Carp fishing experiment at Vaal River, South Africa (Dec 2018) – To dip or not to dip?

So is this, really so much better than this, Let’s put it to the test. So we’ve always wondered whether all the dips we put on our bol really makes a difference Because surely when it hits the water it just disappears. So is a plain bol really just as effective. So to make this experiment fair the only difference will be that there will be some kind of bol dip on the one side So we are using the exact same rigs for both combinations, and the exact same mieliebom. (music) And we are obviously using the exact same bait on each of the hooks. The only real difference is the fact that there is a bit of bol dip on the one side. In terms of location we will be casting the rigs with the dip to the right. And we’re gonna try and get them together in the same location. The ones without any dip, the plain rigs will be cast to the left. Also trying to put them together. (music) Okay, let’s see what happens. One for the dips. Two for the dips. One for the plain. What have we got here? I think my pb… Okay, it’s the start of day two, it’s not as nice a day as yesterday. But the same rules apply, we’re gonna continue the experiment, let’s see how it goes. And obviously today we’re going to switch around the rods. So the two rods on the right hand side will be without any kind of dip, so they’ll just be plain. The two rods on the left will be with some form of dip some kind of flavouring. Okay, so our little experiment has come to an end. What were the results? Results were that we did catch more fish with the bol with the dip on. The bol without the dip also did well but not as well. So… So you can’t conclusively say that adding some kind of flavoring to your bol makes a massive difference. No. We did catch more fish that way. Yes. But not a million more. No. Interesting… Oh yes, and, we’re probably making all kinds of mistakes when we’re putting bait on our hooks. So if you have any tips for us, just please leave it in the comments below. We’d really appreciate it. We need all the help we can get. (laughing)

17 thoughts on “Carp fishing experiment at Vaal River, South Africa (Dec 2018) – To dip or not to dip?

  1. Nice videos guys! Think this topic will be debated for a long time to come. I fish the Vaal on a regular basis, and would recommend you try a little bit of eucalyptus flavour, like “UK” from Trucella or “Gumtree” from Supercast. I have used it with great success, averaging fish in the 9 kg range on a regular basis. However I do specimen fishing and use the yellow artificial dumbells from Korda for all my Vaal river fishing – tied on blowback rigs with a few grains of corn as loose feed. Converted a few of my friends to this way with great success. Where was this filmed? Thumbs up on a great video!

  2. Nice vid.Where is this.Can you send coordinates pls.Is it save.

  3. I enjoyed; Thanks!
    Nice, well done anyway! ★♥★
    Great to see some of our countries' freshwater videos in English! I do watch them in afrikaans too!..
    and I read mostly our Tight Lines magazines too!

  4. Thanks for the awesome video. I look forward to seeing you expand on this experiment. What was interesting to note is that the bites 7 vs 6 were very close. Does the dip induce a more committed bite? Having fished in the league I am pretty confident that the dips do enhance attraction but the key is getting the right dip combination. Sadly this combination can literally change during the course of the day which can be hugely frustrating. Eucalyptus, as mentioned in one of the comments, can be amazing. I once fished next to two peg mates on the Vaal dam who'd made a home-made eucalyptus spray and they out-fished everyone else in the zone by at least 5 times.

  5. We have found that using gums from Manhattan doesn't work. Also if u don't catch after several attempts atleast u fed the fish. Please email me for more tips on how to fish as a fish master

  6. Lekker one guys, Check out this catch…. Best Fishing video EVER…. Dont forget to like

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