or less synonymously with what feminists show freeman author of the bitch manifesto calls Trashing and I’ve linked her essay trashing the darkside of sisterhood and the description it was originally published in ms. Magazine in 1976 but it is a perfect description of what goes on on trans twitter today. It is not disagreement It is not conflict. It is not opposition These are perfectly ordinary phenomena Which when engaged in mutually honestly and not excessively are necessary to keep an organism or organization healthy and active Trashing is a particularly vicious form of character assassination Which amounts to psychological rape is manipulative? dishonest and excessive it is occasionally disguised by the rhetoric of honest conflict or covered up by denying that any disapproval exists at all But it is not done to expose disagreements or resolve differences it is done to disparage and destroy whatever methods are used trashing involves a violation of one’s integrity a declaration of one’s worthlessness and impugning of one’s motives in effect What is attacked is not one’s actions or one’s ideas but one’s self and that’s what distinguishes Trashing bullying or abuse from criticism or holding accountable Criticism attacks your actions or beliefs, but when people are canceling me they’re not bringing up my problematic tweets because they want me to revise my beliefs No what they’re doing is Accumulating evidence to support the case They’ve decided to make that I am a horrible person who must be shunned, you know, the only sense in which I am Like to say the new Blair White is that I think I actually have now Snatched a Vanessa’s crown as the most hated Tran on Tran Twitter Vanessa I’ve tried to feud with you feud with me goddamnit. You can have a one-sided feud I don’t want to be one of those trans youtubers that just drags other trans people all day and they never respond That would be really pathetic The new Laci green that’s the other one the newest in a series of women you’ve decided to treat like supervillains Maybe reflect on that habit a little bit. Hmm and Supervillain is the right word. Like I’m the bad guy, duh I’m the enemy and what you do with the enemy Well, you disavow disowned deep platform and destroy as that one. Tweet put it dots the line in the sand folks Where do you stand if you adequately demonstrate your searing hatred of Natalie win? Then you’re safe and cool. But if you don’t You’re on the wrong side of the line sweaty and you two are now the enemy. Cancel culture trope 7 Dualism certain ancient religions teach their followers to understand the cosmos as a struggle between light and dark good and Evil and cancel culture does it more or less the same thing? It’s binary thinking people are either good or they’re bad and to add to that essentialism If a person says or does a bad thing we should interpret that as the mask slipping as a momentary glimpse of their essential wickedness And anyone who wants to remain good had better be willing to publicly condemn anyone The community has decided is bad there really is something Dystopian about this you have to be willing to accuse other people to prove your own innocence That’s the line in the sand folks Where do you stand and the most extreme version of this all bad people are equally bad So collaborating with true scum means you may as well be true scum And of course being true scum is tantamount to being a TERF and on trans twitter It is a known fact that TERFs are Nazis and this implies that Nazis TERFs true scum people who associate with true scum people who fail to condemn people who associate with true scum people who offer emotional Support to people who fail to condemn people who associate with true scum, all of them must be treated the same way Deep platform her just like every other racist sexist bigoted content creator a fully wound backhand to the mouth I recently read a book by Sarah Schulman called conflict is not abuse overstating harm community responsibility and the duty of repair basically Shulman’s argument is that in various contexts from romantic relationships to Community infighting to international politics. The overstatement of harm is used as a justification For cruelty and for escalating conflict. So for example, and this is my example not Shulman’s. TERFs Fixate on the exaggerated danger that trans women Supposedly posed to cis women and in very classic overstatement of harm They’ll describe everything They don’t like as a rape. Trans women entering women’s spaces is rape. Trans women existing— Janis Raymond—is rape and then they use that exaggerated harm as a justification to Retaliate against them to doxx and harass and shun well the same kind of logic is used to justify abusive behavior within the trans community—the dualistic thinking, the essentialism, the pseudo-moralism all of this allows people on Twitter to treat me in an Obviously abusive way all the while Feeling like they’re doing the right thing because they’re attacking The enemy and I realize that some people will say that I’m the one who’s overstating harm to evade criticism well look
you’ve seen the tweets the furious demands for me to be exiled the Doxing and threatening and ordering a round of my colleagues the attempts to isolate me from a community the attacks not on my actions But on Who I am as a person there’s not really anything ambiguous about this It’s just abuse, but I don’t think it feels like abuse to the people who are doing it They feel like they’re punching up because I’m a Celebrity with a platform and lots of twitter followers and it’s true that I do have more power than any of them individually but as a elective they have a terrifying power that they don’t seem to be aware of as individuals as Jon Ronson author of a great book on public shaming put it I suppose that when shamings are delivered like remotely remotely administered drone strikes Nobody needs to think about how ferocious our collective power might be the snowflake never needs to feel Responsible for the Avalanche and that’s how you get these situations where you have