Casey County town cleans up after flooding

SOUTHERN KENTUCKY, HAVE A BIG MESS TO CLEAN UP, AFTER TUESDAY’S FLOODING CAUSED SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE. THE FLOODING DAMAGED MANY OF THE SAME BUSINESSES THAT WERE DEVASTATED BY FLOODWATERS IN CASEY COUNTY.FIVE YEARS AGO. W-K-Y-T’S PHIL PENDLETON SHOWS US WHAT HAPPENED.AND HOW THE TOWN IS RECOVERING. HE HAS OUR TOP STORY AT 5-30. The 127 by-pass in Liberty experienced something five years ago some thought they’d never see again. “A 100 year flood. We’ll never see it again. You don’t ever imagine it happening to you again.” Nat: But seen in this i-witness video.many saw how lightening..or flooding can indeed.strike the same area.twice. “It’s not going to come. It’s not. It can’t happen again.” Donna Rigney’s The Village Restaurant was in-undated with five feet of water in 2010. Tuesday.. “I’d say about 2 and a half feet.” Luckily she saw it coming. “we were able to salvage some of the stuff you know.” Nats But across the street, Cassady McAninch has a much sadder story. “hopefully I can take a hair dryer to some it.” Where a foot of floodwaters destroyed almost everything in her storage unit. “I was thinking everything should be fine because I had it up. As it turns out..just my luck, the most important things were down. Bibes and baby books. “that’s how far it got up. Still water standing in some of the boxes back here.” McAninch has no insurance yet she’s clinging to a little bit of hope, of memories saved back home. “thank goodness most of the pictures I do have on a memory card.” While Rigney and her helpers clean up the place that she says is so much more than a restaurant to so many. “if we don’t know their name, we know what they eat.” In Casey County Phil Pendleton WKYT. THE OWNER OF ‘THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT’ SAYS FIVE- YEARS AGO THEY ‘WERE NOT’ ELIGIBLE FOR FLOOD INSURANCE.BUT ‘NOW’ THEY HAVE IT. ROCK AND

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