Catching a Humbolt Squid – River Monsters

Okay, coming aboard. This is flashing different colors here out of the water this squids color flashes from a devil like red to inky black So this is the beast this is a humboldt squid And just what a weird animal it is You have the mouth In the middle there surrounded by tentacle and in inside there, you can see the beak. I have no doubt. This is what caused the scar on Raphael’s shoulder, and is the brutal weapon behind the other unusual wounds I heard about. it’s the key piece of evidence that ties all my stories together and They have more weird anatomy. This is the seitan. This is what it squirts ink out of These bizarre looking predators are like something out of a horror movie an alien animal totally unlike any fish I have ever caught Quite impressive beast going back. This squid is a decent size, but I’m told they grow twice as long perhaps eight times the weight and There’s something even more terrifying about these animals within seconds another line goes And they keep coming There’s lots down here. These cannibalistic devils rise from the depths to attack other squid struggling on the fishing jigs I’m told they hunt in packs of more than a thousands Then as suddenly as they first appeared They’re gone But I’m left in no doubt that these are the very same Diablo. Rojo that invaded Mexico

100 thoughts on “Catching a Humbolt Squid – River Monsters

  1. Why releasing that thing??
    Squid sushi or grill it with garlic, man.
    What a waste…

  2. If a tiny squid feed us already and this is surprisingly huge for a dish, imagine the colossal squid…

  3. Once again its a fucking tiny specimen but labeled a river monster come on ffs stop slacking jeremy wady

    Go explore the mariana trench or something

  4. Pretty sure I've eaten one of these when I was younger. The squid was huge like maybe 4kg

  5. I love this series in english and german i just love it cuse its really intrestin what could be in the river who knows! 😁 i loveeeee❤❤❤❤ this show!!!! 🐟🐟

  6. video interesante,mostra anche le straneze della natura.comincia a piacermi ……

  7. I caught one and I used my pen knife to saw the beak off and then i made love to it all night long on the boat

  8. this show is such a bullshit catching poor animals frightening them and when they are at their peak of vulnerability calling them monster …. who is the real monster here ?

  9. Squid in the Philippines 🇵🇭 we could eat them because they’re so small but here I don’t know it’s really big .. can you eat this huge squid """…..?

  10. Suddenly squid became horrific, which puts Giant Ammonites in a very new and frightening Context . . .How about a virtual Ammonite river monster special exampleTropaeum IOW

  11. Jeremy os the king of making simple and normal animal sound extremely dramatic . . . I love his style

  12. Squids just seem too alien from everything else they have to be from a different planet

  13. I love this guy and just learning from him… he is literally so SMART and GREAT to watch!!!

  14. Why did he release it. There fishing for them on a commercial boat and there clearly keeping them. Lol


  16. Is that Early Cuyler or Grannie? Does anyone watch the Squidbillies…. lol hilarious show on adult swim. Anyway very impressive creature!!!

  17. Wow Jeremy can make any animal look scary although we brutally kill squid to serve it.

  18. To bad River Monsters isn't on Netflix in it's entirety, I've watched seasons 6 – 8 multiple times.

  19. I'm so glad he released it. Poor thing. No matter how big or scary looking a creature is, NO ONE wants to be caught and at the mercy of something else. I prefer to let them go ,let them live

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