hundreds of people endlessly Bashing someone who’s already been knocked to the ground and feeling all the while like they’re punching up, you know There’s actually a kind of power and safety in anonymity and obscurity and there are many ways that being a public figure Makes you really vulnerable for example You’re more vulnerable to daxing stalking and harassment on a scale that most people probably can’t even imagine You’re vulnerable to having your reputation permanently degraded in a way that people who are posting anonymously Or pseudonymous lee are pretty much in venerable – and a lot of the people who are attacking me. They’re not pausing to self-reflect They’re not holding themselves accountable for the consequences of their actions they’re just venting their unfiltered rage, but in response to these attacks, I As a powerful person with a platform. I’m not allowed to react like a human being I’m not allowed to get angry I’m not allowed to show pain. I’m not allowed to get defensive. I’m not allowed to lash out All I’m allowed to do is go totally numb on the inside as I try to frantically Calculate the ideal public relations response that pays due deference to the valid concerns of these poor Marginalized people all the while ignoring the tsunami of verbal abuse that’s crashing over me you know people on Twitter they don’t try to Persuade me. Like I’m a human being they order me around they tell me what to believe They demand that I say exactly what they want me to say or else it’s extremely Objectifying they don’t treat me like a person with my own opinions and feelings. They treat me as this like Brand of moral commodity to be consumed or denounced and this is all terribly ironic because of the conflicting demand that creators be Authentic all the time One thing that always frustrates me about these situations is there’s this demand that you apologize Instantly and there’s this perception that a fast apology is more sincere than a delayed one But in fact, the opposite is true, it takes longer than a couple hours to cool down lower your defenses Listen learn grow Seriously reflect on what you may have done or said that was wrong that can take days or weeks or months I had to do my October am a stream for patreon and at the beginning of the stream I gave my emotional half formed reaction to the buck angel situation and some traitor on my patreon transcribed that part of the stream and disseminated it on Twitter just to instigate another round of canceling you’re not allowed a chance to think or feel and because Supposedly the best thing to do from a PR perspective is to apologize immediately canceling produces a lot of insincere bullshit apologies from people who haven’t in fact Learned anything and I think most people are aware of that In fact, I think the demand for an apology itself is often insincere if you’re being canceled rather than criticized The line in the sand has been drawn you and all your kin have been declared the enemy Apologized to Twitter at this point I may as well apologize too for camp dear. 4chan. I am super fucking sorry I called you thin wristed otaku shitweasels who like looking at pictures of little girls I have been trying to educate myself and learn from my mistakes And I now realize that’s only seventy percent of you like once you’re canceled You can really do. No right if you apologize The apology will be declared a manipulative attempt to save face. And in fact, it will be used as further evidence of what a Machiavellian Psychopath you really are if you try to explain or defend yourself I mean, first of all you almost certainly dig yourself in deeper, but even if you’re articulate and correct You’ll still be seen as unable to take criticize and as ignoring the hurt of marginalized people and if he just goes silent You’ll be seen as a coward fleeing accountability, even though there’s lots of reasons why you might go silent maybe you’re taking a few days away from social media to try to cool down and think clearly Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the harassment that you’ve just shut down Let’s do shots wants to do a shot with me don’t you to shot with me? Let’s do a shot Tequila shot is my favorite. I like the whole Salt tequila-lime ritual. It’s just very satisfying to me the end of that bottle Okay just started You feel warm right away, you know feeling more it’s like oh Hey, how are you happiness? Hey, how are you feeling that life is worth to living. It’s a good moment You’re like, oh this isn’t okay. This is gonna be okay I can get through this It’s how it starts to watch out for that. So look, I really don’t like to represent myself as a victim That’s not really a narrative that I identify with but for the purposes of communicating what effect cancelling has I feel like I should say something about the pain much of the happiness that you might expect to come along with success has been taken away from me by This constant fury that surrounds me try to think about this rationally. I’m a Libra Sun Ycs, Moon being cancelled is hell for me. You know, I want to be liked by everyone and I’m starting to think I might be in the wrong career for that in a way leftist twitter finally accomplished with 4chan Nazis stalkers and turf’s Have been trying and failing to do to me for years. They’ve made Twitter into a platform so hostile to my existence that I’ve decided to leave it forever and they Demoralized me to the point I could barely get out of bed for a month And I know that sounds really melodramatic, but I’m just trying to be honest with you about What a melodramatic person I am I find I have Trouble convincing people of the severity of the pain that being cancelled causes because I think it’s just hard to imagine If you haven’t been through it yourself And I don’t know a more succinct way to convey it to you than by telling you that in the last few years I’ve been harassed by Nazis. I’ve been harassed by turfs. I’ve been stalked. I’ve been doxxed I’ve been threatened I’ve been sexually assaulted and the pain of being Canceled of being totally trashed