CAPILANO RIVER REGIONAL PARK | Exploring the Cleveland Dam, Capilano Canyon, and Salmon Hatchery!

Damn What’s up guys. Karl here from outdoor
Vancouver, and today we’re in Capilano River Regional Park. Today we’re going to be checking out the dam, the Salmon Hatchery, and exploring some of the 26 kilometres
of amazing trails throughout this park. Capilano River Regional Park is quite
large. There’s about 23 kilometers of trails you can do, so really you can
choose whatever trails you want to hike and make your own adventure of it. I’m
going to take us on a loop that takes us over the Cleveland dam, then down into
the canyon through the forest, by an 800 year old Douglas fir tree called grandpa
Catalano, to a lookout of the lower dam, over the cable pool bridge, to another
lookout, to the hatchery, and then back up one final steep section of trail back
to the parking lot. Overall, it’s about 1 or 1 and a half hour loop and about 3
kilometers. If you want to follow the specific route
we’re taking today, check out the guide on our website. I’ll put a link to it in
the description of this video. It has a map with the GPS tracks and step-by-step
directions that will guide you through everything we’re going through today. I’m standing in front of what is
affectionately known as grandpa Capilano, an 800 year old Douglas fir tree, which
is massive. At the bottom of the Giant Firs Trail
you’ll be able to find a path that takes you to, it’s called the second lookout,
of the of the dam. It’s definitely worth checking out. The dam itself was originally built in
1954 to supply drinking water to Vancouver and today it actually supplies
over 40 percent of the drinking water to Metro Vancouver. Capilano River is definitely not a hidden
gem, but I also think it’s probably under looked or underappreciated because it’s
so close to Grouse Mountain and also to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Capilano River is one of the oldest
parks of Vancouver and in addition to all the great hiking trails, it’s also
popular for fishing and people actually kayak the whitewater. The hatchery itself is definitely worth
checking out. It’s open to the public. You can see the salmon. They release over a
million a year. And there’s tons of information about why the hatchery exists, what they do, and tons of information about all things salmon. If you’ve never been to Capilano River
Regional Park put it on your list. It’s a great place to go for a nice relaxing
walk. The forest is amazing, the canyon is amazing, the river is amazing. It’s
definitely worth taking a few hours and walking around and exploring. If you’re not already, subscribe to our channel so you can be notified when we put out new trail videos just like this one. And
we’ll see you next time!

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