Canoeing Up The River Day 3 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E04 /Survival catch and cook duck

100 thoughts on “Canoeing Up The River Day 3 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E04 /Survival catch and cook duck

  1. How often do your fires go out when you pile the wood on like that? Keep up the good work man. 👍 from the Rockies

  2. Ok I'll say it, the twig/stick snapping sound is oddly nice to listen to

  3. Man idk how I stumbled on your channel. But I enjoy it a lot! Love your challenge series

  4. Wait wait wait…your doing KETO, lol you are in ketosis sooooo you're gonna be losing weight haha! Love these challenges and I love that you are a man of God! Keep the faith brother, much love from your brother in Christ!

  5. After hearing you had only slept 4 hours a night for at least 3 nights in a row, I suspect that was why you lost 2 pounds, Zach. You were burning extra calories, and your metabolism was forced to burn overtime (time and a half?) to keep your brain and body going. I've noticed that the older I get, if I have to stay up long spans of time, the more I need food for fuel.

  6. Admiro sua fé em Deus my brother. Sempre agradece antes de cada refeição forte abraço

  7. What kind of shotgun was yours? (Model #, manufacturer, gauge, etc.)

  8. Ông này bắn hay quá . hai hiểu đc tiếng việt nam thì
    👇like 😘

  9. The thing is if Fowler, has a higher body fat % he will lose more weigh if he is active you will always burn a lot calories if you have a higher %

  10. You guys will not maintain or gain weight eating all the protein you are Bring some stuff to cook bread on the fire I bet you'll at least maintain your weight

  11. Another great video. Great partner too. What about sling fishing on one of these? Would love to see that on a challenge. Have a good one.

  12. Maxwell House?! That's not Foldgers! Lol so far I'm liking the series with yall. Here's to hoping yall do more videos together.

  13. Wooded is right: eat more applesauce to add interest, nutrition and calories. Down 2 pounds in three days. The challenge now is to GAIN weight.

  14. You miss the opportunity for "once you go black (coffee) you never go back. lol

  15. Nice, what a beautiful place. And I was going to ask about your meat storage, but you beat me to it with the next episode preview.
    I agree with many on here, it's awesome to see you aren't hiding your faith. To be honest, I often watch during breakfast or dinner, and you remind me to give thanks.

  16. You should be using a scale that measures body fat % that way you can tell if your losing body fat vs muscle losing body fat while retaining muscle is a good sign of physical exertion vs starvation. Just a thought.

  17. When you can't donate. You let the ads play to try a help a bit…. Sorry i could not do more.

  18. I absolutely love your videos you put so much in them love Annie sparkles uk 🇬🇧💖💖💖💖

  19. Man, you need to eat more. You cant eat the same amount as someone who weighs 40% less than you and maintain weight. Smoke some lean meat and keep it in your pocket. Get plenty of rest so that you feel like eating. =) Good luck!!

  20. My dad says no one can skin catfish faster than him
    said he would take on any Challenger to a catfish skin off I'd like to see it if you're up for it

  21. Hey Zac about how much do you think y'alls canoe weight with the gear y'all had in it then about how much with both of y'all in it. Also how long was the canoe y'all used. Keepem coming

  22. Fowler great advice in how far apart you need to camp from your friends……. just out of morning wind distance….. LOL

  23. Beaver is the 2nd most underrated wild meat that if everyone knew about, would eat more of…right behind bear !!!

  24. Merganzer is a "diving duck" and eats fish, so most people don't like it – I do, it's gamey, and fish like…but so is fish. Although the other ducks are actually very good too! Gamey is just extra flavor!

  25. i think if you drank much more water frequently youd maintain weight plus you should weigh at night youre heaviest at night

  26. Ok , I’m lost , you bought s Subaru to convert , really excited about any info you can share at this time on what or where to go and perform this build

  27. woodedbeardsman missed you that cabin building was to long the two of you by far my fav, fowler been my other since alone would love to join you for a meal in the future medschool breaks are your vids sometimes the old ones yes wodobo king you been quiet for awhile glad to see you again almost lost me at the cabin building.

  28. Maybe it was covered and I missed it but what is the total weight of your hammock system?

  29. Awesome video ,i built a shack in the woods to be like you and you and the wooded beardsman are awesome

  30. Every time you revel in eating a big hunk of fat, it makes me cringe. I can't do that. It is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine eating. I'm glad it works for you though.

  31. I wuld press the like button on every video if there wudlnt be hunting

  32. What cinch buckle are you using for this trip

  33. man i would really like to learn all your survival skills directly from u

  34. You guys clearly demonstrate why nomads tend to be skinny

  35. You are awesome i love your videos .This is what you do, I admire it a lot

  36. I am u r fan mate ..i always watching u r movies ..uploade more i love so much😘😘..i get one feeling 🤗

  37. I keep waiting for the fat jiggle noise you made with Chris on the 30 day challenge. You better do it more in the next challenge!

  38. You should come down to Louisiana for your next 30 days.The humidity alone will make you wanna quit.Great videos keep up the good work.

  39. Really like the music at 2:54 who does it? What's it called? Cheers

  40. Nice shooting on the water as well as in the woods this video is going to be great

  41. Loved the bird cheers…..still catching up on your channel and enjoying all your adventures. Fun and inspiring. Now I have to watch the beared woodsman he's awesome as well.

  42. Lovin it so far mate… Im really curious as to this Diet you are following. Any chance you can link me to some info please Brother? God Bless and take care, Skorp – Western Australia

  43. I just found your Channel I like it have you done anything like a week in state of Louisiana

  44. Anyone wanna sign ya life away for a month and hang out with him doing this type of stuff like campings fun and all but living in the wilderness must be completely different cuz I sure as hell wanna join him and learn and hang out

  45. Would love to see some clean/prep/gutting videos of the food. I know YouTube is a little funky on it but there are a few channels that do it. I just want to learn more on how to prep the food

  46. When your on the water I wish you guys was both shooting at the same time. Shotgun+slingshot=somethings getting hit no matter what

  47. You should do that video game video point more if you can hold the camera with one hand like you did at 15:11. Would be a very cool scene to add to your already spectacular selection you already use Fowler. Very nice videos. My favorite to watch of the whole team tbh

  48. Get an old basket off a drip coffee maker, a reusable filter ,make pour over coffee.cant beat it for camp coffee. It's light weight too.

  49. Wow, really impressed by the Wooded Beardsman's hunting skills. These videos are so inspiring. Consider all you guys do, you really don't have that much gear.

  50. Zak you eat to much fat American food is full of sugar and bad fat … That why you always loose a crazy amont of fat zeven if you eat only meet and fat all day …. its becaus you will never achef the same amont of fat than industrial american food that logic i don't understand why yu still eating american food go move to Canada with your healty friend your food in America is poison and i know what im talking about im French we eat good here !!!!!!!

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