Catching Giant Barracudas – River Monsters

I’m fishing for Barracuda First cast and there’s something big on my line there it is there it is there it is there it is still got so much strength and First class straightaway on this deep break so it just goes to show more water over their heads just how much more confident they are. those teeth are just unbelievable I’m very careful to stay clear of this fish’s jaws. nice sized fish But I think what I really want to do is get this back I’m off for a big one get this back at another bait out. See if we can get one But might even have this one for dinner. Size matters. I’m here to prove that Barracuda Not only have the equipment, but also the sheer weight and power to Commit the attacks I’m investigating I quickly hook another And another even bigger You know everything stabs and everything cut if you’re on the receiving end of that very very bad news The Barracuda just keep on coming each one bigger than the last Fast and furious action. I feel like I’m casting into the pack of Barracuda I saw while diving. OH! It’s a better sized one here we go. Oh Just one after the other of these fish and look at the size. It’s not just about individual big fish these are all Serious size fish. they seem to pack more or less in fish of a similar size But I still don’t feel I’ve caught one capable of smashing somebody’s ribs open Then something nearly pulls the rod out of my hands It was going deep which have me a bit worried this one feels different Definitely bigger than the others I don’t know if there’s a barracuda off spending possibly slightly different I Hope it’s not a shark This feels like good-sized fish. I’m guessing it’s about 30 foot down And I’m struggling to bring it any nearer to the surface Whoo! it’s still hangin’ can see the liter so there’s the fish, there’s the fish there it is It’s the proof. I needed to see with my own eyes. a huge Barracuda size of this ah it’s been I’ve been thinking I’ve been catching big ones one after another after another and Along comes this no those aren’t big ones. This is a big one It’s just unbelievable the teeth the power the streamlining this would Absolutely lacerate a limb and I reckon one like this At speed out of the water hit you in the side Perfectly possible this could break your ribs Ah, it’s a tight fish as well. I want to get it back in the water

92 thoughts on “Catching Giant Barracudas – River Monsters

  1. wow barracuda.. so if 1 plus 8 equal by 3 what the answer of justin bieber second album?

  2. Look like same i catch sir , I catch between Bali island & Lombok island , did you ever catch Sword fish ?

  3. Isn't the same fish over and over you just extend your arm and say its bigger they are all the same size

  4. Where i live in northern Australia we where targeting marlin and we caught a barracuda estimated to be 2m + !

  5. No longer River Monsters aye? Looks like we're on Sea Monsters now hehe

  6. I once met a guy who knows another guy who has his finger sawn off by a barrucade's teeth. No joke.

  7. Ocean monsters!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯😮😮😮😧😧😧😲😲😲😳😳😳

  8. cant u just fry them straightaway? nice to go with seasoned with salt and pepper…

  9. Jeremy – I have seen a Barracuda as big as a Crocodile in the Harbour of Puerto Aventuras

  10. its so thin. they probably get very hungry. i hope nemos mom was delicious 🙂

  11. Heard there are barracuda that have bacteria or something in their saliva that numb your flesh so you won’t know they ate half your leg until you look down and yeah. Pretty considerate I’d say.

  12. Regards from Penang, Malaysia…we have plenty of monster fish here. You are much welcome!

  13. Jeremy wade: trying to stay away from the barracudas jaws

    Camera*literally touches the fishes jaws*

  14. “ River” Monsters love the series but get it straight Jeremy

  15. This guy is catching fish left and right while I sit here waiting hours and hours for a fking bite. Smh

  16. "I'm not going to get too close" as the cameraman proceeds to shove the camera into the fish's face

  17. Honestly, I used to think this was a stupid show but I love the way he catches and releases, and the way he has a sort of reverential respect for the fish he catches. Also, the fact that he's not just a sports fisher, he knows what he's talking about!

  18. I've seen a really big barracuda at a pier in Florida bite a king mackeral in half as it was pulled out of the water. Tremendous and terrifying fish

  19. Man says he wants to eat a barracuda, but isnt their meat poisonous?

  20. When jeremy wade dies i would cry my life along…Stay healthy legend😂👌👌👌👌

  21. La barracuda antes de irse dijo: sos hermoso por como eres se lo juro por dieguito Maradona.

  22. He's a true angler. He genuinely loves these creatures and treats them with the up most respect!

  23. What do you get when you combine the shape of a muskie, the sea, the schooling of pike, and the strength of a salmon? You get the barracuda

  24. Imagina all that weight on the rod and it snaps and comes right back at you… Ouchhhh🤣🤣💀💀

  25. As menacing as they look I don’t feel like barracuda would be man eaters at all. In my experience snorkeling in the Bahamas, barracuda have the mentality of most stray cats; unless you have food they want nothing to do with you, and will make sure there’s at least 20ft of space between you and them at all times, darting away if they feel your getting too close.

  26. They are full of worms and disgusting I can’t believe a high class fisherman like himself would even talk about eating it

  27. River monster's????? Nice big river that. Use yourself as bait next time.. That would make good TV 👍

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