by other trans people online for years Has been more difficult for me to cope with than all the rest of it combined Joe Freeman actually describes how I feel better than I think I can describe it myself I was one of the first in the country perhaps the first in Chicago to have my character my commitment and my very self at out in such a way by movement women that have left me torn and little pieces and unable to Function it took me years to recover and even today the wounds have not entirely healed this attack is accomplished by making you feel that your very Existence is inimical to the movement and that nothing can change this short of ceasing to exist These feelings are reinforced when you are isolated from your friends as they become convinced that their association with you is similarly animal to the movement and to themselves Any support of you will taint them eventually all your colleagues join in in a chorus of condemnation Which cannot be silenced and you are reduced to a mere parody of your previous self Yeah, that just about sums it up now as it happens I am going to survive this because I have very deliberately built a support network that will be there for me Regardless of what online trans communities say and I have very deliberately done that because early in my transition back in 2017 I Relied very heavily on the online leftist trans community for all kinds of emotional support, you know when you’re early in transition I mean It just sucks you Feel like the whole world is against you and I talk about this a little bit in my last video You know feeling like a freak show walking down the street and even if you’re lucky enough to have a supportive family Like usually it still is gonna take them a while to come around at first. They don’t got it They say things to you Like aren’t you worried? You’ll regret this and like they struggle with your name and pronouns, which is understandable But at the same time it makes you feel like you’re not being seen for who you are so you need a kind of second family that understands how you’re feeling and acts happy about your Transition and validates your gender and for the first couple months of my transition. I found that in this world of online transgender leftism well that didn’t last long because well I was what two months into my transition when? First I did an interview with the journal is Jesse single and then I agreed to do a debate with Theron and Vanessa so that’s a long story but in short I Associated with a string of people that trans Twitter considers the enemy and Trent’s Twitter tore me apart over this and it completely broke my heart because I was really leaning on Basically emotional support from strangers online seems really stupid in retrospect and actually turned against me I decided one that I was never going to rely on this group of people again and two That I was going to have to find acceptance elsewhere and in retrospect I think this actually may have been good for me in a roundabout way Because I was kicked out of the safe space and I dropped out mentality and so basically I was thrown into the deep end of reality and forced to sink or swim and I don’t know if my Transition or my channel would be where they are today if it hadn’t been for that trial by fire I’ll be swimming through fire or are we mixing metaphors? The point is I’m more Armored against cancelling than I was two years ago and the reason why is I have acquired a certain level of privilege and security and Independence from any one community so that if one community cancels me, I still have somewhere else to go You know the people who are most vulnerable to cancel culture are not white guy comedians. They’re not James Charles. They’re not me They are marginalized people who feel like they have nowhere else to go when they’re rejected by their community. That means Struggling trans people with a few hundred Twitter followers. It means a lot of sex workers It means people who totally rely on activist circles for emotional and material support. I’ll quote Roe Freeman one more time I had survived my youth because I had never given anyone or any group the right to judge me that right I had reserved to myself, but the movement seduced me by its sweet promises sisterhood It claimed to provide a haven from the ravages of a sexist society a place where one would be understood It was my very need for feminism and feminists that made me vulnerable I gave the movement the right to judge me because I trusted it and when it judged me worthless, I Accepted that judgment There’s a really irritating point that people on the Left like to make that goes well cancelling doesn’t really end anyone’s career Cancelled people usually get a new job or keep their platform. So I guess it’s not really that bad, huh? I think people say this because they’re trying to mitigate any sense of guilt They might feel about how they’re treating people because it’s a really stupid argument. There’s lots of things that don’t end your life They’re still terrible But also there’s cases where cancelling has ended someone’s life on December 5th 2017 a porn star named – August Eames killed herself by hanging in a public park after being Cancelled on Twitter over a homophobic tweet on December 3rd She tweeted whichever lady Performer is replacing me tomorrow for erotica acts News you’re shooting with a guy who was shot gay porn just to let you know BS is all I can say shrug do agents really not care about who they’re representing la Direct I do my homework for my body. So I’ve never worked in porn So I can’t really tell you what the norms are around women working with men who have done gay porn But the tweet certainly sounds homophobic to me and that seems to be the consensus of other industry people on Twitter So Twitter did his thing People in August’s community called her a homophobe and lashed out at her and as always happens plenty of passers-by Jumped in to throw tomatoes at the woman in the stocks over the next few days August tweeted several more times Going through the usual stages that you go through when