Catch Cook over night camp adventure fishing hike Burdekin River EP.359

that’s pretty exciting has been dropped
off by Bill thanks Bill I’ve got one rod got the Samaki Zing’s
six foot ten to 20 pounds spin rod a couple of lures soft plastics and in all
three thousand rampage real twenty pound braid twenty pound and thirty pound
leader so the idea is to fly this Creek up to the next road access where bills
going to meet me tomorrow afternoon or over night I’ve got very little food so I’ve
got to catch some food on the way it’s like a really good spot there’s a
couple of trees laying down here and then we’ve got water flowing in at the
top they’re coming around to a dark corner so I’m going to say that’s get
your hiding in the dark corner at the bottom of these trees oh yeah right
everyone oh it looks cool tool in there – let me pull out it right in all right
let’s do that again 3 there – timber – one and a
good-sized sooty grunter I should get them come on again look at down a little bit come on
look far down is a snag here this is what all we hit it and like all that was
of that another three or four there came up in just do a short cast you’re in
between these two logs here well hit okay what can I got all right that’s how
you get sorted it’s such a fun little fish sooty grunter I only found in
Australia and it is such a such an aggressive fun little fish so what do
I’m using is the Waialua 75 assassin great little gray action yeah and
freshwater love this place – love it right in the shallows I know you’re a bit
slow aren’t you buddy 30 Singh landed beautiful I found a nice quiet spot it’s probably
I don’t know 1:00 in the afternoon and I’m gonna have some lunch here that
little fish I caught before will just throw them on the coals
I’m good to get this pack off and that frying pan I’ve got I’ll say that for
dinner I’ve got some ingredients I took just just a few things I grabbed out of
the kitchen but I think you’re going to like hopefully we can catch another fish
that’ll be my dinner but I’ll just throw one on the coals right now so no need to
show you how I made a fire pretty even make fire I’ll match on a bit of dry
timber example credit fish in there it should be enough heating net to cooking
that’s hot and what we’ll do is would get a few of those coals and put them
all around in sorry about the one-handed filming but
you should take about 15-20 minutes to cook okay should be enough beautiful well fish looks like it’s cooked it
sounds like it’s cooked but some get in there and have some pretty sure I’ll
catch another one for dinner see I just always like to see what they taste like
just playing on a fire I need two hands for this I mean the recipe I’m going to
try later on you’ll be very interested in them I’ve got a few ingredients in my
backpack there and now here it should be delicious lets just try some sooty grunter fish. mmm very sweet hmm so everyone that’s a
sooty grunter and it tastes almost like like a yabby ( crawfish ) I guess freshwater fish
tastes a bit like you have you quite enjoy just walking through this the bush
on the side of a river you can see this you know the destruction behind me all
that dead timber it’s great just exploring finding finding new spots not
knowing what’s around the corner having someone pick me up at the other end is
pretty cool okay sign off for a second as you can
see the recent cyclone is watch some dead timber up there’s about four houses
worth timber just here and as soon as you get off the river it’s yeah it’s
all over the place just climate under things yeah okay some down there just walking
away from the river here a little bit and I couldn’t help but notice there’s a
bunch of phones in here and I thought all this people rubbish but it’s not
people’s rubbish it’s actually a bower bird i’m filming now let’s
have a look it’s got all these jewelry right in there it’s like bits of glass
and sparkly stuff that’s really cool oh yeah the the number of dead bones is a
little bit disconcerting but yeah very cool – oh that’s nice city in the car come on
out right under that log – come on here we go that’s a nice sooty grunter
yeah so it’s getting a little bit late probably about 4:30 5:00 in the
afternoon but there’s a fish that I I caught earlier and I’ve already made a
little fire as you can see so I’m just waiting for that I just want coals and
I’ve got the frying pan there and while I wait for the fire to go down a little
bit I’ll show you what I do I don’t know who I’m taking a fillet off this fish and
prepare some other ingredients so let’s have a look I’ve got my plastic bag out
