Carb fuel needle valve – Repair a leaking carburettor – reseat the valve

hey guys … here’s a needle valve
… the fuel needle valve I had a problem on the PHBN 16
(Dellorto Carburettor) … in that it wasn’t fully closing
and there was fuel coming past (leaking) this isn’t the actual needle valve the one on the PHBN 16
is on the bike now it wasn’t in the best condition it was slightly grooved – over the time of
going up and down into the bush I didn’t have another valve
and I was sick of this (leaking) so I decided to see if I could re-seat the bush You know where the bush is It’s where the needle valve fits You’ve got to be really careful because it’s so delicate the only way of re-seating it
(that I figured out) was to use some metal polish and a barbecue skewer
(a bamboo skewer) as you can see … it’s got a point on it By putting in the barbecue skewer it’s obviously quite soft
so it forms itself to the brass (perfectly) and with a little bit of metal paste
(on the end of the skewer) you can pop it in the bush … like this just clean it up it will polish it there’s going to be no chance of cutting
or spoiling the face all that you’re gonna do is (just slightly, very slightly) modify that edge and give it a nice surface it worked ! I put the the carburetor back on the bike
and reassembled No more leaking that was all it needed just a little tickle of the bush to allow the needle valve to seat so if you’re in the same situation if you’ve got a little hand tool like this and barbecue skewers (bamboo skewers) I use them all the time for all sorts of things on the bike
(and for everything) and a bit of metal polishing paste Hey Presto … you can regain a fuel tight
carburettor and it only takes a few minutes okay … that’s it !
bye for now 🙂

12 thoughts on “Carb fuel needle valve – Repair a leaking carburettor – reseat the valve

  1. "Needed just a little tickle of the bush.." Busted out laughing at that one! Thanks!!

  2. Really very smart idea! Carb of my Kawa started leaking,  found with some good luck a new needle with a bit fatter point but after some time the really exacerbating problem came back!! No much help from mechanics! Tried the bamboo method and wauu!!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing the idea!!!
    Toni C.

  3. oh, now that is a very very smart way to do this… I have been trying to fix that very issue with my outboard carb but didn't know how to proceed safely without damaging the seat… Can't thank you enough for posting this..

  4. He said "Going down into the bush" lol..Yeah yeah,,ehhh ehhh ehhhh

  5. Gonna try with Q-Tips and some metal polish paste, on a low RPM drill to see how it goes, don't have no skewer right now and I've seen it works too with some metal polish and the q-tip.
    Great video nonetheless I don't even doubt this would to the trick too

  6. Just did this to my snow blower. Was pissing gas everywhere. Worked great! I used a lollipop stick sanded down.

  7. This is a nice tip, that really works.
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  8. Having this problem now on a Chinese knock-off of a Walbro LMT carb that usually is attached to a Briggs&Stratton 6hp mower/snowblower/generator/chipper etc. Mine is a Powermore engine on a Huskee 208cc snowblower. It leaks gas out the o=ring on the bowl assembly. Ya, I know I also need an o-ring as it should not leak there but should fill the crankcase with fuel instead. So also will get an o-ring as I can find that. But not able to get a new needle and seat today and it is snowing. Have no doubt this is going to work and I thank you for putting the vid up. Machine is last years model so seat should just need a bit of mirroring on the finish or as you put it "a little tickle on the bush". If all goes well I will get that tonight but today I will just mirror the seat. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for posting this! I used your method successfully on my 2003 Katana 600 where cyls 2 and 3 were dumping fuel into the cylinders. When I got this bike there were 2 extra qts of oil (fuel) in the crankcase. Fuel seeping was unresolved by previous M/C tech before I got it. I replaced the needles; reset float height; replaced seat o-rings and used the q-tip in drill with Simichrome polish to buff the bush proper – all with no joy (bench testing between each change). Then I found your YT and BINGO! your system worked to refresh the 'pin-seat opening contact area' and bike is running. Brilliant!

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