you’re being canceled first. She defended herself She claimed most other women in the industry feel the same as her then she said she’s bisexual and therefore she couldn’t be homophobic Then she said fine I’ll guess I’ll be fake and I have opinions then then she started by moaning how mean twitter is and she got really defended About her right to choose who she sucks with and she latched out of the people attacking her and then in her final tweet She just said fuck y’all and went to the park that night and killed herself. This is all so familiar to me I feel like I’m able to relive with her each stage of this emotional process There’s that first moment when you realize the outrage is beginning and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach and an anger Feeling misunderstood and then the bargaining the fear and finally the shame and the despair and here’s the thing I totally agree with her critics that her tweet was bad. Of course she has the right to say no for any reason, but she publicly expressed this in a homophobic way, but She was still a person who deserves to live and I think there’s got to be a better way to deal with these situations Than just trashing someone until they kill themselves. And I know it’s never as simple as Twitter made her kill herself There’s always other things going on in the background but the point I’m making is Cancelling is more dangerous to marginalized people because marginalized people generally have more things going on in the background John Watson did an investigative podcast about her death and it goes into how she was sexually abused as a child Abandoned by her father. She was living with a boyfriend. She was kind of emotionally detached from it a few weeks earlier She’d filmed a scene with a guy who was unnecessarily rough and mean and who mistreated her so she was kind of traumatized by that and so she was kind of on edge and really Defensive about who she worked with when she was tweeting that the backlash happened and since she had no other support network she probably felt like the only community she had turned against her and that’s a really painful feeling she must have felt so Despised which is how I have felt for the last two months. I feel despised and Burdensome and I can imagine how a person who feels that way could have an impulsive Couple hours where they think their best option is suicide I mean I can more than imagine it because I’ve been there myself and I’m still here because at those moments I’ve been with good friends who took care of me and By friends, I do mean xanax But I’ve also survived because there’s a lot of people on the internet who would be very entertained if I killed myself and I Simply refused to give them the satisfaction. Oh, no bitch find chess to live as long as far as what of sheer spite I mean who needs a guardian angel when you can make it through Christmas after Christmas On the fumes of total contempt. What I’m really trying to say is Merry Christmas you god damn assholes *crash* Holy Night the stars are brightly shining Yeah, yeah, yeah No, yeah. Yeah. Yeah No, yeah To get my lesbian pliers out again Have a super fucking happy new-year gorg, how am I gonna get this bathtub out of my apartment? Anyone in Baltimore want a bathtub? Leave a comment if you want a bathtub Alright, I need to take a deep breath because let’s be honest I’ve got one crack away from attacking my own Twitter followers with an umbrella I had about one breakdown away from going on a rampage and making a suit out of women’s skin. Just kidding I would never do that there on a bad skin day. I’ve given it serious consideration Oh, I’ll be fine I’ve gotta sober up anyway, because I’m having more plastic surgery in a couple days and plastic surgery That’s about the only thing holding me together at this point. Oh You tubing that this is a healthy profession. This is great. Anyone want my job Stop right up. All you have to do is make informative and entertaining videos about extremely controversial topics while of course representing the full range of experiences in the LGBTQIAA+ spectrum and being perfectly woke and irreverent ly funny. Well go on. I’m waiting to be entertained feed me mother Oh don’t mind me. Y’all just sit back pour another glass of wine Oh And I will of course be obsessively Scrutinizing every word you say for any hint of moral transgression as well as critiquing your look, ya third-rate crossdresser. Zero out of ten! Get off my stage. He’s like that’s believed to build that everywhere good I just don’t want to talk about why people cancel and the effect that is having but It looks like there’s gonna have to be a part to gorge because I have hit my limit So why don’t we all cut our losses and try again in 2020? Mmmm I realize that people on Twitter aren’t actually gonna watch this video They’re just gonna make fun of the title and how long it is which fair enough But they’re the ones whose accusations against me are so numerous and convoluted it required a feature-length film to respond to the other gonna see the title and they’re gonna transcribe quotes out of Context and they’re gonna say I’m a fascist. I’m a turf. I’m true scum. I’m the new Blair white I’m the new Laci green. I’m a cis bootlicker. I’m an enlightened centrist. I’m a shit Lib. I’m alright I’m a heartless grifter raking in millions of dollars over the bodies of dead trans women mask off yikes This ain’t it chief friendly reminder that this isn’t a good look. Maybe don’t be a cis bootlicker Disappointing, but they’re saying all those things already. So I’m inoculated see their mistake was completely breaking my spirit They should have left a little peace and talked but it’s good. It’s good. It’s good because Basically my survival from here on out Hinges on my ability to not care at all what people say about me online So Here’s to not giving a fuck *music* *thump* *music* MAN: Happy new year! This is almost a Norma Desmond cosplay, which is good because I’m not gonna age gracefully and It’s the best to get into character now YouTube stars never die *tongue pop*

