Catching A Giant Snakehead – River Monsters

100 thoughts on “Catching A Giant Snakehead – River Monsters

  1. Good caught
    Sponsor meh I wanna work with you

  2. If wanna try the world's largest snakehead, You should visit BANGLADESH . Here in Sylet Division in Hazrat Sha Jalal (R.A.) s Mazar u can confront the world's largest snakehead species.. locally named as 'Gozar fish '.

  3. keep up the great work luve your vids cuz you dont get that hurt like in most vids and mabye when i grw up id like to do the same 😀

  4. We used to have an aquariom many years back , we caught a snakehead and put it. It just keeps on jumping out of the aquariom.

  5. I wondered if he let it lose the way he usually does it. Hope they showed a longer video clip.

  6. In​ Thailand​ we​ call Shado fish it​ bigger​ than​ any​ freshwater fish​ it​ can​ 1-6 feet long
    Sorry if​ bad​ english Gramma​ or​ word*

  7. Săn cá lóc mà cứ ngỡ đang xem phim kinh dị vậy…😬😬😬😬


  9. Now that guy went into the water with ease and Jeremy just flops into the water scareing everything

  10. Legend has it that dah dosnt need his eyes to fish but can sense fish in water

  11. Dah goes in really nice and he just flops in and when he comes up he is yelling and talking and dah says no word

  12. Jeremy was just.. he was so darn loud just splashing into the water while he other guy was silent and graceful

  13. I know it’s a fish they’re talking about, I keep imagining a decapitated Snake’s Head just zipping around through the water

  14. I actually encountered a Snake Head while in Florida.
    I was fishing and heard a loud splash near me, I look over and see a Snake Head on the bank looking at me.
    It then started slowly moving towards me and I just speed walked away making sure it didn’t get too close.
    Stoped following me after 2 minutes

  15. Aren't snakeheads similar to a Bowfin because of the head and fin on it's back

  16. It chomps it’s teeth really loud. U could probably hear it from underwater

  17. I know of an easier way to catch these schooling snakehead. All you need is a $90,000 ranger vs21 boat, $2400 minnkota 112v trolling motor and finally a $500 7'1" bass rod in med-lite action and a $400 baitcaster reel in 7:2:1 ratio. That's all. You'll be able to sneak in unannounced.

  18. I love the chomping noise it makes. It's so satisfying XD It almost sounds like a horse's hooves against a hard path.

  19. ബ്രാൽ എന്നാണ് ഞങ്ങ പറയണത്.

  20. Legend has it Dah is the only living human with 100% muscle and 0% body fat

  21. Poor fries…Might not survive without the mom…

    The fries have horizontal stripes…

    The mom doesn't though…

  22. It’s so funny watching the different between the two of them 😂

  23. Jeremy is like 40 years older than me and he has 40 times my strength and stamina

  24. They used to sell them in pet stores in the USA. Now the are all over the east coast.

  25. One time I caught the snakehead fish in Florida ( everglades) , this is a really scary fish and very strong, I cooked it , but it tasteless.

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