Catch n Cook NT Blue Swimmer Crab

Catch and cook blue swimmer crab. Let’s rewind the clock back about five hours to when I launched the boat [Music] how about right there. Beautiful spot well just the two small crab pots today they’re both in now I’m gonna go get some livies and fish with livies. I’m gonna flick some lures possibly get some crabs so pretty much I’m looking to catch and cook anything come on give me some bait ya mongrels. Little prawns jumping out. Don’t see mullet yet. oh that’s not a good first throw is it Mikey. a little investigation. Blue swimmer oh there you have it. It’s a male blue swimmer crab. compared to a mud crab that is absolutely tiny. No idea how big a blue swimmer gets but there is no size limit in the Northern Territory. Well if we can get a few of them we may well have a catch and cook. Which is a tad exciting Oh look at the bend in that rod. Something’s grabbed it. I had a very very big livie on it but the… shark I reckon I think I can see it’s fin pop out of the water. Bastard. A little tiny shark absolute mongrel yeah little shark all right let’s get rid of this shark. I hate sharks so much absolute bastard you bastard If I lose my pliers I’m gonna be very upset okay hooks out sharks are the worst no idea what type it is but he just took my biggest and best bait. Well I reckon I’ve got another crab here see if he holds on Nup, dropped it. Bugger. He was a little bit smaller anyway. Oh another little shark absolute bastard of a thing. This one’s a little smaller. It took my hook but I got my leader back There he goes there Tell me this isn’t another shark. … I’m sick of catching sharks so I’ve just rigged up a couple of trolling rods. I’m going to go troll all the way up to the crab pots and see what’s in them [Music] we’ll just wound in the trolling rods because I’ve come across something which I did not expect to see today up a mangrove Creek like this off Darwin Harbour. I’ve actually come across two dolphins. They’re actually really hard to get footage of because the waters dirty so I can’t see them so I don’t know where they’re going to come up but I did get a few shots [Music] [Music] … … there’s one there and there’s the other one over there [Music] what the hell we are up a tiny mangrove Creek in Darwin Harbour is 1.5 meters and these guys just in here just chillin am I being weird? But I think it’s normal to see dolphins up a tiny mangrove creek and they worked their way upstream Oh millions little prawns jumping around Male Blue Swimmer there’s another blue swimmer so this is a catch and cook episode so the catching parts done we’ve got the three blue swimmer crabs now we’re going to go home and cook them up I’m going to use the roaster smoker to try and get the smoky flavor through the meat of the crab. It’s a bit of trial and error I’ve never cooked crab this way but we’ll see how we go [Music] the car’s still there. It’s a bonus and Darwin standards anyway. Line up That’s the bad boy there we’re going to cook the Blue Swimmers. It’s not a traditional smoker. It’s more of a roaster but it does give things a smoky flavor. You fill the woodchips up in there and put it back in and crank it up to high and it circulates smoke throughout it so it’s pretty cool [Music] that’s it so basically there’s a ring of flame all the way around the outside and this cavity where the smoking chips go is inside that cavity so the flame will go up we’ll leave it on high to start with just to get that smoke going once we see it smoking I’ll turn it down to low and put the blue swimmers on. Well that’s them there you might notice that I didn’t measure the crabs when I caught them firstly I only kept the male ones you can see they’re male and secondly we don’t have a size limit for blue swimmer crabs in the Northern Territory only for mud crabs [Music] [Music] I reckon those will take about 10 minutes to cook it is a bit of trial and error because I haven’t cooked them like this before and as a plot twist I’m actually not going to be eating them. Once they’re cooked they’re going in the fridge and going straight to the in-laws in the morning as a thank you for babysitting Artie today while I was fishing. Okay 10 minutes has passed Jazzy is going to come over with the torch on my phone. Man they look impressive [Music] … Ta for grandpa. Ta for grandpa Oh thank you look at them look at them crabs Wow mmm YUM Can you tell how I cooked it? Smoked? yeah yeah beautiful really nice really really nice – they’re nice crab. Well let me know in the comments below folks if you’d like to see more catch and cook episodes thanks heaps for watching I’m Mikey Cunningham and I’ll see you in the next episode

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