Canva Tutorial For Beginners

hey guys and welcome back to expert
influencer Academy and welcome back to another tutorial series today I want to
talk to you about the graphics program canva CA and v8 now this is a great easy
to use app and desktop program that you could basically use to create social
media posts we use it to create our thumbnails we use it to create our cover
photos we use it for channel art this is a great alternative although it’s
limited it is a great alternative and a free service and a free site to use and
it’s a lot cheaper than Photoshop and things like that so if you’re just
getting started just getting started creating content across your social
media platforms canva is a great program to learn how to use and so today what
I’d like to do is I’d like to show you the platform and actually make a
thumbnail for this video can’t a tutorial
alright so let’s get started so the first thing you want to do is you want
to head over to and if you already have an account there familiar
with canva you can go ahead and just sign in or log in but if you’re new
you’re gonna want to sign up for an account so let’s go ahead and log in and
get you behind the scenes here alright so once you get logged in this is where
all the fun happens and then if you go through here you can see that these are
all the different types of graphics and promotional materials that we’ve been
able to make with this camera over this program has a free version and it also
has a paid version but we make everything with the free version and
then if you really like a graphic and we want to get the watermark removed
a dollar to go ahead and purchase that graphic so not too bad but as you could
see you can make all kinds of designs with this program so let’s go ahead and
let’s create our first designs let’s get up here and we’re gonna make a YouTube
and then you’ll see a pop-up right here thumbnail now one of the great things
about this is that it already loads the dimensions you just have to fill the
canvas hence the name canva so we kind of have templates that we already use
like this so I’ll go ahead and throw this up here and then it’s super easy
you just click on the graph if you want to change and then you come up here to
upload and we’ll go ahead and upload an image and then once that image is
uploaded you’re free to add the image to your project so you can put this right
here and then everything here you can move it’s all mobile and you can you
know set it to however you want you can change the color of these little things
right here and there changing some aqua to match
the color and then we have all the texts and fonts pre-populated but as you can
see there are tons of examples for you to choose from and then real quick if
you wanted to change the background you could just drag another color right here
and immediately the background changes if you want to do like some mountains
this really has a lot of stuff and the other thing that’s really great is that
it has all kinds of elements that you can use so let’s see what it has for
itself for Canada so you can see here that all of this and
this is just drag-and-drop so I think we’ll actually switch this one out there
we go we’re gonna change this background back to black actually I like that it kind of matches
the whole star so let’s go ahead get rid of this then you can adjust the size of
everything here so make this a little bit bigger that we can grab it and
actually make it right here and then we’ll go ahead and we’ll go to text well
add a separate text box here I’ll make some name change the color
here to white so you see how easy this is to use this super easy the interface
is very easy it’s very user friendly that’s uh I’ll change that to match make this one a little bigger Oh too big I’ll make that one there slide this over
and there you go and that’s pretty much it so this is
done we will download this and guys that is canva it is a great site
and there we go that is our new thumbnail ready for us to use this is a
great site and a great way for you to inexpensively make pretty decent looking
graphics and pretty decent social media content for your channel guys thanks for
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you in the next one

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