Carp fishing at Vaal River, South Africa (Dec 2019) – Erkhamka

In December we once again visited the awesome at Erkhamka near Parys. It’s quickly becoming our favorite place on the Vaal. It’s a beautiful part of the river and the carp fishing is really good. Of course we had to pick the wettest weekend ever to go fishing. It was rainy when we got there. It then got a little bit better. Then it was rainy again. The it was fantastic. And then it was just plain miserable. But we weren’t complaining. The fish were biting and that’s all that
mattered. Here’s some of our catches. Monster! Howz it looking? Small?! (reel screaming) Aahh! It just went! (buzzer) That is so sad… (tadaaaa!) Seven. So we just… It’s raining, it’s storming and
we just caught a monster. Check this out. Nice 🙂 See, it’s all about patience. Nice catch babe. How big? 4kg?! Nice one. So another very successful trip here to Erkhamka. We didn’t have the best weather, it was probably raining 60% of the time. But there was no wind. And the fish were biting. We caught a lot of fish. And we really really enjoyed our trip once again. So yeah I’m not entirely sure where Linky is right now. Hope you guys enjoyed the footage
and yeah see you next time Cheers…

6 thoughts on “Carp fishing at Vaal River, South Africa (Dec 2019) – Erkhamka

  1. Awesome video guys. What is even more commendable is the excellent fish care you guys practise. Great job!!

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