Capsicum Cultivation in a Cleaning Closet Part 1

My name’s Jeb I want to show you my holiday lights We have some cleaning to do, huh? Yuck. I want to see in there. I want to see in there! My toes are dirty This thing is heavy for only 40 watts Must be the ceramic heat sinks Trick or treat? Time to fill up my tote with some goodies Almost forgot the seeds Habanero Pepper This flood light is water proof Should come in handy if I get a leak in my Hydroponic tomatoes I’m the elf that makes plants appear in the cleaning closet Here’s this thing So you can put it up when you are not using it And then here What can I say? I just get excited by the little things. Alright, brace your eyes I think we will be fine without a reflector It seems like most of the light from this goes straight down Wow This thing’s really bright Day 6 Day 17 – We’ve got a plant Oops! Day 24 Do not touch. Thank you. Let’s get this thing some nutrients Check the video description for details on these lights And get yourself some holiday magic Share with Friends!

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