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    Anyway I hope you never have to deal with this again and I wish things get better for you. Your Videos are amazing and you don't deserve this shit storm.

  28. Personally, as someone who did criticize you (privately and in my local community), this video doesn't feel satisfying. I think you're entitled to make a video about cancel culture and hopefully this cleared your public image a bit and discouraged some of your viewers to jump onto future cancel bandwagons, so I'm glad this was published, but I was looking forward to you addressing one particular critic. While it's true that you are also entitled to making videos in the pov of transwomen, some videos do feel excessively binary, and it strikes as odd on your "explanation" bits, especially. I know that you didn't mean to enforce a binary and when you focus on "men and women" you're just explaining something that is there in our culture, rather than making a normative argument. But still, descriptive CAN be read as normative by an ignorant viewer, and that's why "1/10th of my videos are about nonbinary people" sounds like a weak response to this critic, to me. Assuming a descriptive tone of our binary culture's reality can be read as binarynormative, and that's why, while of course you don't have to put a focus on enby identities in every video, I think you should at least mention the problems with the gender binary when you make descriptive analysis of it.
    Sorry for the lack of examples, I hope somebody else can get more specific than me, I'm just very busy but wanted to comment on that ^^" Hope the whole drama ends

  29. Even while drunk Natalie is more pointed and eloquent than I could ever be even after months of research and practice.

