Catching Large Mouth Bass, Cumberland River, U.S.A.

we are on the Cumberland River okay just right about dawn right after dawn this is a spotted bass I’m telling
you that’s a big ole spot. catching them popping with a little top water
popper Cumberland River Clarksville Tennessee Brothers it’s happening , and sisters. it’s about a 4 or 5 lb., it’s a giant , it’s either a giant spot or largemouth, I can’t tell. It’s a giant. he hit this topwater and I’m going to try and take him oh, look at him he’s a pretty one. come on baby, we’ll going to take it easy it’s a small bait you big heifer come on up here
alright see you look let the folk’s see. come on up here you are you saw the boat and took off
running again, didn’t you? look here that’s a 5 lb River River fish she big heifer she’s
got it on her pretty good I’m really too sure oh, yea got it pretty good oh she’s a 5 plus I’d say wouldn’t you
would you say equals 5 plus yeah big 5 plus you can see what she hitting here lordy folks I gotta get me some pliers
on that heifer no she was not foul hooked in the mouth Lord it
folks big heifer mama Cumberland River spot that is a spotted bass
I guess it’s got to be some kind of state record or close to it that’s why
we go fishing every day oh my goodness sum of a gum another spot, I think oh, yea, no that’s a largemouth, but it’s a big old boy. oh that’s about three and a half three
three another giant another Cumberland River giant that’s boy this morning
mid-october does not have a tongue patch that’s a about three and a half four
pound largemouth. caught him on a spinner bait love ya, baby

7 thoughts on “Catching Large Mouth Bass, Cumberland River, U.S.A.

  1. dang he's rough on those fish, just tossed the first one over the side with no respect,and then grabbed the biggest one by the gills.

  2. this place will be full of excitement during striper season, they'll be popping all over the surface!

  3. That "heifer" was a largemouth. I look at how the corner of the mouth lays compared to the eye. A tooth patch doesnt make it a spotted bass. If the corner of the mouth doesnt go past the eye when it is closed, it is a spot. If it does go past the eye, it is a largemouth. Smallmouth bass have tooth patches, does that make them a spotted bass?

  4. hell yeah
    all you gotta do is drive down riverside about 9 at night to know the cumberland is disgusting

  5. We fish out of Clarksville too, we just don't keep fish that come directly from the Cumberland. We go to the small creeks that feed into the Cumberland (Yellow Creek, Red River, West End, etc.) and the I have seen nothing wrong with any of the fish. They taste great and there are a lot of them!

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