Carter Dam is SPOOKY | The Long Dark | Survival Ep. 3

oh I regret this please don’t be like hey everyone how you doing welcome back
to another video this is up up until will there’s the name and as you
probably guessed my name my name is will gonna be jumping back into the long dark
today so yes strap in guys strap in it all my
wrist is really sore, been like this for like a week
I don’t know if you can see that I’ve got this weird bump. Ow. now alrighty
I might actually freeze to death here because I somehow wasted an hour
stuffing around in the snow and anyway I know it’s someplace to escape this cold
yeah yep yep I get ya. what happened to my cool hat? Is that a wolf, is that a wolf, no I don’t have much water drink the soda yes because we all
know that soda is a better hydration then real water just needs a spraying risk
get out of town okay there’s something over there but we will check that out in
fun daylight hours when I’m not dead or dying
alright let’s get back to my train car and that’d be pretty if I didn’t feel
like my life was in such mortal danger what is this it’s a rock stones yeah why
not – to throw at things like the moon. can I start a fire in here
no insufficient materials just need tinder I don’t even have tinder Oh
I’m genuinely screwed tinder crap what do I use for tinder oh I might actually die this
sucks tinder tinder tinder what do you used
for tinder not that tinder. tinder dates aren’t gonna help me here
unless oh it’s my condition we are in so much
trouble oh why can’t I burn things emergency
stim okay what’s this fatigue reduced okay oh whoa okay I can’t see jack
I think that’s the train car this is terrifying what is that oh dear we are
very much not fine I’m so dead what is this deer carcass it’s been ravaged that
means there’s wolves just have a quick Oh book, tinder oh yeah
search plastic container old bedroll oh we are fine that’s fine things did get a
little dicey there for a minute guys cardboard box no that’s not my bed it
will be my bed if I don’t pay my rent this month
that is a beautiful painting that looks like it’s just been sticky taped
to the wall I also can’t afford blu-tack Oh things don’t look so bad it’s fine
water okay fire fire water I need to start a fire
see everything looks less like it wants to kill me in the daytime oh I’m a happy
happy chap again birds mean dead things usually let’s go check out these dead
things oh okay okay that was rude wait a minute that’s ravage that means
wolves can get in here right hmm concern. apparently I’m freezing let’s
put those clothes on that I found oh they look good they look nice and toasty
hey it’s the blue gloves from that other dead guy who wouldn’t give me his can I
at least take your your cool gloves it’s a nice blue still salty about that
that’s a bit chilly no we’ll go inside this looks like the
kind of place in a horror movie you really wouldn’t want to go into like
swinging meat hook and everything okay creepy ambience can you not do that
please I don’t want to go into this creepy looking no music please stop okay there’s lots
of things to search in here though so I mean that’s oh yeah o Canada our home
and native land Oh yes I’m warming up again is there a serial killer in here like
strewth Broom? Can I burn you broom? That’s a bit rude I just met you oh that looks
like nope as all heck I do not do well with horror no no oh safe aha okay
here we go only a combination or do i oh wait no I
can figure it out alright here we go what was it it was back to you I feel
all the way around again oh crap okay it’s fine it’s fine I’ve done this
before trust me it slowly gently gently ah there we go speed safety hacker cool
a book fantastic glad I wasted all my time for that accelerant oh yes thank
you for the insurance fraud that I’m I want to commit what am i doing well I
still have two days okay oh I regret this oh please don’t be like oh oh look I’m
down here no it’s fine this isn’t a horror game
nothing’s gonna jump out at me ah cool it led to here like but
not the trashcan I can stretch it is use this we would throw these out in some
damn good socks alright what’s okay this just keeps
getting deeper and deeper and it’s concerning telephone that looks like a
candy cane don’t think don’t lick the emergency phone don’t lick the emergency
funding guys that’s not good oh no my players spitting out oh oh oh I just
realized I don’t have any food what’s this chair desk come on please have left
like an old egg sandwich in your desk someone I mean that’s what I do and then
my boss my boss yells at me, will you’re making the whole office smell like egg revolver cartridge I don’t have a
revolver that’s one bullet that I can put in my
own head when things get too difficult nice sunglasses oh no it’s a floppy disk
that’ll come to take away our beautiful fair play a little flair another creepy
corridor love my creepy corridors ah hatred corridors hate him hate him hate
him but once a fortnight shooting our frontier shooting I mean do combat boots
home I could okay my neighbour is yelling in the
stairwell again always something going on here
leave lower damn I’m not sure where this is gonna take me but oh ah cool oh this is sick oh that’s really nice
wonder if I can get down there oh he comes that crisp music it just makes you feel things venison
28 minutes and will do water on the other one beautiful look at this nice
little kitchen set up we got going I got my meat I’ve got my water they’re all
set all right I can get out of here I’m carrying way too much gear oh my
goodness Wow okay I have look how many beans I have I’m gonna drop some stuff
in here wait are you kidding I can’t get back in there
oh no I the fool no check it on thigh if I climb over that no I can walk around
there that’s crooked fine just warm up here for a minute and see if I can sneak
back along that edge because that sucks can’t forget my can thank you all right
it’s gonna take this really easy oh please don’t die please that fault okay
that’s fine that’s fine we’re fine Oh food is the big one right now hello I’m
gonna run out all I regret not killing the rest of that rabbits family from
like two episodes ago going to kill the rest of your family got me a little bit
of rabbit don’t random Shh I do want to go down over there though
because that looks kind of cool that area from over there oh yes that is
exactly what I needed oh wait I can get back into the building
from here okay that’s a really really good this door locks me out again or
back to the start where the hydro dam is I’m having a stroke I can’t form two
coherent thoughts let’s go back to the start wait was it did I just walk over
the top of this person before that’s kind of dark lantern thank you
hey guys thanks so much for watching this video I really appreciate it as
always if you enjoyed it smash that subscribe button like comment you know
all that fun stuff yeah if you guys want to see my dead plant well it’s not dead
its dying I can’t seem to keep them alive it seems to be dying from the
bottom up which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me I mean the watering it too
much or not enough but um please is the only friend that had I’ll see you in the
next video guys have a good one

13 thoughts on “Carter Dam is SPOOKY | The Long Dark | Survival Ep. 3

  1. Yoooo this game is trippy! Spooky forsure! Also your edits are great ahaa(x Keep up the great work!

  2. Nice rendition of the Canadian national anthem haha
    Awesome stuff my man

  3. When the villain is winning but then the hero's theme starts playing
    Villain: 4:59

  4. I’ve watched only 3 minutes of your video & my question is, HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE MORE SUBS? Seriously man you’re editing is on point. I can imagine how long it took you on this video. Takes me a few hours to do the stuff that I do. You definitely get a sub from me man, keep going your quality is great seriously ??. Now…… on to watching the rest of the video

  5. another awesome video. Good luck with the lantern, and no more corpse walking lol

  6. I'm so glad you shared that clip on Reddit and that I found you. I'm always searching for YouTubers who play The Long Dark and you are absolutely amazing, I'm lauging my ass of watching your gameplay. Please continue with the series because it's honestly so fun and entertaining and I can't wait for future episodes!

  7. Ayyy I’m loving this channel. And always wanna support Aussie creators

  8. When you find clothes you need to immadietly check if you want to wear them, if they make you warm or if they arent too heavy. Also don't leave mystery lake through the hydro dam it leads to a region witch is much harder and has worse weather. Mystery Lake is rather easy and has many recoueces. Near the dam there is also the railroad, one way leads to the lake and later to muskeg and the next leads you to coastal highway through ravine. The highway is also very easy and has more recources but wolfs are more common.

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