  30. 1.29.55 just occurs to me the link between people vulnerable to cancelling, and people in abusive relationships…

  31. could you ship your bathtub to the UK?
    seriously, my bathtub's just cracked and i have no tub in which to bathe.. #SecondWorldProblem

  32. okay, think I'm finally ready to sit down with a drink or five and watch this video

  33. Nothing makes me feel more Galaxy brained than letting Natalie talk at my face at five am while holding my teddy bear

  34. Thanks for continuing to help with my understanding of other people, particularly transpeople.

  35. Well, this is why I don't have a twitter account. I am sure there are really good discussions happening there, but it seems like so much trouble to dig through the insults to find them. Same reason I rarely read Youtube comments, except on non-controversial videos on non-controversial channels… as far as such a thing can exist.
    I've seen the same people accused of being moron extreme leftists and facists. That boggles the mind.
    Good luck on your work, sorry this has happened to you and hang in there. People should really be aware of the dangers of shaming and cancelling.

  36. I really question my wish of being a public figure sometimes, but then I remember, I can't do anything else apart from art at this point. Also tHe gLaMoUr!!

  37. collective violence is the way of humanity and it sucks. "Only one man can be king… but everyone can share in the persecution of a victim."

  38. There is one type of cancel culture that I do support: Cancelling your own Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram accounts.

  39. This is about power. Plain and simple. Look at the people least effected by cancelling. It's not the people who genuinely care about marginalized communities. It's the people who never acknowledged their existence in the first place. What doesn't exist can't have power.

  40. thank you for breaking down stupidity and explaining WHY it's stupid. Everyone else can only pull their hair out in frustration. How do you explain why this idiotic behavior is CLEARLY and BLATANTLY soooooo stupid and simple minded, and why can't you just see it? How do you explain the obvious? It's terrifying that people don't just know already and it feels like the world is being taken over by brainwashed zombies that could never understand reason.

    But you took the time to calmly break it down and explain WHY cancel culture is insane. Thank you!

  41. Thank you for all your work and please keep on doing it. I have learned soooo much from your essays and you have helped me in understanding non-binary people! It is not your opinion that is the important thing in your videos, it is how you shed light on so many different standpoints on one topic. I dont see how people just dont understand that discussing other peoples opinions and including them in the discussion can only be productive?

  42. Making up enemies among friends takes away so muck fockin' energy from the real fights, the ones that are actually worth fighting…
    I mean, jeez. First of all, sorry for the sh1tstorm. Stay strong Natalie, and know that you are loved!
    Now, I can safely say that I'm a kind of nonbinary person. I have experienced a ton of gender dysphoria but at this point in my life I'm still unsure of who I am, of who I want to be. And I have other things going on right now so "it" is in a box for the moment. Not a perfect situation but I can live with it.
    When I watched Natalie's video a few months ago I felt funny, it kinda hurt a bit but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. Which is funny because that's a mirror right there. Anyway, I didn't feel personally attacked or like she attacked nonBs, because I've been watching her for a long time now and all she ever said and did had felt good and right to me, from serious statements to jokes and jabs. She has put so much effort into putting out great content and I don't believe for a second that anything she ever said was intended to hurt someone on any kind of spectrum, journey, or of any identity. Except of course the natsees but uh.. yeah. Even with those she fockin tried. She tried to see their side in order to help them see from a better point of view. So yeah, I wasn't mad at her, if anything I was a bit bummed out, and mostly because it just doesn't feel good to be this unsure about oneself. But where in the world does this notion come from, this idea that Nat was trying to hurt people? I feel like her attackers are the kind of people who are fragile enough to see threats and accusations everywhere (I've been there in a way, so I know the feeling), which is sad and I honestly hope they get over it because they hurt themselves the most, and others along the way. This community should talk and debate, we shouldn't be throwing rocks at one another like so many on the outside do. Until we can find a middle ground.. I stand with human rights, with healthy discourse, with figuring things out as we go. I stand with Natalie. <3

