Cara Membuat Lampu Panel LED | EP 02

Hi, my name Adhi. Welcome to my channel. In this video I show you how I make LED light panel Let’s start materials that will be used: Acrylic plywood LED Strip Power Supply for LED dimmer DC Cable and also plugs and switches First we will cut LED lights adjust to the board that we will use Cut right on the mark provided there is usually a mark of scissors I will cut all, one (1) roll So if not wrong in cutting all will be 16 pieces Then I open or eliminate the rubber protection at the edges to open copper section we are going to connect with the cable later Like this If you use wood as the panel board or plywood as I use Preferably surface is coated with a paint beforehand or varnis, in order to glue the LED lights can be attached properly I stuck in uneven or zig-zag because there is a distance between two lamps which will aim was so that light is able to be filled by the lights in the row beside the goal is for the light distribution to be more evenly to connect the LED strip I used the blue cable to the positive and the black wire to the negative then I bend it up like this so that it will easy to connect I will connect this side fot negative and the other side to the positive but previously had given little tin solder on the cable and also at the connection LED lights strip to make it easier to connect The setting of the electronic parts approximately I would have structured like this AC power into the switch then to a power supply power supply and then to the dimmer from dimmer to light Make a mark we will install the bolt then drilled with a drill bit slightly smaller than bolts which we will use later Now we will create a frame, which will also be the acrylic place as the cover On the frame I created a slot for the place of acrylic with a depth of approximately 5 mm and a width slightly wider than the acrylic thickness to be used Create some bolt holes for attaching the frame Measure the length and width of the inside of the frame including slots that have been made earlier Then I cut the acrylic slightly smaller than the size I got earlier for easy installation Then I sand it for smoothing the frame connection and also to eliminate sharp corners I paint using spray paint with matte black Since this is a clear acrylic I sanding both surfaces so that later the light can be spread evenly OK, let’s see what happens results Thank you for watching, Hopefully useful for you all and see you in my next video Thank you

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