Carp & bass fishing at Midmar Dam, South Africa (Mar 2019)

– So we are in the middle of another
awesome bass fishing trip here in the Natal Midlands. We’re actually fishing for carp today here at Midmar Dam. So in terms of bait that we’re using today, I’m not too sure. Okay so what have we got here? – This is honey and sweetcorn. We didn’t bring any honey dip. – Who’s fault was that? – Yours because you packed. (laughing) – Okay and on that side? – And on this side we’ve got banlic with some sweetcorn. – Banlic and sweetcorn and? – And honey and sweetcorn. – Okay let’s see that works. (funky music) This is actually a stunning dam. The water is so clear and the camping areas and everything else is actually very, very neat here. Much better than some of the places in Gauteng. What are we trying now? – Pink sweets and bunspice. With a bit of garlic. – Bunspice and garlic. And pink sweets. Okay let’s see if that works better. (funky music) We’ve officially given up with the carp. Our lines have been in the water for a couple of hours and we didn’t get a single
bite. So we’ve given up on carp and we’re gonna focus on bass now which seems to be a lot more active. I’ve already caught a couple. So we’re gonna spend the last couple of hours here at Midmar Dam trying for bass. Let’s hope we’ll have a bit more luck with that. (funky music) Okay so that’s it from Midmar Dam. Our carp fishing wasn’t too successful but we managed to catch quite a few bass at least. Which was a lot of fun as always. Linky is still fishing. What worked really well for us today was this little guy. The junebug swimbait paddletail whatever it’s called. This was very, very popular today. Well that’s it from Midmar Dam. We’ll try again in November I think. you

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  1. You should try plain miliebom and hasbeen and the sweetcorn floats

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