Cat :30 | Allstate Mayhem

I’m your cat, and ever since you brought
me home that day. Well, I’ve been plotting to destroy you. Sizing you up, calculating your every move. You think this is love? This a billion years of tiger DNA just ready
to pounce. And if you’ve got the wrong home insurance
coverage you could be coughing up the cash for this. So get Allstate and be better protected from
Mayhem, like meow.

100 thoughts on “Cat :30 | Allstate Mayhem

  1. Needs to show the owner panicking trying to get Mayhem off the carpet before barfing up a fur ball! 😂

  2. This commercial is very offensive and may harm shelter animals by making people rethinking rescuing one. I was appalled to see this today on TV

  3. These Allstate Mayhem commercials always get me, but I vote this as the best commercial of 2019…Hilarious!!

  4. I lust almost all of these commercials even though I am a Farmer's customer 🤣

  5. Ha!!!! I hate all commercials but this one is HILARIOUS!!!!! I love MAYHEM!!

  6. When he spit out the feather… I spit out my beer half way across the room. Everyone was impressed except for the cat.

  7. Omg this is my favorite commercial😂 u see how he just slapped the guys hand

  8. The part when he rides on the robot vacuum and hisses gets me every time hahaha

  9. The posture and look when he knocks over the candle. He is channeling my cat Duke.

  10. Love many of these allstate commercials. This one with the cat is on the money…LMAO!! He studied their traits…great actor. More so I like how the lady with the brown dress looks with much sexappeal with her smooth soft sweet long legs. Tall sexy woman and love to get between those legs. Pull that brown dress off and then mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Now that dos Equis let the most interesting man in the world go Allstate has the most recognizable commercial all because of "mayhem, like me."

  12. I always get a kick out of how Dean Winters who played Ryan O'Reilly and JK Simmons who played Vernon Schillinger (Two of the main and most despicable characters on HBO series Ozz are now all these years later are now selling insurance (Winters with All State and Simmons with State Farm) I guess the proson systen really does work if it cab these two low life's life around for the better LOL

  13. They cut out the part where he urinates all over the furniture, that was the funniest part!

  14. Hahaha….if meyham ain't the baddest boy out there.. I swear..I don't know who is!!!! Luv meyham!!!!!!

  15. There are no words… 🐅🐆🐱🐯
    Actually, as I ponder… “I am your loyal servant…” meowed no cat ever. Ever.

  16. The ACCURACY 🙌🏾🤣. This whole video is hilarious😂. "You think this is Love? This is a billion years of tiger DNA just ready to pounce." I felt that🤣

  17. I will admit … this TV ad made me laugh so hard I had to find it on youtube to re-watch it.

  18. great commercial he a bad kitty and very bad kitty but I love Mayhem those

  19. When he dropped that mouse on his owners face while sleeping!!..😂😂😂💀💀💀

  20. This one is good and I've only seen it on TV once. I see that tailgating one all the time.

  21. This marketing campaign is purrrfect. I love what your doing. He is such a rascle too. Lol

  22. As a feral cat rescuer, I can attest that these scenarios in this commercial are indeed probable.  Nice to see Mayhem is back and in such a hilarious commercial!

  23. But according to Allstate's website, their homeowner's policy does NOT cover damage done by pets. Hmmm…

  24. This guy is the best. I loved when he played Tina Fey's boyfriend on 30 Rock. Unfortunately i always forget his name !

  25. What idiots run an ad claiming that people's pets don't love them ??? My baby loves ME , jerks.
    Literally, Allstate is NEVER getting my business, just because of this ad. There are plenty of insurance companies out there. No reason for me to pay one that insulted one of the most important relationships in my life.

    "Tiger DNA", ffs. Yeah, and dogs are WOLVES, they didn't start out all cuddly, either. But evolution happens, assholes.

  26. Whenever I gaze into my cat's eyes, I know that I'm in the presence of a superior being.

  27. "I've been plotting to destroy you!" Typical House Cat. LOL! This guy is SO GOOD, one of the best Mayhem commercials ever!

  28. "You think this is love?" I laugh every time he smacks the father's hand away at the door. Perfect.

  29. funny – damage caused by domestic animals is not included in most homeowner insurance…how ironic

  30. I absolutely just LOVE all the mayhem commercials. I actually stop whatever I’m doing to watch them & that actor is perfect to be the Mayhem Guy! The cat one is the best yet!! It makes me laugh out loud!! Especially at the end when knocks an item off the counter just as all cats do! Couldn’t have gotten a better actor to do. Hope you keep new Mayhem commercials coming!

  31. This is some super serious method acting. This guy should be coaching these so-called actors littering the screen with their failed abilities.

  32. This guys is the best man ive seen in TV he is soo damm funny.😂😂😂😂😂

  33. The look on his face, when he knocks the candle over, deserves some kind of meaningless award.

  34. Whoever came up with this line of commercials…and hired the star of them…deserves one big…fat…raise!

  35. 😂😂😂😂 My cat is THIS destructive. He has ruined doors, my couch and a tv!

  36. This is trash, blatant attack on Cats. Millions of cats, people who keep cats, care for them, protect them and millions of Feral cats. Lets now officially trash cats with this stupid Allstate cat commercial.

  37. Yo these commercials are thee best, most of the ones I see get me to laugh n think if I ever can afford insurance I’ll definitely get Allstate. You know so I can be better protected from mayhem, like me.

  38. Clever beyond a GEICO commercial by 3B light years. Him riding the Roomba, swatting the hand, swatting the baby, eating the pet bird! Brilliant, A+!


  40. This basically happened to me last week. The plus side is, we got to switch out the old carpet for new laminate….

  41. He officially did it! He played the dog distracted with 🍗 while your “friends” visited (thieves) and now a cat too.


  43. I hate this commercial. I don't see anything special about this concept or this actor. What am I missing, people!!!???

  44. "I'm your cat, and ever since you brought me home that day, well, I've been plotting to destroy you. Sizing you up, calculating your every move. You think this is love……?" Pretty much every GOTDAMNED cat in the world thinks this, but not all act on it. I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST A GOTDAMNED CAT.

  45. Every comment here loves the scene where he knocked the candle off the countertop. Well I'll have you know that that started a massive fire, burned the house down, killing everyone inside. Not so funny now now people, huh? You callous americans.

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