with some spices and herbs in there bit of oil now let’s get my frying pan
frying pan there we go I don’t normally carry one of those but I wanted to do
something a little different today and a bit of a luxury for me is cutting board
I’m just going to take both fillets off him we did for a while and now just feel
real quickly beautiful I’ll do that delicious we have a nice piece of meat yeah
beautiful outside look what’s in my little bag of tricks system well I’m not
going to use everything that’s in it but I’ll chop up a few things and we’ll get
some garlic just a few little bit of the garlic I move that bit fish a lot cut the ends off those, we have a tomato this
I’m going to leave for the like a salsa we’ll get it ready now cut into chunks
hang on here we go with some coriander I’ll chop that one up I like a bit of
coriander okay got a bit of garlic cut the cloves of
garlic chop the garlic up I’m not really nice here but this is going to be my
cooking ingredients here so the garlic ginger and chili chili and off him I get
some of the seeds will leave some of the seed in that will get rid of quite a few
of them yeah I just sliced it I’m just banging it like that here we go going I
spits it’s chilly in there oh I forgot eleven but I have the lemon in there and
put some oil in there nice good quantity of oil cook my ginger first leaves a
little bit more heat Ginger’s cooking nicely so then we’ll put in our chili yeah and our garlic that’s what I’m
going to cook the fish in and this is going to be my salsa I just get those
cooking and get them fragrant yeah my garlic ginger chili nothing like it
very nice not really a deep fry it’s more just to cook with flavors you see me I just slice a bit off my
lemon that’ll be nice salsa here we go yeah yeah fish let’s cook to me and
we’ll just sit on the sofa we don’t want to cook the self so I’m just going to
eat out of the saucepan but I just want to get it all in there together there we
go and that is my dinner cook beautiful hmm this is sleep fish little garlic
little chilly let’s try this salsa hmm top with a nice little coriander they’re
really delicious all right let me find a spot to set the hammock up after I catch
a couple more fish but this is some yeah this is nice yeah if I get 10,000 likes
on this video I’ll make a bunch more of these overnight hiking trips they do
take a lot of time and effort but if you guys really appreciate them I’ll do more
and yeah I’ll keep finding different ways to cook this interesting ways delicious wise I know I just want to kick rate and so I’ll
catch another one I’ll corner we’re rightness fuck come on
oh yes always right under the back there don’t one out this come on out stuck right on that route there we go
go not a little silly Granta am i using a little bit bigger outfit because I’m
expecting them there’s some big barriers in here actually that’s great guy just right here in the
chalet there is well I’ve had a great day some actually
nice mild fairly sunny and now here as you can see the sun’s just about to go
down so I’m going to find a spot to set up my hammock maybe you have a fish in
the morning and ice is this look at that another soul within under half of it my
way this is cool I’ve got a fun spot to put my hammock up
make you just what I’m looking for a spot to put the hammock up I’ll show you
this is all of the stuff I need for a good night’s sleep
this is my sleeping bag and my hammock and then here this probably weighs off
not even a kilo not even 800 grams and this is probably about one point three
kilos so travel light but let’s go find a spot these trees I can be much good I
need two trees about six meters apart and actually maybe a bit further away
from the water through the waters which we just just through there did I mention
it’s a bit cold here tonight what’s this there we go it got a bit late again I’ve
set the hammock up can it get in hope point somehow oh here
if you might have to come off it to second look that lies bright this is a
plan for the night you can just hear the river over that way hopefully I’m far
enough away not to get hassled by crocodiles
and if you like these videos I’m going to ask to 10,000 likes the last videos I
think is almost up to that so if you want to see more of these overnight
adventure catch cooked a couple of days let me know if you there so here 10,000
likes and I’ll do more of these so I’m going to go to bed now
it’s so nice to have a little hammock can’t see me there a nice little hammock
to get a sleep in it some much better than sleeping on the ground here good
night thanks for watching you

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