  43. August Ames's tweet was not inherently homophobic; the women she was speaking to in her industry understood the reason for the remarks is that there is ample HIV and other STI testing pre-filming in heterosexual porn, but the homosexual porn industry is notorious for dismissing these rules and regulations thus posing men who do crossover porn as potential health risks to the women they film with since those women can't know if those men are carrying any STIs that were lied about by their previous film agency. She didn't have a problem with gay men–she had a problem with the way the gay porn industry gambles with people's health, nothing more. Since so many people didn't understand this lesser known fact about the industry, they perceived her as disgusted by the idea of having sex with a bisexual man. It was unfettered rage going after one woman based on a misunderstanding of her context that tragically ended with her ending her own life because not everyone can handle this sort of attack. I've been attacked and doxed on social media, and the hilarity is that no one even knows who I am offline, they just attack based on a perception of what may or may not be larping as a different person than I really am.

    Also, don't forget the Indie Game Developer who killed himself after Zoe Quinn alleged he had abused her during a short relationship, and after he was dead and gone it became public knowledge that Zoe had exaggerated parts and flat out lied about others. There's even valid evidence that she abused him, but she still got him fired and drove him to suicide only a few months back in the end of 2019. Cancel Culture is a form of stalking and mob rule that causes so much damage that the people doing it can be characterized as nothing less than hypocrites.

  44. They may be larger, but your hands look more feminine than those of most other women I know. It's the squishiness.

  45. I had no idea any of this was happening. This really all seems so childish.

  46. Thanks for the invaluable service you've done to humanity. Now, every time I feel too many people are following me, I'll just post this video et voilà!

  47. if anyone has seen ALL of Natalie's videos, they should know she's definitely NOT truscum

  48. back in the day I was semi popular on tumblr (I know) I had a few thousand followers (like 1.6k). one day I chimed in on a very hot topic at that point in time. I was freshly 20 years old, I'm only twenty one now and I'm still learning. I was absolutely dragged by my hair, people made posts calling for my immediate exile. posts naming and shaming me, making fun of my physical appearance and previous posts from when i was younger, People had begun @ing me to say terrible things but blocking me so i couldn't see it. I ended up using my friends tumblr to read all the nasty things. At the end of it I was broken, my community had abandoned me. I had been on tumblr for years, it was all I knew. I contemplated suicide which I had attempted at 16 due to homophobia at school. My own community had done to me what bigots did to me years ago; they made me feel less than human, worthless and not worthy of life. It was horrible. But it ripped me follicles first out of that safe space. It made me realise how brainwashed I had become.

  49. 1:09:52 Stupid comment. Amoral does not mean immoral. It means something that is neither moral nor immoral, something that does not make sense to be discussed in regards to morality. For example, liking the colour green is amoral. Not moral, not immoral

  50. Natalie, just want to say that I absolutely love your videos and I can see how much work and heart you put into them. Good on you for speaking your mind!

  51. Not that I really give a flying fuck about any of this but Tati Westbrook said that this gay lad was trying to trick straight men "yet again". Kind of an important point would you not agree Contrapoints. Seems to be indicative of persistent behaviour would you not agree? And as a consequence is this surely is behaviour worthy of being criticized? Perhaps even being described as predatory?

    A bit of soft bigotry of low expectations from yourself there Contra? Arent the gays capable of shitty behaviour? Or do they get a free pass based on their bespoke victim status?

