Cast Net Fishing | Best Catch Fishing in The River # 56 (Siirt Botan)

Hello friends, welcome to our channel. Today in cold river water and cast net fishing…. I hope it will be a nice prey muhdi brother did a shot Does the fish shoot…. “shoots” Yes friends Fish hitting the net Hullo ( Masallah ) muhdi our brother nice fish catch this time Chance of catching fish.. Yes Most Satisfying Cast Net Fishing Video … Traditional Net Catch Fishing in The River Yes you can shoot Habeş brother Beautiful cast net fishing Does it hit fish? yes it came out empty this time is it empty grant.. grant… Mr. Muhsin Fish Shoots
I saw the fish I saw it fell intruder crab This type of fish Siraz Fish This kind of fish usually comes out here. slightly thin and thin fish yes another fish hits the net Cast net fishing muhdi brother had a fish and ran away I saw … I saw the fish made another shot Let’s hope the beautiful fish comes out Net Fishing Jams
hang out There is nothing to do Yes Beautiful view of the river friends Cast net fishing Muhdi brother Masallah… Masallah…. You threw it very well, though. No record at this time Sorry Friends We leave the little fish back in the river Length to cm Siraz Fishing Its taste is very good
Oily fish Yes friends Muhdi Brother Fish Shoots That’s the goods! Top 4 Cast Net Fishing Fisherman vs. River Monsters Stones are quite slippery Yes, friends in this cold weather To watch beautiful images do the best Be fertile
Habeş Brother That’s the goods! ( Masallah ) Why unknown Staying hungry they don’t make these fish eat so say we release small fish
habeş brother fish do not stand in place jumping
Lamb and lamb Fishes greasy
Slider like soap in my hand we brought out good fishes hope you have a good image We show keep watching our blood don’t forget to subscribe thank you so much leave small fish back into the river Yes Muhdi Brother We can’t keep up with speed That’s the goods! Muhdi Brother Stony and slippery Does the fish shoot
Muhdi Brother Yes friends we have difficulty walking in water how to fish status very beautiful you great fallen fish let’s see Kenan see what you missed Kenan brother where are you waaww an interesting shot there is a fish I plead for your mercy hard to walk in water Because the stones are very slippery beautiful fish
That’s the goods! Let’s leave the little fish shoot under difficult conditions beautiful kasna fish siraz a different fish adorable fish we release rare caught fish a fish above the limit But we send it back to water generation very few catch fish when proliferates get big fish again we leave small fish thank you so much

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