Cariboo Dam Tainter Gates

– [Narrator] The Cariboo Dam at the northeastern end of Burnaby Lake, was built in the 1930s. Now an important feature of
the dam is being replaced. – We made a structural
condition assessment of the dam in 2016. We found that the Tainter gate
was pretty much deteriorated. It’s over 80 years old, and lots of corrosion
and deterioration there. – [Narrator] Tainter gates, named after their
inventor Jeremiah Tainter, are what’s known as radial arm floodgates. At Burnaby Lake, they’re used to control
the Lake’s water level. Metro Vancouver’s Liquid
Waste Services Department delivered this project as
part of its responsibility for specific facilities in the Still Creek and
Brunette River drainage area. – [Phil] During the winter
time, especially when it rains, we need to open some of the gates there to maintain the water
level as it’s desired so that it won’t get flooded
in the neighbourhood. So now we’re on that
downstream of the dam, and now you can see
those two Tainter gates sitting in the middle of the dam. And that’s made of the stainless steel, and weight is about one tonne per each. – [Narrator] Because of
the sensitive ecology at this location, steps were taken to ensure
the work would not impact some of the species that
call Burnaby Lake home. Such as the endangered
Western Painted Turtle. – We have an Environmental
Consultant on board, and Biologists were onsite
on a full-time basis to monitor the water quality,
any species found there, how we protect the habitat. That’s one of the conditions
that we have to meet to complete the project. – [Narrator] The new Tainter
gates are now in operation. Engineers hope they will match or beat the lifespan of the original gates. – It’s designed to last for
50 years, at least, minimum, and we’re hoping we’re
beating that existing gate.

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