  52. Voy a esperar a la traducción, porque así de primeras me he quedado con el culo torcido y creo que es porque no he entendido esto bien.
    De momento lo que entiendo de todo esto es que cuatro gatos que se la pillan con papel de fumar le han montado a esta mujer un chocho que te cagas en Twitter, lo que pasa todo el tiempo, vamos.
    A la Nataly esto le ha sentado mal porque no es suficiente con tener montones de seguidores que le recuerdan todos los días lo maravillosa, guapa y lista que es, ella necesita además no tener haters, por eso de que es libra. Se cabrea, hace un vídeo-pataleo, pero con más producción que la que normalmente tiene un vídeo-pataleo de toda la vida. Se lo monta ella sola para no implicar a sus colegas y que no los linchen y ahora qué? Si está gente que exige que le pidan perdón por todo (algo que no entiendo, porque para que quieres que te pidan unas disculpas forzadas?, debe ser algo de los estadunidenses, porque esto no lo he visto en más sitios y me parece bastante gracioso)… bueno, pues esta gente que la monta en Twitter en realidad sólo quiere liarla y hacerla sentir como la mierda y va la tía y hace un vídeo donde básicamente demuestra que le ha molestado? No entiendo porque hay que justificarse ante nadie. Porque para empezar a nadie le parece ridículo tomarse lo que dice o hace una youtuber tan en serio como para lincharla hasta este punto? No tienen vida o problemas de verdad de los que preocuparse? XD es patético.
    Espero que se le pase todo este mal rollo, porque siempre habrá gente de mierda que la ataque por el simple hecho de exponerse y no quiero que deje de hacer vídeos guays o se dedique todo el tiempo al drama Twittero. Y lo digo de forma completamente egoísta e interesada. Ya me perdonareis, no tenía conocidos con quién cotillear de ésto y lo he tenido que soltar aquí xD

  53. Took me a couple days, but I watched the whole video, and loved it. Not a negative that I watched it chunks, I wanted to give it what attention it deserved, and what has happened to her is awful and it hurts to see her so affected by this bs. Also, I started watching The Witcher, not really relevant, but was also a reason I watched this video in chunks.

    Hope Natalie gets back on her game, that those Twitter people are tiny compared to her supporters.

  54. love ya, Natalie! Hope the new year treats you better. Or rather people treat you better next year. You deserve to be happy!

  55. I fricken loved the Opulance video and had no idea about the twitter drama. I don't do twitter because of the drama. lol

  56. Anonymous people on the internet aren't people. Keep up the good work contra. We have to be careful about the effects of the internet on our society…

  57. I am so happy that I share a world with you. You are so brilliant. Thanks for such amazing and thoughtful content. Happy New Year. ❤️

  58. Cancel culture shouldn't be a thing, who cares if someone says something offensive, it's their opinion, if they have an issue with them, try to beat them on the political battlefield, don't be a coward and try to cancel them.

    A bit of civil discourse whether it's edgy or not, would do them some credit.

  59. That Wilhelm scream though xD always a great video natalie ^_^ thanks for clearing things up with this whole fiasco .

  60. When people want to tell other people who they are and what they should be and how they should act… Sure there are things that shouldn`t be said and there are things that shouldn`t be done, but the freaking connections they make when there are non is kinda impressive. Also I learned that apperantly I am a biggoted piece of poop, if I watch any human being that discusses sensitive topics. Like the thing about a discussion is that people assume things and say wrong things and then LEARN or at least aknowledge how others feel. But the freaking drama some people pull out of thin air is ridiculous. That freaking cancel culture is in some way the other side of the medallion (or how the saying goes). They don`t want people to assume things and define them by just one tiny thing but they do exactly that. They want to be heard but they hate to listen if it isn`t within their thinking.

  61. Took me a couple days but this was in my tabs. ww3 and all that hahaha. This is incredibly good. Bout 12 minutes thru but have you ever thought of the case of justin beiber. in around 2012 the whole world hated him for peeing in a mop bucket, egging his neighbors house, playing music too loud, breaking up with his girlfriend, and spitting on the poparazzi, well after the hate begun. Popular culture loved his admittedly terrible music just 2 years before but decided now was the time that everybody must hate on this 17 year old or whatever(my dates may be wrong) reason possible. My point is we have been like this for forever. they boo'd jimi hendrix at the isle of weight. Its a pernicious western idea of island in the sun/city on the hill that the individual is king of. Everybody has to go thru it. its very dumb. Even you if you get too big.

  62. Natalie, I hope you won't mind me using your first name!
    You are a most wonderful phenomenen in this online landscape.
    I wish to send you a smile and tell you that what you do is important and always insightful.

    All the best from Denmark,

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