Catching A Giant Japanese Salamander By Hand – River Monsters

There’s one down here or might be two, there’s a tail sticking out That 4 or 5 foot down the water but it’s right underneath this rock It did move as I came past into it but it shoveled further in there The problem is I just have the tail, a little bit of tail sticking out So I hold the tail? Grab tight… Okay okay Okay so grab tight, and then in the net. Okay I’m worried it might double around and then it’ll get me It is a tough and robust animal, so I need to get a firm grip for its safety and mine This isn’t a monster I can catch on the end of a line. I’ve got to use my hands I have caught a Hanzaki, better known as the Giant Japanese Salamander One of the largest Salamanders in the world And the creature that I believe is behind the Kappa legend They get bigger than this, but wow this creature is aggressive Even though we mean it no harm The good thing is, that these guys unlike fish, are just as at home on land as they are in the water Pretty soon he calms down That is a Hanzaki noodled And I’m very pleased think I’ll leave my gloves on my hands and stayed away from that mouth He wasn’t too amuse by the fact that he was just pulled out of his hole like that But this I think is the creature I’ve been after Looks a bit like a fish but it’s got hands, and that’s exactly what this has got Mr. Toshimoto is monitoring the health of the Hanzaki population along this river It’s nearly 10 pounds Measuring, weighing and micro tagging every one of his catches I’m counting all the digits, all normal So that when he recaptures them he can build up a clear picture of how this incredibly rare animal is faring in the wild Best part of a yard long And now we have collected a new one for his study This is an animal that hasn’t been caught before, it doesn’t have a chip in it, so that’s a really good capture Normally I wouldn’t be allowed to touch this, but the fact that I’m acting as Mr. Toshimoto’s assistant.. means that I’m able to work with this animal There are only a few pockets of these endangered giant salamanders left in the wild These creatures that haven’t changed since the age of the dinosaurs Their survival is an important part of Japan’s natural heritage And when I try to release it, this natural treasure still makes one last attempt to bite me.. before disappearing, unfazed by his capture But it can kill you and the way it kills you is if you eat it and if you eat the wrong bit, that’s it Oh! That actually, just take a look at that. As I lifted it

100 thoughts on “Catching A Giant Japanese Salamander By Hand – River Monsters

  1. That's is komodo water….not salamandeath…what wrong with u people

  2. Buat netizen wkwk land yth:) kalian jangan keliatan katroknya dah, judul sama deskripsinya b.indo karena emang ini video(yang aslinya inggris) dikasih subtitle buat judul sama deskripsinya:) makannya tetep banyak bule yg komen disini karena ini emang aslinya inggris:)

  3. Hanzo si salamender ,dari desa hujan amegakure hehehe ,kuciyose…nya

  4. Salamander berkaki, die termasuk ikan atau bukan ya. Tampangnye serem banget??

  5. just think what happend when he found the tail of the salamander and he pull it out but then its not it its a crocodile XD

  6. Itu kuchiose milik Hanzo si salamander… Awas bakal dibunuh lu

  7. Соламандро очень опасен и очень идавйтый

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